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Agathocles lyrics

Album: Split with Blood Suckers [1999]

 01  About A Fascist
 02  Report
 03  Proud To Be Out
 04  Snuff Is Not Tough
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About A Fascist
What about your state of mind
You think you really know, but you are really blind
Blind for history, blind for the dead
How much lower do you get

Mesmerized by a promised paradise
Promised before but resulted in genocideback to top
Once my neighbour had a cat
That got kittens, little and cute
But what did the neighbour do
He drowned the kittens, the sadist fool

If you ever see this happen
Report this fucking animal abuseback to top
Proud To Be Out
Proud to be out
Got shit from people, telling me that I'm not "in"
Saying that I got stuck in time and that my image isn't "hip"
New-school hardcore ain't for me, another commercial trend
Yeah, I'm proud to be out, I'll respect my roots 'til the endback to top
Snuff Is Not Tough
Snuff movies
Fuck'em all
We don't need
Them at all

For sick minds
Making money
On people who dieback to top
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