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311 lyrics

Album: Grassroots [1994]

 01  Homebrew
 02  Lucky
 03  Nutsymtom
 04  8:16 A.M.
 05  Omaha Stylee
 06  Applied Science
 07  Taiyed
 08  Silver
 09  Grassroots
 10  Salsa
 11  Lose
 12  Six
 13  Offbeat Bare-ass
 14  1,2,3
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Now I know, fools get their own when they chit chat
Haven't heard yet but you can bet I'm not with that
With that talk with the digi walk
I stalk a bird you heard absurd word to the fact
I'm a cat nippin sippin on the flask
Passin it talking shit but only if your ass
In front of me cause you could run from me but
In the end revenge send ends to the defendant
I can't get get caught in the spiral cause every bit of energy
It goes to my survival out my way
I'm a flicka flacka blotter ya try to find a weakness
But the shit keeps gettin harder

Fourth of july with lucy in sky
I remember pine trees and the coat of many colors
I was nineteen
I'd do anything
Shit like that now scares me but I'd like to do it again
It was independence day
I've seen the other side and I say
I've been insane
And I won't ever be the same

Cuz we flow we must be fly
First to flow nickel my brother, so wise
And then I rise
Here's an ill kid pimpin' cuz he is so slick
Step's from darkness his body electric
A drone buzzes the air a cracklin' tone
Then boomin' like thunder in a cosmic jungle
Deathe defyin; like knievel he weeble
Words that will wobble awkward and evil
Cuz he flow and rock the hardest of the crowds
A marvel pow how you like me now
I've returned the kiss of death the last damien
From the abyss fresh eternal alien
Now famished from pathless way I ma, do damage
To the wack mc's I know you can't stand this
Right about now get down I'm the annihilator
Rockin with the rhythm of my rhyme detonatorback to top
I'm takin' to the bridge and there's a different country
I'm bringing with me the people I know deep down are funky
Oh yeah we dap we got the juice it's on tap
Never take the time to rewind all the weak crap
Here take it it's yours the gift is calling
The sunshine be falling our way first every morning
I'm a magician you see I'm christened with condition
Held over from a future would I've come to you so listen
There's a place out in deep space
Where all the brothers chant and dance and rant
And shave their heads like buddha
I'm a fly guy you know I'm smoother
Of course no remorse is felt for all those loser crews

I do not care what you do, I always screw up
But when I do it's nothing like you, I wish you grew up
You're saying anything like promise to get clean
Won't kick half dead fucked up in the head
Just get him out of here he's making me sick

We push a sucker out
With much force and much clout
Didn't want to do it
Thats not what were about
But we got to have a limit
How low can you get it
Seems about time to
Change the subject
And sing about the wise eyed
That makes me feel
Good and never do
I leave misunderstood

Damn you know I feel good true
I got a choice of what I'm gonna do it's like this that
Swingin on my bat
Mix a melody with some back chat
Tell 'em again
Dam I know you feel good too
You got a choice of what you're gonna do it's like this that
Nippin' on a cat
Mix a melody with some back chat

I'm rollin' slow no particular place to go so nothings changed
The more things stay the same the more it doesn't matter
To a late day st. bernard acting hard
But I throw down like a crazy retard
But what cold make a man
Wanna walk around the school yard with his tool hard
What could make the switch to call a woman a bitch
It probably downed when you couldn't get a date to the prom
And you were stuck with beavis
Let's leave us on a note of positively
I'm saying this for levity
But if I leave it brief I call it brevity
I said I see the people rocking
Which means there's no stopping the flow
And you can just tell 'em that you know

