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Agathocles lyrics

Album: Morally Wrong [1990]

 01  Well Of Happiness
 02  Judged By Appearence
 03  Solitary Minned
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Well Of Happiness
Years and years I searched for this
Found the right one ? No I didn't
Hypocrisy is all what remains
Shall I be happier if I cut my veins ?
Are you my well of happines ?
Here I sit again and cry
Wondering what's the point of my life
Are you the one I was searching for ?
Or another deception which I can't take
Are you my well of happines ?back to top
Judged By Appearence
Don't stare at me that way
Or I gonna make you pay
Don't treat me like an outcast
Or I'll make you, machos, blast
Is appearence all that counts ?
If yes, just shut your mouth
And if you think you are so nice
Then you better think twiceback to top
Solitary Minned
Hypocrite - trick your friends with your lies
But realise - real pals you can not buy
Your bucks - dominating your whole life
Your sick mind - deceiving, cheating, loosingback to top
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