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Adnoctum lyrics

Album: Peak Of Ascension [1998]

 01  When Summits Arise
 02  Be Ye Men of Valor
 03  Crestfallen
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When Summits Arise
As we
we wait staring beyond
borderland the heir of life
weakness then nerves brace
time and wake
for we hath shed
shed of excess
rid the vice
of guilt and fear
gain prevail a moor of shadows
called is absolution
withstand the final
ends of the heartstroke
earthen ways
lavishly reaped
summit enshrined
requiscat but in life
lore profanity
avengeful laughterback to top
Be Ye Men of Valor
One lies in ancient realms
feasting on blemished shadows
elemental wisdom
redeems fallen ruins
unseen bane forms
insolent existence
fathom assail
deepless infinite
summoning the valorous exosphere
be ye men of valor
mass of exordian
reigns of infinite thoughts
of overbearing forms
fathom assail
deepless infinite
realms pertain
eternal thoughts
evanesce the lifeless cries
path of which
whim to transverse
elemental wisdom
redeems fallen ruins
unseen bane
forms insolent existence
existence.back to top
dawn supreme
so cruel and cold
sword and scepter reign
fear among fears
cosmic face of eternity
opened- upon those await
with natural harmony
I hold in my hand an intensity
born of hatred not blindness
in my veins flow the fire
purge each soul from my path
nether region in existence
flames will burn
night shall sleepback to top
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