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Album: Balls to the Wall [1984]

 01  Balls To The Wall
 02  London Leatherboys
 03  Fight It Back
 04  Head Over Heels
 05  Losing More Than You`ve Ever Had
 06  Love Child
 07  Turn Me On
 08  Losers And Winners
 09  Guardian Of The Night
 10  Winterdreams
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Balls To The Wall
Too many slaves in this world die by torture and pain.
Too many people do not see. They`re killing themselves, going insane.
Too many people do not know bondage is over the human race.
They believe slaves always lose, and this fear keeps them down.

Watch the damned. (god bless ya!)
They`re gonna break their chains. (hey!)
You can`t stop them. (god bless ya!)
They`re coming to get you, and then you`ll get your Balls to the Wall.

You may screw their brains. You may sacrifice them too.
You may mortify their flesh. You may rape them all.
One day the tortured stand up and revolt against the evil.
They make you drink your blood and tear yourself to peaces.

Watch the damned...

Come on, man, let`s stand up all over the world.
Let`s plug a bomb in everyone`s arse.
If they don`t keep us alive, we`re gonna fight for the right.
Build a wall with the bodies of the dead and your saved.
Make the world scared. Come on, show me the sign of victory.back to top
London Leatherboys
Walking down the main street, I see a city`s face;
boys dressed in leather, girls dressed in lace.
See the easy riders, they`re roaring down their way.
They need to give full speed ahead.

They`ve been bunched together to keep their crazy life.
They turn on the power, get wrecked every night.
Got some kind of feeling looking in his eyes.
I feel the power surge to a head.

London Leather Boys. Nightmare`s pleasure. (What you`ve done?)
London Leather Boys. All together.

After all the roaring, the sound of silence scares.
Girl of the leader cried in his arms.
Don`t you see the danger when we are running wild?
Please stop the games; it`s getting late

London Leather Boys...

Swearing that you would do, he could not even say.
Boy dressed in leather, boy died in pain.
They`re the easy riders, but heroes die too fast.
He was more than the best oft the bunch.

Best together. Lousy leather. Say what`s better, all together!
London Leatherboys...back to top
Fight It Back
Always been the prophets who make the world evolve.
Always been the average breaking it down.
Majority, the unknown, giving us the rule.
It`s more than luck to get the standard.

You`ll never find me like I hope that I am.
You`ll never treat me like you think you can.
Be always independent, surrendering no way.
I won`t deal with crimes of society.

Now, if you hate it, you gotta fight it back.
You gotta fight it back.
Just try to change it.
Fight, fight it back.

Find myself in crisis, get near to collapse.
Am I forced to live that boring life?
God, I hate the av`rage! Go and nuke it out.
Go piss the accepted; screw them all.

Now, if you hate it...back to top
Head Over Heels
Late at night in the park, I saw them slipping in the dark.
For heaven`s sake, what`s going on? It`s like someone is here.
Gotta follow now, like beeing in trance for me.
There`s a silence here, more than all the noise.

Spurting in the dark head over heels,
overheated heart head over heels,
treating it so hard the spurting feels ev`ry day, ev`ry night.

Down on my knees, God help me please.Gotta know who`s out in the dark.
I`ve stopped my breath, can feel the hands,
could hear the sound of people making love.
I surrender right now! I`ve to be touched. I feel so much...back to top
Losing More Than You`ve Ever Had
Man, I know that you`re out in the crowd,
and I feel how you burn your hate in my soul.
It`s like I`d have my hands in your coat
and feel the stainless steel of a sword.
Years have gone by. I know that she`s left you, before I passed by.
I was collecting the dreams of her heart.
And than she was reborn in my arms.

Can`t you see you`ve lost her soul? She`s been gone a long time ago.
Man, it`s been a long time since you lost her heart.

Man, you`re dying for what you`ve lost but never had.
`Cause you`ve been losing more than you have ever had.
Man, stop longing for the girl you made so sad.
Always been losing for so long.

Man, why are you running blind for the past?
Why don`t you try to understand?
When I found her she was dying, trying to kill herself.
Maybe you didn`t know what you`ve done.
But all you wanna do is wrong.
Man, you come to kill for someone who`s gone

Man, it`s been a long time...back to top
Love Child
Ev`ryone is telling me that he was born as a love child.
By looking in his eyes, something turned me loose in this hot night.

