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Agathocles lyrics

Album: Black Clouds Determinate [1994]

 01  Bastard Breed(intro) / Scorn of Humanity
 02  Sentimental Hypocrisy
 03  Megalomanic Stupidity
 04  Hangman's Dance
 05  Blackclouds Determinate
 06  Ubermensch Hilarity
 07  Triple murder flesh
 08  Europe's Fairytale
 09  Musicianship-Musicianshit
 10  Siegshit
 11  Well of Hapiness
 12  Birds(poem) / Agarchy
 13  Theatric Symbolization Of Life
 14  Squeeze
 15  What Man Creates
 16  Mutilated Regurgitator
 17  Get off your ass
 18  Hatebirth
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Bastard Breed(intro) / Scorn of Humanity
They gnaw like little maggots
On our friendhip-bonds,
Demolishing everything we've built,
They smash it to the ground,
Remembering all the things,
The times we spent together,
These memories fade away,
As hatred seems to grow harder.
Jealous little creeps,
Making their frustration hide,
Jealous kids-they weep,
Like Jesus-they were blind.back to top
Sentimental Hypocrisy
Put on your fucking mask
Co deceiving is yer fucking task
Using, abusing, can't you fucking see
You're just a model of sentimental hypocrisy
Still you are a sentimental actor
Watched by us, with laughter
Using, abusing, can't you fucking see
You're just a model of sentimental hypocrisyback to top
Megalomanic Stupidity
What do you care?
Putting others in fear,
Enslaved by your disgrace,
But that's not my case.
Megalomanic-pretentious thoughts
Fill your head-personality sold
Megalomanic-pretencious thoughts
Make you think-you are a god
But let's face reality,
You're a slave of your stupidity,
But let's face reality,
You're a product of naivity?
A deformed mind,
Is what you are,
Conditioned by,
Sick system you support.back to top
Hangman's Dance
This is a new dance,
Put a rope in your hands,
Get on a chair,
And put the thing around your neck.
Then jump around,
You won't feel down,
When you'll awake,
You'll realize life's just fake.
Your violet-blue body,
Swings on the rope around,
It was your last chance,
To do the hangman's dance.
Feel the grip-before you're stiff
Graveyard client-beloved ones crying
Feel the grip-before you're stiff
You wish you were dead-just go ahead
Get rope and chair-'cause I'll teach you the danceback to top
Blackclouds Determinate
Black clouds, they paint my sky,
There's no reason to ask me why,
Let insanity reign supreme,
I hope my hatred will never be seen,
Do not tell me not to give up,
Do not wish me any good luck,
'cause I've heard it all before,
Now I'm ready to knock at death's door.back to top
Ubermensch Hilarity
You are so fucking sick,
Just another nazi-dick,
Thinking you are the best,
Way better than the rest,
With your dominant macho-pride,
You make your frustrations hide,
Egocentric views and thoughts,
With silly lies you can be bought,
Making the weak kneel for you,
Being the master is your rule,
But we'll make you kneel for us,
By hammering you on your swastikas.back to top
Triple murder flesh
You watch the horrors on the screen,
Still you refuse to fucking see,
Famine strikes the third world child
While eating burger, you don't,
The soja needed to save its life,
Was fed to the cattle, your burger right?
Still support this crudity,
By buying triple murder meat.

Famine strikes the third world child
While eating burger, you don't,
The soja needed to save its life,
Was fed to the cattle, your burger right?
Hormons used-an economical must?
The cow will die-by the butchers knife
Served for dinner-a sick minded manner
I hope the chemical-will infect you all
Holding on to traditions,
Makes you the slaves, makes you the conditioned.back to top
Europe's Fairytale
Social Europe?
What a joke,
Hang the bastards,
On a rope
Pay your taxes,
To these hypocrites,
Pay their buldings,
Pay for shit

Social europe?
What a joke,
Hang the bastards,
On a rope

Social Europe?
Fill their wallets,
Social Europe?
Just greedy dicksback to top
Thrown-on this earth
I-I did not ask
Hate birth
Born-born alive
Existence-cuts like a knife
Hate birthback to top
See them shouting in the streets,
Shouting "hail" on a marching beat,
Didn't history teach us that,
Fascist bastards bring us death,
Must we be tolerant?
Or smash them with our own bare hands?

Put them together on a nuclear base,
And just bomb the fucking place,
What we gonna do when it's all too late?
And when there's nothing left on our plate,
No more bullshit like "we didn't know",
When the nazis are heading for another show,
Raise your voice and raise your fists,
Because we too are very pissed,
And be aware of the fact,
The nazi-regime must be cracked,
Just smash all the fascist pigs,
Then solve this economical shit,
Socio-anarchism must rise again,
And it will not be the American dreamback to top
Well of Hapiness
Years, years I searched for this
Found the right one? No I didn't
Hypocrisy is all what remains
Shall I be happier if I cut my veins?

Are you my well of happiness?

Here I sit again, cry
Wondering what's the point of my life
Are you the one I was searching for?
Or another deception which I can't take no more

Are you my well of happiness or not?back to top
Birds(poem) / Agarchy
Theatric Symbolisation of Life
Considering life is just a play
Where we all are the actors
Where there's no individual equality
Just the abused and the abusers

A division of these actors
They always seem to win
While the others in this theater
Are doomed to commit sins

Take up the role of your position
Face up to your situation
Is it right or is it wrong?
Or just a result of euphorism?

Wearing a mask - for deception
Mixed emotions - detrunciation
Is this just a play - or reality?
How can I know - you are reliable?

Two divisions
Like a contradiction
Facing eachother
Leads to confrontation

My inner tention
Your invention?
Enslaved by dischord
And your behaviourback to top
Theatric Symbolization Of Life
An image - is what - you try to keep
You follow - the trends - society has breed
You're scared - of showing - the "real" you
Because - inside - you're a fool too

Just jump on the bandwagon
Listen to the stuff that's in
Go and meet your fashion friends
Then drop dead while you trendy dance

You might possess everything
Nice cut hair means girls to win
But there's one thing you can't see
Your lack of personality

Are you that important?
I guess that is what you want
Living just to show off
But beneath your mask... ??back to top
Anton Oh Anton,
You're such a dick head,
Do you really think you're the lord of satanism?
But your orgies, we spit on those
Squeeze Anton, the fake satanist
Feed his guts to his dogs of hell
Squeeze Anton, skin his dick
Occultism is not a profitable thing.
Anton and the white pope,
Are the same kind of jerks
Earning lots of money
By means of religious ignorance.back to top
What Man Creates
I've built my little castle,
Based on apathy.
And now I'm truly armed,
Against insecurity.
Stone cold thoughts,
Behind a grieving mask,
Furious eyes,
Analysing silly lies.
Ferousious grey mass,
Non-believing in a cross,
An aim so insane,
The last leaf must be slain.
A wood-chopping sound,
Goes in my head around,
The tree that once stood
Has now been chopped for goodback to top
Mutilated Regurgitator
There is an animal
With mutilated guts
Caused by vivisection
But now escaped and MAD
And this animal
It is coming back
To crush all companies
Which support such actsback to top
Get off your ass
Can't you fucking see,
There are so many things to change,
What we need is unity,
So we can break our fucking chains.
Put aside our differences,
To fight the common enemy,
Put aside our differences,
Throw away our stupidity.
Overcome your stubborness,
Because there's something worse,
Greed is threatening us,
And it's making us very cross.back to top
Thrown-on this earth
I-I did not ask
Hate birth
Born-born alive
Existence-cuts like a knife
Hate birthback to top
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