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Abhorrent lyrics

Album: Rage [1997]

 01  Let me Live
 02  Eternal Doubt
 03  Blood On Your Lips
 04  No Chance
 05  Prelude of the EndM
 06  The Witch
 07  One Step
 08  Face of Terror
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Let me Live
I know the men's story
Men betray among themselves
It's not the end but just the beginning
And I don't want to be part of it
My soul is conflicting
Living in sorrow in this world
Sorrow is restraining myself
But I've got the truth inside myself
I want to swim in the night like in the sea
Don't want to feel any pain into flesh
This world is rotten orange
Nothing but a lie
I know the way to the endless ocean
Which is very far from here
I need to get out
Need to stay away
Let me live
Let me liveback to top
Eternal Doubt
Mystery of the destiny of the human soul
When the body rests forever
Different beliefs confound themselves
Who's right or who's wrong
Don't want to be just cold flesh
That decays till turns into dust
I rather believe that eternity
Is a calm place to be
Having this life wile there's time
Always doing something to change
Won't keep standing till GOD calls me
I'll act , maybe I'm here for this
If heaven is so good , why to die is so bad ?
Purgatory , heaven , hell where am I?
So , if the eternal life is so long
I'll stand my futile life to the top
Maybe a trip at the unknown
Would make me find something
But the answers won't still be complete
Maybe discovering those mysteries would
Be dangerous maybe we're
Not ready yetback to top
Blood On Your Lips
Save your breath brave warrior
Because your lady you'll never see
She's gone , all alone
She belongs to eternity
In the land of dreams she rests
With the angels around her
The body's lying here
While the soul is living there

You must leave now , there's nothing
that you can do
The sounds of war are calling you
Now she rests in peace , the peace
you never knew
For the blood on your lips ...

She waited day by day
For the loved one , so far
Echoes of the battle
Rumbling deep on the heart
And them , you just came back
But now it's too late
Heaven is her place
And lonely is your fate


Go back to your fight
Your home is not here
But remember , brave warrior
Your time is always near...back to top
No Chance
During his whole life , he didn't produce
And tried to tread and smash
the other ones
The time for regret has gone
As the life that was given to him

Only shadows you can see
And from them , voices accuse you
There'll be no chance for regret

During his whole life , he didn't
trust in nobody
As suicidal your surrender
yourself to the vice
And today you're the prisoner
of your own construction
Now look and enjoy your own destruction


Destruction of man that was brave
In fact , destruction of a slave
Running out from his mistake
Cause despair will be his destiny
with those who did the same mistake
There will be no timeback to top
Prelude of the EndM
When I try to remember the beginning
The whole thing comes like a dream
That don't bring me laughs
And something might be reality

The nothing , the empty
Without light
Without a way

I still have regards
From what I've been but, who am I?
Prisoner of one life that
I don't know the past


Due to scare of what I've been
Today I hide myself in darkness
Catching the few that rest
Waiting for the end of the line


When I'll find what I think it's real
To quench my thirsty for the truth
Finishing my sufferings and fears
Ahead of me like a thick haze


When I try to remember the beginning
The whole thing comes like a dream
That don't bring me laughs
And something might be realityback to top
The Witch
White veils of silk
Hides that beautiful figure
Gloomy and mysterious woman
Attracting the most close wishes
As the weak as the powerful
Enchant themselves with
her hypnotic look
But, don't live who dare
To discover her secrets

Oh, mystic and immortal witch
Spreading the death of men
Her white veil inspire wishes
To suck the life from her victims
The witch, the witch, the witch....

After each death conceived
One light bright from her veil
The vital energy from her victims
Faces the tragical end under her veil
She always appears at night
Killing for pleasure, harvesting innocent lives
Her secrets are eternally hidden
And the mystic witch waits
Under the moonlight

(CHORUS)back to top
One Step
May I go?
Where at one step o the real life
the wind lets me know
If my soul
Dreads what my body has dreaded so
I wanna know how far to go
What they call the end

If it's only a bad dream,
the darkness, a scream
Or a cruel fate that passes as my friend

May I go?
Where at one step to the real life
The seeds grow in the snow
then I'll show
That this slippery step is really below
I wanna see by where I'm free
By where will be my last breath


If this is really for me, the end's key
To be at one step to the real life
Is to be at one step to deathback to top
Face of Terror
I remember my childhood
and my hometown
I remember the smiling and
naive clown's face
He was always jumping with his
colored balloons
We were so calm, we won't forget
When killing of children,
start to happen
No clues, no witness to help
Little by little, the clown's face became morbid
Seen by some children from the town
What seemed to be beauty
bring death showing
The face of terror

Do you want a balloon?
Balloons floats, everybody float
And you'll float with me all the time

I'm your worst nightmare
I'm your worst made dream
I'm everything that you have scared
I'll teach you to float because
everyone here floats
and you will learn to like
Release yourself now you're afraid
Because I'm the world eater
You've got a nice taste when
You're scared
I can feel the taste of your soul,
now I'm eternal


What I'm doing and what I'm saying
Just the beginning ‘cause
I'm going insane
And then I'll kill
don't doubt my words
The execution time is coming,
Beware!!!back to top
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