Every night yeah we turning up
And comin' off live
Like and final 311 battle breakin idols
On the one you never heard before
You know the hard-core rockin
Pumping the dance floor
Leave ya feet sore lookin for your micatin
Because the mic is deadly in the mood we in
Certified not fakin coool like a jamaican
Every time the enemy hear us they will be shakin'back to top
The cold funk has you sunk feel the mids pump
Blessed are those who erupt when we turn up
Right now we corrupt
Cons the shades we don in the neon night
We're gonna feed on the mics and blast through a pipe
I gotta feed on the mics and blast through a pipe
I gotta cool capability to toast and ill
Yo my daddy told me, "Hey son you must act chill"
Alien rough
My galaxy is tough
Here comes the bang of a hip-hop thang that we bring and swing
Men from Mars ain't ever gonna hang
With dope Buddha's come to the stage we are attackin
Space assassin naked live and never slackin
Come a day on the way enter on S.A.
Amplified form another world far away
I got the pang of a gang and I come from the Southside
Here's the thang that I bring and I promise to come live
While the masses passes upon there fucking asses
And if you don't see get glasses
That is a shot out to the words of Curt Grubb
The motherfucker is not scrub I said the man is the kind
With the one that I call Brine Shrimp
We never ever do skimp I limp on a stage in a huff
Like magic dragon I puff on the stuff of a Humbolt cone
Then I'm stoned watch out
Smoke the weed that come from Northern California
Don't do no cocaine that come from Columbia
That the thing that mash up your nature
Mash up your body and mash up your culture
Take a tip from the the flipped script of Daddy Freddy
I give complete props to the one that rocks steady
With dexterity and goes on and on and on
And turn out the dope shit like the one that's called
Pawn Shop Press yes it's on what's up
P-Nut change it upback to top
8:16 A.M.
311 - 8:16 Am


Stranger flowers yet
There will never come a day that will ever regret
The hours days years and the minutes
The joy the pain the sunshine and rain in it
The drives on the coast to nowhere
Nothing to say just sit and stare
There's nothing like the comfort of a silence that's comfortable
Not talking small just skip the bull
Then I find myself in servility
Didn't think that was my ability
I go a yard and a mile to make you smile
But then I'm happy see
I got so many ways to make your gaze elliptical
Got a ways to go future's so
Criptical and I'm glad
Just another many things we've had

It's 8:16 A.M. will you wake up to me
The first thing that you see
My eyes open I'm just hopin' you feel the same as me
The day starts carefully
On the sidewalk with the dog
You're right last night I was a hog
Come on I'm sorry
It's 73 degrees
January easily glides

Stranger flowers still
If you're gonna wanna go another day I will
Like this make it a deal
Sealed with a kiss
Sealed with a fell of impermanent bliss
Today my love we shall let the world slide
Turn off the ringer and just glide
For we shall never be younger again than
What do you see

It's 8:16 A.M. will you wake up to me
The first thing that you see
My eyes open I'm just hopin' you feel the same as me
The day starts carefully
On the sidewalk with the dog
You're right last night I was a hog
Come on I'm sorry
Holiday on the radio
Billie knows that is the way to go

A place where we both can spend out saved time
Not collecting interest
Maybe the same reason we always find ourselves home bound
I've got to do some homework
The leave response we want to leave Wisconsin
For a new life a new trailer with an antenna and a porch
Of course we'll bring the dog

submitted by rob byrd
lbc311sk8er@msn.comback to top
Omaha Stylee
In a minute everything you have can all be straight gone
In a minute things you though were tied can come straight undone
How about some knocks on wood some so far it's so good any day
What you think is solid earth can jump up and spread out
To the north and south that's what plates are about
Nature has no conscience no kindness or ill will
The dreams they had make me sad because of the vides of them
When one girl dreamt a fire in hers and then it happened
To me and my family my bro's and I were driving
The rv bleeding flames us leaping through fire surviving
Zoned with no home there was fire all on it
Umm let me have my life I want it

I'm gonna let you know that I said
We're coming in kill we're coming chill
We've comin in how we will
Gone to tell the whole world what's the deal
And I say know no critical boarder cuz
We do what we want
Got more funky styles that my laser jet got font
Not one to get over sounding like the norm
Friendly to the radio all that shit is corn
All we coming with is a little bit of swing
And we go on like it ain't no thing

Omaha stylee did not think there was one
Where you know the radios weak and the shows are more fun
But you know we fuck up the dance since 1988
Many did not think when they hear that we come from this state

Still we're down like that x3
Makin the funk that smells of skunk

Such occasions occur back in the day
It begins you're a raw kid all the way
Son of a gun but they you drifted
All are endowed but few are gifted
At the break of dawn behaving like a spy
Lampin in the light the cold world awakens
Deeper is the light to open up the sky
Look into my eyes see the dialatin'
Omaha stylee is the shit we come with man

Embedded in out souls it breathes out from this band we always knew
That we could
Thank you if you too felt we would

We will arise explore these worlds and find the grass roots
How to crew to do the grinding of the grounds to brew
My dude on the one come off like teflon
Rock your shit and you will rise on

