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A.F.I. lyrics

Album: All Hallows E.P. [1999]

 01  Fall Children
 02  Halloween
 03  The Boy Who Destroyed the World
 04  Totalimmortal
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Fall Children
As the cries start to penetrate still air, this day we celebrate.
The wait now ends. From four corners smoke plumes into reddened sky.
In the face of lantern light, my destiny flies.
This day so hallowed, from here to forever its will I will follow.
Tonight will come to life. Deadened branches stirred by whispers in the wind.
Fall children fill the streets at dusk, at last, it all will begin.back to top
This Misfit's Cover Is Really Interesting ^^

Bonfires burnin bright
pumpkin faces in the night
I remember halloween
dead cats hanging from poles
little dead are out in droves I remember halloween
Brown leaves vertigo where the skeletal life is known
I remember halloween this day anything goes
burnin bodies hang from poles
i remember halloween

Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween

Candy apples and razor blades
little dead are soon in graves
i rememeber halloween
burnin bodies hang from poles

Hallowenn Halloween Halloween Halloween...back to top
The Boy Who Destroyed the World
Once there was a boy who had vibrant glow,
but as it goes, someone took it from him.
One day through the rain I heard him meekly moan,
he said "Will you wrap your arms around me as I'm falling?"
Remember when we were all so beautiful?
But since then we've lost our glow.
They said it hurt their eyes
but he would never know that they were filled with regret as their own dissipated.
He said, "I now feel more desperately alone,
even though they wrapped their arms around me as I'd fallen."
They said it hurt their eyes,
but he would never know that they were claiming regret as their own...
as their own dissipated.back to top

From: Paul

Hope unknown. Sometimes just waking is surreal.
I walk right through the nameless ones.
I know that hope's unknown
Sometimes the water feels so real.
As I walk through it fills my lungs, my god, I'm drowning.


This day never seems to end.
This pain, never.
This rage I will not let go.


I hear them calling.
I feel them gnawing out holes through flawless souls.

So alone. Sometimes I swear that I can hear the taunting of the voiceless ones.
I fear that I alone fear those who ceased to feel that they're alone inside this place.
I am the misplaced.

(repeat chorus and Pre-chorus)

Now every face, looks familiar...
then every face would melt away until..
now everyone, do you know, I know your deception?

(Repeat Chorus)back to top
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