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8stops7 lyrics

Album: In Moderation [1999]

 01  Satisfied
 02  Not Alive
 03  Question Everything
 04  Regression
 05  Good Enough
 06  Better
 07  Uninspired
 08  Esteem
 09 Wider
 10 My Would-Be Savior
 11  Forget
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Should I be safe at home
A stronger man who really should know
Better than to reach the edge and
Try to fight this on my own

Can I be something I have yet
To see in my close friends
They've all lost their heads
And it's bringing me down
To the place where I'm supposed
Responsibly...for now

I want it, I need it, just one more to satisfy
Can't help it, feel nothing and nothing feels right

Should I be safe at home
I relapse quicker than you could know
My past compulsions breed convulsions
A sorry scene unfolds

Can I be weak when I'm stable
Strong in the cradle
Strung out in a fableback to top
Not Alive
What's wrong with me, I hear her say
Forget everything, and what it means to me
I'm not alive, that's what she means
I hate to disappoint her, I only need some room to breathe

What's wrong with me, what's wrong with you
Must we compete, who speaks the truth
You can have it all, if it serves you well
As long as I leave with myself

I'm wide awake, I was dead before today
If you make it till tomorrow, see it works both ways
I will not try to apologize, for what I know is right

Another chance wrapped up again
Makes it difficult for you to comprehend
Just give it time, time's all we've had
I loved you as a child, now I must leave as a man


It's so easy to be near me
When all I've said gets lost betweenback to top
Question Everything
Ever since I was a child
You always said that I should understand the rules
You take some and give less
Sit high above the rest...don't you

As I ask a simple question
Cuts me off with his reply
He's been practicing for decades
Now he thinks I have the time
He flows in and out of riddles
Looking me straight in the eye
But it seems like something's missing
From the days when he was more my size

Ten years older and I've finally found my pride
This old man comes rolling home to die
Old feelings make it hard to decide
Just what it means to me

Everything exists 'tween black and white
You can twist and distort the most blatant of lies
Or just offer up solutions
Practiced only in your mindback to top
What if I tried, would you then
Consider my time as well spent
Would you put me on trial, consider who's fit
To brand me insane, so I won't ever have to deal with it

What have I done, your only son
They spit on my name, and now I have a gun
Running 'round in circles, kids come out to play
But I can't remember what it was that made me
Feel this...hate
All my pictures on display here

What's that you said, you were my friend
I can't recall, say it again
This isn't a game, but I will pretend
Look at me now, cuz I win

I would be faking, I didn't know
These idle hands don't know their worth
I've covered them in blood, but this
Still fucking hurts

Hate!!back to top
Good Enough
You don't want to know
But that won't stop me from showing

For nights I drank too much
And words exchanged in the morning
For always pushing my luck
Expecting you to keep waiting

I want to be faithful
But as far as I can tell
I'm not doing so well...thus far
But maybe tomorrow
You'll wake up to find out
If I'm not good enough for now
I'm good enough to wait for you

What have you been told
What are you so afraid of
Should I be so bold
And ask where that one came from

Can I be read my rights
Before you put me on trial
My past offense precedes my nameback to top
So you want to tie both my arms off and
Force feed me to sharks
Just for the sake of releasing
Me from a memory of when you slept
In the serpent's den
Showed me what lurks in the hearts of man
Left me alone with the consequence
Considered a bond between friends

I'm not / you're escaping
With my good name
Create so you change
All the rules of this game
How low can you go
How deep and how bold
I might have misjudged
In you my trust

So you want to spit on my face and
Start to calling me names expecting me
To break down, give in, let you take the win
But I'm not ready yet to be convinced
My fear and pain have become my friends
And you vultures need me to let you inback to top
Took a drive up the coast for the first time
Where the cities are few and far between
Found redemption, the street signs bearing my name
And direction, the last thing on my mind

Cuz I fell once again for believing
And in faith, I began to drive
I left my home to search for a feeling
That I'd lost that must have died. I must have died

I've been feeling uninspired
Battered and...broken tired c
Uz there's many things I've never learned
Or even decided...what I'm ready to serve

Falling asleep, the back of my car
Who'd have believed I could get this far
Now all of my friends have lost the defense
Doesn't make much sense...i don't need senseback to top
The city slips away too soon
Tonight she's wide awake
Making small talk with mr. moon
Singing louder than the rain
On nights like these she can be herself
She forgets I'm there but it's just as well
I always feel like I'm by myself
And she never will, oh never will

She says she hates the fact that men can see
She wants to tear the eyes
Out of everything

What makes her feel the way she feels
Like everything is nothing
What makes her see the things she sees
Like everything that's wrong with me
I guess I should stop trying to figure her out
I should know by now that I'm not allowed
Now I know this is not allowed
If I want to keep her coming 'round

She says she hates the fact that men can see
She wants to tear the eyesback to top
These things that we too soon forget
Collecting dust...spider webs that grow and grow
Till there's nothing left
Except for shreds that you can't quite call evidence

That I had a life before today
See I forget things I associate with pain
I thinks it's time that
I start to look back on my life

Sitting around watching things go
These things that remind me of my home

I don't want to be in doubt
I don't need to know what this life's all about
I just need to know for now
Are you gonna be around

When I need to find what I'm missing
And I can't recall what it was I believed in
Take me home, surround me with friends
Take me homeback to top
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