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Abigor lyrics

 1995 Nachthymnen ( From The Twilight Kingdom )
 1995 Orkblut-The Retaliation
 1996 Opus IV
 1997 Apocalypse
 1998 Supreme Immortal Art
 1999 Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan

· A Frozen Soul In A Wintershadow
· As Astral Images Darken Reality
· Battlefield Orphans
· Blood And Soil
· Celestial
· Dornen
· Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King
· Ein Hauch von Kälte
· Emptiness
· Exhausted Remnants
· Hyperwelt
· I Face The Eternal Winter
· Magic Glass Monument
· Menschenfeind
· Misanthrope
· Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons
· Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon
· Satan In Me
· Scars In The Landscape Of God
· Severance
· Soil Of Souls
· Supreme Immortal Art
· The Dark Kiss
· The Prophecy
· The Rising Of Our Tribe
· The Spirit Of Venus
· Tu Es Diaboli Juna
· Ubique Daemon
· Unleashed Axe-Age
· Untamed Devastation
· Utopia Consumed
· Verwüstung

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