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Aeon lyrics

Album: Ephemeral [1996]

 01  The Inverted Gate
 02  Handless
 03  The Interspace Between Us
 04  Ephemeral
 05  Sadness Seas
 06  Hallway To The Unknown
 07  Congest
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The Inverted Gate
leave me in my world
and let it breathe with me
don't touch our riches
and don't touch our gate
(outside, there's a man)
in every man's heart
there's only hate and scorn
fuck you
better die alone

my life belongs behind the inverted gate
no one can enter there
no one can touch it
it's only mine...
the gate to my world
as I want it to beback to top
my world's so cruel
my wound's so deep
so much shit's around
impossible to changeback to top
The Interspace Between Us
die for me, you worthless
lying machine
leaving you to breathe
would be only another sin

living without you
is the life I can realize
the interspace between us
is like hell from paradiseback to top
who's taking your life away?
seems this is your final day
have I strenght to go through this
it's easier for you, you will find your peace

in this world, that I detest so much
there's always the need for a gentle touch
one sign of it now it's gone with you
I wonder now, can you see it too
your life passing throughback to top
Sadness Seas
no light
my world is so dark
all my feelings now

sadness dwells in my soul
it's like a stone that will never fall
large and vast like desert sand
endless like a sea without endback to top
Hallway To The Unknown
is there a place?
where we can find ourselves
in the way
that we want to be
a place of happyness
extasy and pleasure
or it's (only) our fate to die in hate

I saw last night
a shining blast in front of my eyes
but (who knows why) I didn't wanted to discover
what is hiding on the other side
(fuck, maybe it was even worse there)back to top
open the ceremony gates
someone's life will end tonight
limbed, shredded
under the horns of the omnipotent

blood spills free
bleeding from all the sides
our sacrifice for thee
may satisfy thy hunger

unholy majesty
I depend on thee
hear my call give to me immortality

congest, blood overflows
rise the chalice, as he dies
in our blasphemyback to top
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