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Agathocles lyrics

Album: Robotized (Split with Depression) [1997]

 01  Drug-Induced Fantasies
 02  Kids For Cash
 03  Get A Life
 04  No Remorse
 05  Robotized
 06  Thanks For Your Hostility
 07  Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour
 08  Is It Really Mine?
 09  Wir Fahren Geges Nazis
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Drug-Induced Fantasies
I was once at some party - oh yeah?
Guess who I've met - tell me!
Satan and his legions - really?
Having a few beers - no way!
Guess what he said
"I'm not real"
"I am just a fantasy"
"Living in your minds"
Tripped-out party - in your mind
Satans ' legions - having a pint
God and his angels - doing a joint
That's how religions have been born
I was once at some party - oh yeah?
Guess who I've met - tell me!
Satan and his legions - really?
Having a few beers - noway!
Guess what he said
"I'm not real"
"I am just a fantasy"
"Living in your minds"back to top
Kids For Cash
Child-exploitation in third-world-nations,
For the capitalist business here,
Abusing children as expendable tools,
These are one of the capitalist rules,
Sick, fat capitalists getting rich,
Just sheer misery for these kids,
Born to work, work til death,
This is all what these kids'll getback to top
Get A Life
Here's a song for all of you,
I once met, I once knew,
Supposedly to be my friends,
But better not in the end,
Twisting words I have to say,
But did you understand them, anyway?
Telling lies about my life,
But at least I got a life.back to top
No Remorse
Things happened in the past,
Birkenau can't be undone,
Neo-nazis rising again again,
No remorse nor intelligence,
Fascist bullshit, nazi-clans
Another image for trendy bands
Swastikas and SS-sign
Hope they all will fucking die
They can't feel no remorse
'cause they can't fucking think
macho nazi-image
their posing stinksback to top
Question (y)our,
Empty lifes,
9 to 5's,
systems' size
what a life,
what a lieback to top
Thanks For Your Hostility
Smiling face beneath all hate
Lord hypocrite stares at me
Inviting to lower me
Thanks for your hostility
Lord hypocrite surrounds us all
Humanity is what he's called
Feeds on the corpses of the nest
In (y)our mirror his image restsback to top
Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour
Life passes by
- in a very short time
expectations of the nation
- do the things they want you to.
Criminalisation of strange behaviour
- put away or put in jail.
the law of dominant behaviour
- democracy's little saviour.back to top
Is It Really Mine?
Go to school and cut your hair,
get a job, the state pays fair
get a partner, get some kids
make sure that you will fit
What about my future ?
Is it really mine ?
What about my future ?
Is it the state's future ?back to top
Wir Fahren Geges Nazis
Some improvised lyrics about the threat
of neo-nazis in Europe and all over the world.
This song is a cover from
the killer DUTCH band PANDEMONIUM
who have split up in the mid 80's
Check out their records for the original lyrics of
this song and the rest of this killer band !!!back to top
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