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88 Fingers Louie lyrics

Album: Up Your Ass [1997]

 01 Past Mistakes
 02 Ritter
 03 In Your Eyes
 04 Try It Again
 05 Won't Stay Late
 06 Vera
 07 Too Many
 08 Irreparable Damage
 09 Call It a Night
 10 Run on Home
 11 Victim in Pain
 12 New Direction
 13 Funny Look
 14 Emotions
 15 Call It a Night
 16 State of Confusion
 17 Hard to Believe
 18 Not Just My Head
 19 My Fathers Dreams
 20 All I Want for Christmas
 21 I Hate Myself
 22 Can't Get up the Nerve
 23 Apart at the Seams
 24 Inside Myself
 25 In the John (live)
 26 Something I Don't Know (live)
 27 Too Many (live)
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