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Abaddon lyrics

Album: Funkin' Murderers [1998]

 01  Atrocity
 02  Cancellation of life
 03  Erasure Head
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Cursed evil that destroys our earth society.
Conforming our minds since birth and yes we're
alive in the land of the dead and like lambs to the
slaughter are led to a place where the holy and evil
are wed and with a shovel yes you will be put to bed
man kind dies atrocity human race extinct apathy
life's end prophecy global genocide atrocity unholy
religions of man that deceive
doctrines of falsehood which we believe
but watch in the end we will all
be judged the same governments not gods
are to blame we're the victims to their political
games and though chemicals and toxins, their deaths shall reign.back to top
Cancellation of life
Governments fucked us over.
Zionist treaties ideology 1920's
Cancellation of life!
One Government One Theology!
Forced way of life And Sociology!
Government has fucked us over
Assassination is the key.
Murdering public officials.
I'd rather die than not be free!
Free!back to top
Erasure Head
Bow to the master that feeds on your weakness
that is eating you now. Feel the disaster,
chemical Priest, preaching chemical hell.
Rejected are all those who stand in alliance.
Cast into pits of eteranal flame!
Instantly placed in the world of dejected,
engulfing your soul...
I choose my victims Randomly. i don't give a fuck who you are!
Your end comes unexpectedly!
A mad attack...Destructing!
I hover above the body, I only see in black
and white. The taste of death i just discovered
i snap your neck with all my might!
Satisfied, I gloat with laughter, stagnant body robbed
of life! Deleting problems instantly, I ree the soul from
White death, death's breath possessed!
Torture..Torture..Torture..Torture!back to top
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