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A Static Lullaby lyrics

Album: ...And Don't Forget to Breathe [2003]

 01  Nightmares Win 6-0
 02  Love to Hate, Hate to Me
 03  Withered
 04  Lip Gloss and Letdown
 05  A Sip of Wine Chased With Cyanide
 06  We Go to Eleven
 07 The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us
 08  A Song for a Broken Heart
 09  Annunciate While You Masticate
 10  Charred Fields of Snow
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Nightmares Win 6-0
This nightmare ends.
As the cocoon fills with oil.
Fossils bocome waste upon cemented wings.
On the rocks father spills memories of mothers eyes.
A kiss turns to brandy.
A dagger learns to cut hair.
Lipstick stains her addiction...
Watch the cresent moon turn clouds into frowns.
Watch to sea swallow and forget...
Given up ambiton for and legs...
Venom engulfs the most precious fairy tales.
Goldilocks fogets the bite for prince charming...
Each window breaths smoke, pacement paces while ciggarettes burn.
A tribal affair rises the masses of broken hearts left at her doorback to top
Love to Hate, Hate to Me
Read the tale of my desire
Never walked away
A book of hate
Never exhale
1000 volts
I never walked away
For every smile you gave me
Never exhale

As your eyes close
I'll bring before the sight of true unhappiness
Whisper I care
Then gracious enough to let you go
Remember me for the times I ruined you
Not I made you smile
Take this blade to my wrist
Help me end what makes you ugly
Swimming in the pools of my mind
You come to me at night
Leave me black and save yourself

Never walked away
A book of hate
Never exhale
1000 volts
I never walked away
For every smile you gave me
Never exhale

The story prolongs
With each word my stomach starts to turn
I have swallowed nails
So I can never say your name
Now words are heard through my eyes

Take this blade to my wrist
Help me end what makes you ugly
Swimming in the pools of my mind
You come to me at night
Leave me black and save yourself

Can you see the fire that burns from my heart
This song is for you
So perfect
It's my fault I can't sleep cause you're on my mind
I have made an attempt to have you

Light up this cigarette
Tonight I will sleep with the gun in my mouth
Goodbye my loveback to top
where did summer go?
left me to wonder when the bottle will tap out.
and the sun will arise.
i woke up yesterday with a hole in my chest...(yet i feel no pain)
numb to all feeling (life in winters chill)
to feel the warmth from this bottle is useless (when you wake up its gone)
when you wake up it all starts again.
i learned to break yesterday.
destroy tomorrow.
i've watched each leaf fall off my tree.
i've watched the seasongs change.
why step aside when you fall back in place? why?
Oh misery is so beautiful... i need this.back to top
Lip Gloss and Letdown
blind to the answers, find yourself,
walk for the moment, find the reason in yourself,
theres a reason for you and i,
take this time to find a meaning,
a reason to sit back and measure the worst 6 years of my life,
waiting for your legs to close on my best friends,
last night i saw your life flash before my eyes,
why did i laugh so hard baby?
(you won't be back and i'm still laughing)
i never meant to hurt you (but i did)
i'm sorry that you cried so hard darling,
i'll never hurt you again,
take this time to find your tongue,
a sorry excuse to stop your lies,
the best 30 seconds of my life,
my angel take your pills,
my angel i sold your ring,
and now your speechless,
and now i can't stop laughing,
i didnt want it this way,
i hope you're happy where you are
and i'm glad to say i put you there,
who's the one that's laughing now,
i'm the one who's laughing now
(now theres nothing left to say
i hope you're feeling my embrace, and i can't sleep)
you should have left me sleeping,
you should have let me sleep...back to top
A Sip of Wine Chased With Cyanide
Glorify her smile
Condemn his frown

Choke on the phrases left unsaid
Silver bullets that pierce my ears
Shadows of demons melt my persona
Taken from the memory of the darkess lock

Can I walk amongst the slave chained to the hopeless and lenched from your smile
Can I float upon your tears swealtering the hate for our non-existance

Send the dove
Bring her a star
Throw me a raven
Spoon out my heart

With the last ounce of dignity
I will pray
Scream out
My mistakes to the heavens

Send the dove
Bring her a star
Throw me a raven
Spoon out my..
Spoon out my heart

Spoon out my heartback to top
We Go to Eleven
In storybooks children grow up to become leaders.
Innocence leads our young to fall victim to (we're not your slaves) the disadvantages our parents brought before them.
Grow up fast and lose sight of becoming an influence (and I'll never sleep, I'll never sleep again) they stole our innocence, they broke our foundation.
Broken by production, released at ten. before you kill your idols, kiss them goodnight. after birth the hand that feeds may bleed.
Transformers for abuse.
Legos build the outcome whether it's mental or physical, before you kill your idols, kiss them goodnight.
Mother I'll bleed for you, as father bled for me...back to top
A Song for a Broken Heart
Take this for what it's worth, this song... my smile,
I write to you from hell my song leaving the foot against the gas and the wall that must have said your name,
Weaken you from nothing you can say can stop this now,
Would a noose replace his lips?
Can a song replace a broken heart? can a song replace a broken love? on the beach I remind myself how holding hands is so powerless,
Tonight I don't even have the stars to hold on to... paint this red... her picture will remain unbroken she cries tonight I fall in love...
White beach tear away with sand paper tonight I'm not alone... I just wanna get your fucking voice out of my head...back to top
Annunciate While You Masticate
move into the grave that bares your name.
my high is creeping, but is it set in stone?
we're both wasted, but we're not going anywhere like this.
(so we'll see right through)
for me to walk face first into sliding glass for your pleasure.
all in the taste of salt on your neck.
(now i) choke on the urge of taking it back
(till i'm) spilling the blood that rests on my tounge.
(dreaming) of holding your head, detached from the rest.
this fuse left burning, but now we're far too close.
to let the past stitch our wounds and seal our tears.
lest sick from the guild you spread.
lust sick in this momen. we won't believe in anythingback to top
Charred Fields of Snow
This Touch. last touch. this touch.
won't break me.
a word too soft to be spoken.
wrapped in barbed wire.
and traveling amongst the charred, fields of snow.
i have become.. wounded.
for the souls lost in this display of self rightous ideals.
break for im the one who deserves this pain.
the innocent will find.
the innocent will find their place in heaven.
this pain will not stop.
i now dispose of you.
one by one their souls will take you over.
the pain of thousands, your time has come.
to think you have broken us down.
you have not. the innocent are free now.
and you're condemned.back to top
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