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Agathocles lyrics

Album: split with Averno [1994]

 01  What A Nerve
 02  Hideous Headchopping
 03  Kill Your Fucking Idols
 04  Labelisation
 05  Reprezione
 06  Get Off Your Ass
 07  Squeeze Anton
 08  Senseless Trip
 09  Introtyl
 10  An Abstract
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What A Nerve
Oh,life is just too short
To worry about the things
You really hate the most
Everything or maybe almost
Maybe I'm too radical
Because I like to criticize all
I should be more positive
Be happy and more active
But does it really matter
Because no one seems to listen
And shall I feel any better
After you have read this preaching letter?
I know I am not perfect
In contrary, I might be a jerk
But for all people who care
Love, trust, respect, be fair
What I'm trying to say
Is difficult to explain
Instead of slagging each other off
Help each other, then we're better off
But all these lies and excuses
Narrow-mindedness and abuses
They make me feel so sick
Like everyone is calling me a dick
You might say 'what a nerve'
A bullet is what he deserves
But at least I try to respect
All you do is reject
Why can't we build bridges
Instead of building walls
Why not being active
Instead of criticizing all
What a nerve-for you and me
What's the truth?-What we can't see?back to top
Hideous Headchopping
I've built my little castle,
Based on apathy.
And now I'm truly armed,
Against insecurity.
Stone cold thoughts,
Behind a grieving mask,
Furious eyes,
Analysing silly lies.
Ferousious grey mass,
Non-believing in a cross,
An aim so insane,
The last leaf must be slain.
A wood-chopping sound,
Goes in my head around,
The tree that once stood
Has now been chopped for goodback to top
Kill Your Fucking Idols
Kill your fucking idols
Just smash them on the wall
Don't buy their senseless records
Don't be their fuckin' toy.
Why worship stupid rock stars?
Put autographs onyour wall?
Don't make them feel so special,
That's just what they want
Appreciation-Not deification
Reject the-rock star nation
Abusing their success for big bucks
Abuse of ideals-that really sucks
Reflect on things, you might hear
Rumors and lies, are everywhere
Honesty must be reached in our scene
At least try to understand what we mean
Mask of deception - breeders of ignorance
Grind, just another trend? - does it make any sense?
Abusers of ideals-they are so ignorants
Play fast, growling voice-honest band or again some shit?back to top
We don't need no labels
To prove we're not dead
Because everything we need
It's all in our heads
Labelisation of your fucking mindsback to top
Repressionback to top
Get Off Your Ass
Can't you fucking see,
There are so many things to change,
What we need is unity,
So we can break our fucking chains.
Put away our differences,
To fight the common enemy,
Put away our differences,
Throw away our stupidity.
Overcome your stubborness,
Because there's something worse,
Greed is threatening us,
And it's making us very cross.back to top
Squeeze Anton
Oh Anton, you're such a dick head,
Do you really think you're the lord of darkness ?
But your theories, we spit on that
Squeeze Anton, the fake satanist
Feed his guts to his dogs of hell
Squeeze Anton, skin his dick
Occultism is not a profitable thing.
When shall we get him ?
Shall we show any mercy ?
Shall we put an axe in the head ?
Shall we crack him ?
Anton and the white pope,
Are the same kind of jerks
Earning lots of money
By means of religious ignorance.back to top
Senseless Trip
Life's a senseless trip
Too bad I got a ticket.back to top
Toxic air
Birds all dead
Poisoned water
Fish can't breathe.
Grey sky
We all shall die
Enjoy your life now
Before we all go down.back to top
An Abstract
Love is an abstract
Because it's so unreal
Love is something
Something I just can't feel.
Is there something magic?
When two people kiss,
Is there something wonderful,
That I should have missed?
I call myself a misanthrope,
It's the only way I can cope,
I call myself a mysanthrope,
I have given up all hopeback to top
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