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Aegrimonia lyrics

Album: Caede Tepebat Humus [1998]

 01  An Erotic Damnation
 02  Patricida
 03  Nox Arcanis Fidissima
 04  Labes did not come...yet
 05  The Perfume of Night
 06  Entering the After- Age
 07  Shapeless Creations
 08  A Dark Delemma
 09  Pagan Winter Tales
 10  Incubus or Nightmare
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An Erotic Damnation
At sinister places we stand
in a circle all dressed in black
now evoking the damned
doing the dance of death
drunk as we are
by the poisoned cup of Bacchus
Aspell was cast
and the dead were now among us
in visa deo luna laborat
I shall fear the light now
the sunrise I forgot
Noctivagus forever
and by day in my coffin I shall rest
binded to eachother
Aegrimonia in aevum nectae
Call up the hidden ones
wandering in between
as yesterday becomes tomorrow
so shall I become unseen
the thick red blood
I shall gain
The lifeless walk
Am I mundane
as I enfold my theeth
slowly around her neck
the devouring of the week
in cryptic times, and then...
Fear me not my love
for the wolves are among
them shadows shall clasp
the hidden-hunger tomb
dusk upon the black rod
Ancient velvet covers the face
of the evening wine-red fog
shall I ever enter grace
Coroner in stigmata
the damnation of the soul
deserted forests lyrica
and yet, who wanders in solitude

Written by erk
(our first song...)back to top
'Oh holy lord, My father'
It all disgusts me
I reject this promise
I reject this name
Curse away thy performance
I filled my spirit with hate
From the damned I shall rise
To start the hunt-eternal
Approaching is thy demise
I will appear to thee infernal
Ahhh master, give me my sins!
Let our will be embraced
By death's cold heart he will freeze
And then his soul 'll melt in haste
A gothic muse bawled my name
She gave me strenght and took my fears
Darkened wolves hawled in tame
They had drenched me with lonely tears
Thy apostles I will destroy
From the Calix I drink this blood (with the pride of victory)
This son Jezus is my childish toy
The paradise is ours, thy name now forget
Forever we will rule this kingdom
And we will be embraced by death
Eternally we will cry our freedom
Bound by spells, at last the son has set
Never again shall such come among us
But the comet of a far black galaxy
Dusting the land with everdarkness
Killing evil dust, enter me.
-Detroy and abandon all my weakness-
'Oh holy lord, my father…'
…Never Again!…
No more false promises
Never hear thy name again
A curse has driven thy performance
All have lost, their faith
From the damned I have risen
The hunt-eternal at its end
Not one action forgiven
Now his head down, actions repeat
Ahh master, at last we have won
At last our will is embraced
By death's cold haert I have come
Not one drop of blood is wasted
The gothic muse heaved a cry of pain
Of not heaving me near
All darkened wolves obey
I feel them drying my lonely tears
Thy apostels now all destroyed
The bloodcalixhas been emptied
'hear me regnatrix of the night…
take my paradise! Evil has now been freed'
- Rule! Satanic cruelty! -

(Written by Erk)back to top
Nox Arcanis Fidissima
Pale moon midnight
Sulphur skies cover the stars
Our souls now entwined
Mighty sylph take our scars
To spot a flicker
Of a vampyric devine
The bloodtrack tricked her
It led her to the sunshine site
An ardent sensation to dread
Has now taken her unlife
Into a botomless abyss she fled
Toghether with her the myth has died
We carried on our journey
To discover what we really are
Our bodies never burried
Yet, we were dead…long before
Ye crawl underneath his tyranny
For Lamia showed us the way
Now vampyrism has been freed
Dark has come to plunder the vale
(Vae Victis!)
Fear me now, tremble!
Can't baptise me away
From sunset 'til sunrise
I'll be setting free my rage
I hunger for blood, need to feed
I will die if I don't bleed
That hungry feeling is my growing greed
Locusta quench my thirst
As the last drop is spilled
Then wilst thee brake this curse
For then my journey's fulfilled
Then slowly close my coffin
The cold one, I was born in
In my tears I dissolve
All what's left is my secretly grin
Jay Had to remember my name
Howl these words at every gothic sin.

(Written by Erk)back to top
Labes did not come...yet
The face in the mirror
fullfilled with thinking
sometimes I can hear her
feel my soul shrinking
Flame from planet night
empty blackness there
ran away with sight
on the shores of fear
Sertainty torn away
from my cacrimula
Larva, please lock my hate
come help me now
I remain like lacer
beneeth the waniny moon
I can never hate her
not even after what she's done
Insperatum malum - clamor excepit
howlings no-one can hear
the mirror bursts
with the power of my lyre
end this thurst
Fulfill my journey
the seek of balans
between our worlds here
again? when shall we dance
like a badtrown spear
Am I the nocance
(Sapiens animo samper excubat)