If you're a farmer outstanding in your field say
Do as you eill do as you wish follow your bliss say
We travel round the world giving it our best
Like to see the people dancing and bouncing and the rest
The hammer and the chisel and the rule it compass
We forged the sword chariots of war our battle axe
There's much power in anger but loves a bigger banger
Complete props to my crew this is what we doback to top
Applied Science
Nod your head to this as a lot of apprentice
Some of this were standing on the shoulder of giants
Some tryants some benevolent
To the followers it's relevant
The rest get bent on lending opinions
I'm sending to a brand new level
I revel in completion delition of suckers
Getting served like smuckers jam
Fool know rules but the rest keep bouncing back
With the lack of further adieu see
As one can deduce we
Slam the shit out hard and long
Cuz we got more song

Something you might like now
All-star bound
Yeah your so sound
Cool as the blue water all around
From a force field flashing
Aliens are sending
Black evolutions of love you are hearing
The dark supernatural is the world we call
Our own home lightning in the mind comes out in song
But we're wild they say never trust us we're shady
In lieu of the crew your into we are baby
Cuz music will be coming out the words we speak
We erect breakbeats shatter wax still on the platter
Our shit is badder we come fly then we scatter
Cuz we deep and we solid yeah we hear ya holler

Electricity running through the soul it feels good
Some time the only thing that really ever could
Feed that hunger I crave it I love it I gave it
I shove it in a battery and save it for later
A waiter in the dorothy pavilion in '89
I met some wierdos and had myself a real good time
Downtown l.a. is a soul graveyard
Where you got to be hard or get jacked
It lacked a certain sense of something
Something basic no karm int he least I broke east
You know I had to face it

I guess I flaked but it was no mistake because
311's got the boom

My mic check is giving me
Electric company
I can't see the high wide sky
Or stars above me
Are you a flower
Or more like a high rise tower
If so the soul of sweet delight
On you will shower
There's a place for us they say is somewhere
Not a dream but a place and you will be there
Your slippin' but content because your spirit
And hills are alive with the sound of musicback to top
Returning from the water cold alive and shining
Rock a mic in the afterlife while your moon is rising
Heatin' up forcing steam whirling to be seen
The dark held stars are the frost of my breathing
Swimming through the darkness I'm a ghostly shark
Developing like a photograph slowly in the dark
The hearafter the action the main attraction
One love in all of this that I'm going after

Now there's fire inside but black space surrounds you
You think 'where oh where am i'
But even your light continues
See through us see a soul we have not yet
Learned to harness see the next world inside it
We are the people of skin who left water
Inside the dark womb inside of our mother
Prone to the beat and vibe of our tribe
We catch the drift and ride moving tides
Out from a love that will keep on burning
Now see yourself to the next world returning
This life an old place we face to live again
What is it to understand the heareafterback to top
Don't fear mere words cuz if it takes a word ruin ya
You should have already hard you're finished through and soon ya
See that stifling sentences is so much more suspicious
Much worse could come of that so much more delicious
To the dastardly basturdly plans of little mice and men
Ugly rears it's head and speaks from now and then
People love to disagree so avoid the endless bout make no attempt
To try and suss the stupid out
But of the racist institutions simple minds belong
Not happy just being human, no wish to get along
Little people need exclusions sucker groups to throng
It makes them feel special it makes them feel strong
Now I got a click but it's more like a family
Not an ethnic trip more like an ethic see
I write the rhyme today tell it to you later
Whether were coming in wack or what it's a waste to be a hater

Graffiti bombs-from the palms-love is so strong
Can't be stopped too long
For the night it will come
Shaped in the form of mars that stone afar
Ghetto cool oh well
Now you feel the spell
The color rocks the bell
The king of swing rise to the top
The thythm possessed in ya and it don't stop
The mise is broken the demon locin'
Dropping the bomb and all that is left is the smokin'
Cloakin' chokin; the lyrics are spoken
Infrared vision scopin' condition
Now breakin' 'em all to pieces like a sly rap bandit
Witha fly lu-kang kick in mortal combat and I land it
So get your own back when I jam it cold and
Hearing about you rhyme style been outmoded
The dopest flow upon the planet
Dope is the word the bro throw up on the down low goddammit

You juice your fucking friends like dracula
But when we kick you out you're just brokula
You left a big surprise from pacific bell
Called all your relatives and your friends in hell
Now let me tell you something you fucking piece of shit
You'll never have no money, now tell me was it worth it?
You leave a trail of lies that's why you keep moving
We won't come after you we'd only end up provin
In the end revenge send ends to the defendant
I know that statement's true I wear it like a pendant
I know you'll hear this song so I think it's funny
The name is theif or trust and money.