Feeling the power of lust when the guy`s passing by.
Wrecking one` brain and I`m going insane; don`t know why.

I can feel your sex winding up the girl in the red dress.
And my brain is gone. What is going on? I`m burning inside

Feeling the power...

I gotta tell myself that he was born as a love child.
And the story of his way should not make me stay in this hot night.

Feeling the power...
A love child running wild, a love child.

Don`t know what I am, a woman or a man. Many troubles behind me.
I`m doing all I can But I`m what I am.
Leave me alone; don`t mistreat me!

Feeling the Power..back to top
Turn Me On
I can`t wait to get you down on the dirty door.
I know it ain`t a place, but come on and close the floor.
I`m coming down for pleasure, for head games all night long.
Yes indead, I wanna have it now, all what you`ve gotta give

I`m coming to the point where I can`t hold myself.
You shouldn`t hold me back; it has to be done.
Please turn me on, turn me on; I can`t hold it.
Please turn me on, turn me on; I explode.

Would bee good to do it in the nice way,
but sorry, I ain`t got no time.
I know you would like some light, but sorry, here`s no lamp.
So please don`t stop the feeling. Please come close to me.
I`ve got to feel your hand to bring it to an end.

I`m coming to the point...

Baby, that was a hot lick, but someone`s banging the door.
Believe me, I`m sorry to stop you, but I`m coming back for more.
It was more than I could ask for. Sorry, babe; I gotta go.
Guess there`s more than two now who wants to break the door.
Please babe, I`ve gotta go. You have been really good.
I know you want some more, but what can I do? Let`s go ahead!back to top
Losers And Winners
You told me that you like her, but she doesn`t wanna know.
You tried so much to take her, bur there`s no way to go.
I know that kind of feeling, knocking on someone`s door.
I know the endless crying when you don`t know what you`re living for.

Write a letter. (What`s the matter?)
You`ll find better. (Write a letter.)
You`ll feel better when it`s done.

There`s one way to show what you feel for the girl.
Write her a loveley letter, tell her what you`re looking for.
Don`t think it`s old fashion to take one`s heard (when it`s true).
You gotta take it as a man when you can`t win her in this game.

Write a letter...
There are losers and winners, just like you and me.

You should give me the letter; I`ll use it for my own.
Maybe she wants to take me before she stays alone.
Could be my destination to pick up broken hearts.
Why don`t you take it easy and screw the girls who`s next to you.

Write a letter...back to top
Guardian Of The Night
In the night of the day I was born,
quite sure I wouldn`t see no tomorrow.
All the days I was wasting alone,
always waiting for the night without sorrows.

Mister, mister, don`t you know what I am.
Can`t you hear it`s always trembling in my voice?
Don`t you know I`m doing all that I can,
but I`m a man without any choice.

Ev`ry day`s only pain for me.
I don`t like the sunlight shining on my head.
I`m a man that was born for the dark.
Ev`ry light shines is making me feel bad.

Lady, lady, put your hand on my head.
Can`t you hear it`s always trembling in my voice?
`Cause I`m the one who`s behaving so bad.
I need those feelings for you again.

Man of the dark, guardian of the night

I don`t like people working all day,
only working just to see next tomorrow.
But they`re happy while they`re living that way.
In that world I gotta beg, steal or borrow.

Mister, mister, you don`t know...back to top
There`s snow on the mountains, and fog in the street;
flickering candles in the room. Hear the churchbell ring.
See the children playing. I fell the pure delight,
and the snow is falling, taking me away.

Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
reflecting the sound of my heart; it`s my taste of freedom.
Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
don`t try to tear me apart; cold winter dreams

Find myself in peace, warm from underneath.
Wish you would be here in this magic scene.
I`ve escaped from reality, dancing in the snow.
Cold, blue sky gives me the innocence I need.

Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
freezing the heat in my heart; it`s my taste of freedom.
Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
chill me and tear me apart; cold winter dreams.

The world seemed so clear, like a wonderful diamond,
Can`t imagine there`s meaness. Can`t imagine one lie
But when I`m dead and gone and snow`s pouring down,
I`m burried and covered, peaceful under millions of stars.

Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
reflecting the sound of my heart; it`s my taste of freedom.
Cold winter nights, cold winter dreams,
don`t try to tear me apart; cold winter dreamsback to top
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