(Written by Erk)back to top
The Perfume of Night
Phantom wind howls my name
the beauty from there after
ascend and then kneel before me
abyssic nights rise from the smother
No hallowed sounds like an angelvoice
shall ever sip my spirit
Black winds carried me to Carpathian source
a beheaded vampire and the (grieving) widow with it
the sunset evokes a neckless of tears
that he wore on the countess' bane
along with a silver bracelet of fears
for her funeral never came
Boreas fondles my neck
to remind me of the blood I must steal
else I can never come back
and my body'll never be healed
then suddonly a Carmilla caress
said there was someone I wanted to see
heaven hid from a midnight tempest
my ever love Lilith appeard to me
she confessed her passion
by the light of dancing candles
yet I could resist, altough I was she
but that wasn't forlong she seduced
me with her fondles
the erotic desires I now set them free
as darkness my bride
and frost as our witness
we shall abandon the light
and never pay forgiveness
to the mortal souls of the children of God
burn their places & temples with fire
curse away their divinity
doom his power
with the power of thee
rule forever in the name of He
master Dark Evil
make me the one
to conquer the world
to make holyness crawl
to kill their church
and be forever of thou...
Fantom wind cries in flames
the beauty torn asunder
ascent and heaven crawl in shame
the abyssic night risen as my daughter

(Written by Erk)back to top
Entering the After- Age
Why aint there fear in me
I do have my own believe
When I thouch, I get touched
So what, he'll stand by me his feet I flee
and Death - and terror
cold dreath - in horror
fear - surrounds the eternal soul
Hate is now within my bones
...mind explodes
Opponent of God
in wicked wars...
I bend over the Wall of Wisdom
there a name resounded from
the bottom of the endless dephts
there he was, Lupus, My wolf and friend
Now woe betide the man
who tries to bring me and Lupus down
...Intermerre Aliquem Gladio
Now winter turns every colourfull flower
into broken glass
We croun the hymn of life
for it shall never return
Draw a night while smelling the Arrival
dream a flight while thou cry for demise
..."We will rise again!"...
Nemori cultrix come to me
for daylight is closing in
Affecare immortalitatem
Nymfaeum, I call upon thee
bring the mysta by my side
Nocticula set the dark forever free
We shall dislodge the light
and let the darkness rule again
Evil provides Evil
In eternity it shall arise
I feel the earth is trembling
underneeth, my fragile bare feet
I hear the thunder rumbling
A thrilling storn approches to me
I watch how it destroys all life
in pagan ways they die
black clouds are extending
the Trinity complete
Rising moon rule upon this kingdom
for it will rule every other wisdom
summer bows it's head
for the tearing winds of autumn
and in it's footsteps follows the wintereve
in red swirreling skies
all thee art free
"we shall arise!"
Armageddon art thou with me
bring thy demise
and let the snatching waves deep underneeth
and then again come down in thy destructive wise
"Eternal death to all!"

(Written by Erk)back to top
Shapeless Creations
Aod the winter turns bright
Aod the summer into blackness
The world upside down
All time is running backwards
Trees are red, sky is green
future's past, earth's fluid
In my bed I never sleep
blood in my vains, can't get through it
As the fire danced with water
Night turned white, day turned black
then your past became my future
All my desires where coming back
Collapsing buildings, rocks fell above
perfume dripping upto the sky
All coming hate abandoned love
the wildred rose has never died

(Written by Erk)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++back to top
A Dark Delemma
Once there was one born
And layd down to be found
By the people of the south
And he grew up
They gave him a name
He was called moses
Never did he knew who he was
Never knew who he'd become
Until someday someone told him
He was a thrown-away baby
And yes, he belong to the enemy
That's not possible he said
But better he belaved
He was a thrown-away baby
And yes, he belong to the enemy
How he had to face this desteny

A journey to face the enemy…
A journey to free the enemy…
A journey to join the enemy…
A journey to kill the enemy…

(Written by Erk)back to top
Pagan Winter Tales
…His body was sent
sailing across the icy floor
into the hardened rock wall
…stars before his eyes
perlious is the footing
underneith his feet
He could almost feel the touch of elegant fingers
On the side of his face
It teases him
Making him think he is going to get away
…And the slinky white mist
floating before his eyes
swarming around his legs
…so slick the ice below
his legs he puched once more
faster than they could go
…Mist fingers…his motion stopped
his deeply frozen flesh
Aroused, under his coat
He could almost feel the touch of elegant fingers
…As he grab for his heart
his life is taken off
the misty whisper leaves
in the complete darkness beyond.

(Written by Ana)back to top
Incubus or Nightmare
Dark souls surrounding me
with their pale eyes they have seen
right into my inner thinking
Incubus pass by me
I now, by down in total dusk
None is visible but their shades
covered by no-season leaves
what am I doing here anyway
It doesn't matter
just want to take her
that one in dark gloom
please fuck and rape girl
A pale silhouet aproaches my body
all my powers draged out of me
now the ego is gaining darkness
what wilst this do with I
I can see the coulor of their eyes now
One is white the others total black
over my acts I have no control anymore
they are forcing me, Incubus.

(Written by Erk)back to top
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