Like captain picard we come hard in light years
Our star has long bust but now reappears
In your sky at night rising and immense
Yes you see ourselves in the shine of it
And so passing under the dome of the great sky
Beware we are the stars holmes that you ruled by
Where death reborn into the world is a gift
So the future with no voice of it's own will uplift
All is gone
All is calm y'all

Set wrecked in l.a.
In the wetlands of new york
Atlanta and phoenix
Portland, lincoln and n.o.back to top
I flip when I kick it trippin it
So I can check shit not in a daily style
But once in every while so I can
File check file check the files of my brain
Many of meaning manage to come from the insane
And the butcher the baker the fabulous drama maker
A cracker on a truck goin' breaker breaker
Listen to everyone then disregard it
The maningful shit comes back back to where it started
In your cranium surrounded by pot like a geranuim
A capital 2 burns in my mind give me some peace
I looked at her I looked at him and neither one did know
Where the wild thoughts grow check it out

I look to absolutes and there absolutely none
The truth is what you shoot for not one
Nothing brings it all together the journeys never done
I'd sing you stormy weather but it's been sung so
Let's have some fun
Three eleven hass grass roots
Challenge comes and goes and there will be another
I say bring it on
The roots that grow underground are as big as the tree
That you see if not it will fall down
We waste so many moments standing on convention
The only survey is when our heart pays no attention

Move with persistence cover much distance
Knowing no perdition that's my game for instance
Three eleven true to no tradition
And the three eleven crew not dow with convention
But a hundred different people already told what we about
So I make not attempt to try and suss the stupid out
I'd turned into a roughneck that was not my intention
It doesn't even really matter unless I fail to mention that
Peace to all crews that want some peace
First the mid then the west then we slide through the east
A piece to any crew that want a peice
But peace to all crews that want peace
Check it outback to top
We were born in the seventies
The rippin and rhyming and brethren see
We're filling taste great
In the old school I was eight
Fot the new school I was late
But in high school I was debate
I rate in the great state of california
I'm warning ya
Je vais a la plage parce que le guignol est chouette!
I kick nonsense in french tasty like crepe suzette
I bet you gonna wanna try this but it takes niceness
I like a beat that's unique and I like my head zooming
And in my continental you know that shit's booming
With the diamond int eh back suicide doors
You can look from here to eternity
And never receive your morsel.

Another tale of ordinary madness
The girl who gave you her sex I heard was homeless say
All I really wanna is to feel nirvana
Won't you take me tonight and we just might find
A bottle of wine and feel our nasty nature
Your toung lickin' up my tounge
Your radio pickin' up a smokey jazz love song
Madness becomes you even though your
Livin' life it's hard to exist when you're tempted
By flesh you wanna bust through
Beautiful legs in the bar there is poetry
She bends and suspends and her ass
Is a marvelous thing
A dance dancin' at a club the hereafter
Who can't really dance but that doesn't really matter
And she won't hear applause
Cus your drunk and lost
All light is gone
Your arms spread like a cross
And you're dreaming that the world
Will soon fall apart
Topless firl in your gaze
Which is hazy
Takes your dollar
In the gutter without cigarettes
Or wine your hungover
I was warned of your normal
Behaviour and felt
My life was too short to
Consider your wack self
It's like this when you dip down
And you are boxin'
Reeling against the ropes and you
Face some young mexican
Your scrappin' your kneck gets
Snapped back your eyes have bled
Your thinking' about a comeback
But your takin' it to the head
You little bastard
Better watch you back
Cuz we're after
Your punk ass by God we're gonna jack it
You're played out and small time
And your show is over
You're 'bout as lucky as a three leaf clover
And your older ho bag sceezer
In her droopy saggy skin
Who thoughtshe was a model
But in truth a never-has-been
I'll slap that witch as if I were her pimp
And my crew will attest to her fradulenceback to top
I can see it now have to show you how
The funny thing is that we couldn't have it any other way
Still it kills me when we say
All we've been through
All the congs that I've sung for you
We both know I'm gonna lose you

