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10,000 Maniacs lyrics

 1985 The Wishing Chair
 1987 In My Tribe
 1989 Blind Man's Zoo
 1989 You Happy Puppet
 1992 Our Time in Eden
 1993 MTV Unplugged
 1997 Love Among the Ruins
 1999 The Earth Pressed Flat

· Back o' the Moon
· Because the Night
· Beyond the Blue
· Cabaret
· Can't Ignore the Train
· City of Angels
· Cotton Alley
· Daktari
· Dust Bowl
· Eat for Two
· Ellen
· Everyone a Puzzle Lover
· Glow
· Gold Rush Brides
· Grey Victory
· Hateful Hate
· Headstrong
· Hey Jack Kerouac
· I'm Not the Man
· In the Quiet Morning
· Jubilee
· Just as the Tide Was A-Flowing
· Like the Weather
· Lilydale
· Maddox Table
· My Sister Rose
· Once a City
· Please Forgive Us
· Poison in the Well
· Scorpio Rising
· Smallest Step
· The Big Parade
· These Are Days

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