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12 Stones lyrics

Album: Potter's Field [2004]

 01  Shadows
 02  The Last Song
 03  Far Away
 04  Speak Your Mind
 05  Lifeless
 06  Bitter
 07  Photograph
 08 Leaf Loser
 09  Stay
 10  Waiting for Yesterday
 11  In Closing
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Band- 12 Stones
Song- Shadows
Album- Potter's Field

Look around and tell me what you see, a place
Surrounded by the hate that hides in the
Shadows inside of you, inside of me, what can we
Ever hope to see if we're not lookng don't you
Want to find your own way home again just leave
Your hate behind

When will you learn to just be you, find your
Own way
When will you learn to follow through, make
Your own way

Looking for something to believe, i find the
Answer starts with me each time i follow inside
Of you, inside of me, what can we ever hope to be
If we're not trying don't you want to find your
Own way home again, just leave your hate behind

Find another way to get inside me
Find yourself
Don't you want to find yoru own way home again
Just leave your hate behindback to top
The Last Song
Band- 12 Stones
Song- The Last Song
Album- Potter's Field

I'm sorry for needing you to carry me
So simple sometimes when you're standing next
To me
You never change you never stay the same
Like a picture perfect sunrise every time with
One last song to sing

Take it all away from me and tell me how you
Want this to be
I want you i need you

A life without you made me wonder why i'm here
Until i found nothing ever seemed so clear
You never change you never stay the same
Like a picture perfect sunrise every time with
One last song to sing

I lose myself in everything you say i lose myself
In everything
I never knew that i could feel this way i never
Knew that i could feelback to top
Far Away
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Far Away
Album- Potter's Field

Something keeps on pulling me down
And I feel like I'm losing ground
Trying just to find my reasons
And losing sense of what is real

Willing to believe in something
Forgetting to believe in me
Will I find my place in your mind
Or will I fall away in time

Now I'm feeling so far away
And now I'm hating you every day

Waiting just to see the image
You follow down my road again
Trying just to find your purpose
You're fading faster every day

Willing to believe in something
Forgetting to believe in me
Will I find my place in your mind
Or will I fall away in time


Now I feel I'm losing time
Yesterday slipped away
When you didn't know
Time and time again you wanted more than I had to give
To leave me with nothing
I'm waiting and dreaming
Yesterday slipped away
When you didn't know
And no more waiting
Let me back

[Chorus x2]

(Now I'm feeling)
So far away [x3]back to top
Speak Your Mind
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Speak Your Mind
Album- Potter's Field

How does it make you feel when i look away
Feelings that will never seem to fade i try to
Find you, you hold your head up high i let it all
Fall down do you hear me

Falling away fromt his pain so i can fly high,
Feeling low just let it show
And find the words to say what you mean

Screaming silent fears, nothing left to say, lost
Inside the words that bring you donw you try to
Find me, i hold my head up high, you let it all fall
Down do you hear me

Find the words to say how you feel inside
Find the words to say how you feel inside
Find the words to sayback to top
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Lifeless
Album- Potter's Field

Desperate and waiting, frozen to the core, numb
To this feeling, needing something more all i
Keep thinking is where i need to be, all i can hope
For is someone to take me away

Before you go you promise me something, i need
To know will you leave me lifeless leaving me

Will i bow down to this life that i live, will i find
Freedom or lose it all again all i keep thinking is
Where i need to be, all i can hope for is someone
To take me away

Before you go you promise me something, i need
To know will you leave me lifeless time moves so
Slow, i'm waiting for something, waiting for
Something again

Will i fall away from you, feelings that i never
Knew and i hope that i never fall awayback to top
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Bitter
Album- Potter's Field

Mother mother can you hear me, i keep trying
Just to find me all i know now, all you s how me,
Endless questions, hopeless ending

This bitter pill is pushing me away and now i feel
Like there's nothing left to say and i pretend to
Look the other way but in the end will i be okay,
Will i be okay

Father father will you be there as i cry out
Silent again turning colder, frozen deeper,
Numb to this dream sleeing within

Before i face another day, won't you let asleep,
Lost among the dreams that always comfort me
And before i find my feet, won't you show me
What i need, what i need to walk againback to top
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Photograph
Album- Potter's Field

Fear falls hard like rain again washing over me
You say nothing will ever change what do i
You fall deep inside again nothing left to see
Weakness fills your heart again you put it to

Forfeit everything because you were never
Strong enough
Close my eyes again and pray that life will not
Give up

I try to see your face again a photograph for me
Your voice calling out again nothing left for me
You try to find your place again waiting just to
Weakness takes your heart again you put it to
Rest....locked inside again

Did you forget about the things i said
Fight the lies inside your head
Deny those who try to bring you down
Kill the pain and emptiness
Find a love and lose yourself
Without this life you're just a memory...locked
Inside againback to top
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Stay
Album- Potter's Field

I walk to the edge again, searching for the truth
Taken by the memories of all that I've been
If I could hear your voice I know that I would be
I know that I've been wrong but I'm begging you
To stay, won't you stay

Will you be here or will I be alone, will I be
Scared, you'll teach me how to be strong and if I
Fall down will you help me carry on, I cannot do
This alone

I wish that I could turn back time just to have
One more chance to be the man I need to be, I
Pray you'll understand if I could hear your
Voice I know that I would be okay I know that I've
Been wrong but I'm begging you to stay, won't
You stay

I need your hand to help me make it through
Nothing compares to how I feel when I look at
You never know, you never know tomorrow
You never know, you never know tomorrow, don't
Walk away

I am not alone I know you're thereback to top
Waiting for Yesterday
Band- 12 Stones
Song- Waiting For Yesterday
Album- Potter's Field

It's a long way back to reality, she puts another
Brick in the wall of shame she made so long ago
Trying to figure out where things went wrong
Searching through all the lies she told
Somehow she missed out on all the things that
She needed most days spent wondering why this
Life is so cold and nothing ever changes

Screaming for attention, watch the sun steal
Hiding all emotion far away

Trying to find his self confidence, another
Broken heart behind the painless smile that he
Shows reminded that yesterday is so far gone
And tomorrow is still a miracle somehow he
Missed out on all the things he needed most days
Spent wondering why this life is so cruel and
Nothing ever changes

Tomorrow's still a miracleback to top
In Closing
Band- 12 Stones
Song- In Closing
Album- Potter's Field

Step back inside the lie again, you'll find you're
Wearing thin
Killing the sympathy as you take another swing
At me now
Fighting your inner self again, losing what
You feel
Shielded behind the lies that make you feel real

It's over and i don't feel a thing but you're
Trying to break the scar again your spirit is
Bleeding as you grin but your bridge keeps on
Burning at both ends

In your mind, the ending seems to be so far from
What you need
Take back the memories as you smile to hide the
Pain from me now
Shut down the curiosity that brings you here
No sense of purity as you try to take the life
From me now

Nothing that you ever say could ever possibly
All the hateful things you did and now i'm
Through with you nothing you could ever say

Nothing you could ever say
Hope you're happy nowback to top
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