I hate to be alone
There comes a time to reap what you've sewn
All we've been through
All the songs that I've sung for you
We both know I'm gonna lose you

Let's think of all the good times
Instead of wish we could times
So much better that way
This is what I ask for
This is what I deserve
Be careful what you ask forback to top
You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life
Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you
Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief
That steals that jaded necklace that you're always wearing
I'd take that thing and with my knive I'd start pairing so
Chop chop piece piece and send it to the raiders of la
There are so many this land of plenty
The things we lack straight square within our grasp
Ever you do ever you think
Whether you're brown or you're pink
I think not thinkings better bout it
When you stop to think
The jaded ones will wither
While the optimistic grow
I settle that a bet will let a large amount
So indulge me just for a minute imagine no one holdin out
All trying for peace my brothers down
Some others down it happens slow
Think you should know the direction that the world go peace

They number six to make them feel like men
They one up us cuz we're much to much for them
Ok the method to the mischeifs over there then
Sike shazam we strike with the lightnin
Through space we move and emit an ill tracer
We're set to light your world kid we're your maker
Check it our karma plus the avant garder
Style of out sect wise to ways comes to wreck
While the masses mill around curse in anguish
311 stompin' em down with the quickness
We see all the crews that be comin' around
Like a drive through estes park you savor the sun
But when the clouds come make animalsback to top
Offbeat Bare-ass
Any different people can apply to drop the funk
It's not a country club review board steady talkin junk
Many people would have it others go put and grab it
Some trip over toots and say fuck it I'm sunk
I put it in a limerick and kick the slick nick verbs
I am the one who scores the herb
When we're on the road p-nut rolls it up
Throw me a joint on stage what's up
I will tell a cop that I know my fucking rights
And we can match wits all night for real
He said if I had nothing to hide
Then of course I wouldn't mind if he looked through our ride
Uh, no I'd really rather you didn't
And no we don't have guns hidden
We stood there for a while continue to decline
Firmly, I didn't lose my mind
I didn't let him break me he's just another human
Not a bit of shame in what we were doin' that day
He couldn't make us stay
We had our shit together
It don't matter whether
We sport the dread locks or a shaved head
Or if we have a sticker from the dead
I said a better verse rehearsed about the roughneck curse
Last week I keep an even keel and bow in place
And face the music every minute

Never could see my homey comin' till he passed
Funky gas by my way all the day I couldn't laugh
Oh by now I'm chill with it
Bare ass in my face I'm ok but chad's like 'uh-uh no he isn't'
So I proceed to hear him get loose with the
Fartin' all over my face sometimes my tummy
He fucked with my flow although I thought it funny
I probably wouldn't care if I smoked more kind bud
But that wouldn't do me shit cuz then he'd fuck me more up
Crazy ill and chillin' rude but i'ze a real cool dude
He didn't believe the day would come when he would get his top
But then one day right in front of his face I got him
He looked over said 'god damn get me some water'
The one time I hadn't wasted till I got mine
Smeared his nose with my armpit funk slime
So you get it the picture just how sick we were then
But before I jet 'hey yo chad sniff my finger man'

I can see a lot of people who feel like I do
I can see a lot of people who feel like I don't
I go on step lightly even when I'm heavy
High jump the slump open up fot eh revy horton heat
Sweet what am I displayin' forgot what I was saying
I know I must be laying a pipe you got a gripe
With the way I get high
Graffix bong sing along with a cry of a
Mandatory sentence for a crime with no victim
When everyone knows jail terms should be picked in
Order of the pain that they cause
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
Until you violate the rights of another
Respect the space of your sister and your brother
The war on drugs may be well intentioned
But it falls fucking flat when you stop and mention
The overcrowded prisons where a rapists gets paroled
To make room for a dude who has sold
A pound of weed to me that's a crime
Here's to good people doin time y'all

Bare ass yeah x4back to top
Long time did I run down like that
I would have three years ago-today but not now
It's not like that

It's all right to feel good
It's all for nothing to be wrong
The deepest dream that we have
Could be tomorrow's song

Just what did he say stop
1 and 2 and 3
Run up the hill do as you do
I'm going to chill you know you really
Ought to do the same
They wanna bug you
But I won't let them today
It's a sure shot to the bomb drop
Every single
You know you swing
It and you fling it
And you make some shit up but
It's just 123back to top
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