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Agathocles lyrics

Album: Thanks For Your Hostility [1997]

 01  Criminalisation of Strange Behaviour
 02  Life Control
 03  Until it Bleeds
 04  End of the Line
 05  Doctor Wished Me
 06  Knock Back
 07  Thanks for your Hostility
 08  Hatred is the Cure
 09  Be your own God
 10  Distraction
 11  Remember
 12  Cheers Mankind Cheers
 13  Strangulation
 14  Foul
 15  No Use...Hatred
 16  My Reason
 17  No One's Right
 18  Sheer Neglect
 19  Is There a Place ?
 20  Go Fucking Nihilist
 21  Progress or Stupidity ?
 22  Try !
 23  He Cared
 24  Mankind's not Kind
 25  Reduced to an Object
 26  Ego-Generosity
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Criminalisation of Strange Behaviour
Life passes by - in a very short time
expectations of the nation - do the things they want you to.
Criminalisation of strange behaviour - put away or put in jail.
the law of dominant behaviour - democracy's little saviour.back to top
Life Control
Animals infected with diseases, in so called medical research.
Insane humans are obsessional, just consider them bestial.
Man's controlling their lifes, all the sooner the animals die.
Why do people play this kind of game, so brutal, so insane.
Violating - animals rights
Suffering cries,
Insane humans - animals die.back to top
Until it Bleeds
All my energy went to you, but you dumbed me like a fool,
Your face, the place to hit, 'cause you treated me like shit.
This time I'm not gonna cut my wrists, but I'll use my fucking fists.
This time I ain't gonna weep, but knock your face until it bleeds.
Knock your face until it bleeds.back to top
End of the Line
Your fire extinguished like never before,
cause it's a hard line that we draw.
Show you our gang's so much tougher,
'cause we joined to make fakes ones suffer.
If my words can't put out your smoke,
my fists will tell you it's not a joke.
If you don't join us in our walk,
my bat will be the one to talk.
Mirror reflects all that you fear,
following friends that are so dear.
Rejecting all that looks like fun,
enjoy your life before it's over and done.
Forcing people to change their ideals and be like you - end of the line.
Forcing people to change their respect, that's what you lack - end of the line.back to top
Doctor Wished Me
I was put away,
'cause I could not play
this game called system of today.
Doctor wished me best of luck,
told me I'm insane as fuck.back to top
Knock Back
Where's your fucking spirit ?
The strenght you used to have ?
Where are your ideals ?
Have they been knocked out of your head ?
Learn from your disappointment
sit is never too late
get back in the act
to change the things you hate.back to top
Thanks for your Hostility
Smiling face beneath all hate,
Lord hypocrite stares at me.
Inviting to lower me.
Thanks for your hostility.
Lord hypocrite surrounds us all.
Humanity is what he is called.
Feeds on the corpses of the nest.
In (y)our mirror his image rests.back to top
Hatred is the Cure
I can't take it anymore, social life is such a bore.
I can't take it anymore, mankind makes my head feel sore.
Hatred is the cure for my fucked up mind.back to top
Be your own God
Be your own god
Religions tell us what to do
dependency - be your own god
god or demon, all the same
insecurity - be your own god.
sacrifice for fairy tales
stupidity - be your own god
the worship of creatures in our minds fantasy - be your own god.
there's no fucking shit
it's all a fucking myth.back to top
Having some fun, didn't mean much to me
my heart is filled with sadness because of thee
yes thee
why me
yes thee
leaving me empty, leaving me cold
nothing to do, nothing to hope
no hope
oh no
no hope
I searched for distraction, I searched for a goal
nowhere to find and no way to cope
to cope
oh no
to cope
still then it was raining in my brain
but now I feel fine, just read the head lines
yes fine
real fine
lately felt better, lately felt good
golf is my sport, my game to play
to play
to play
to play
swung my club high and hit the ball hard
and imagined your head, that was being cracked
your head, it cracked, I laughed.back to top
Things done in the past, can be undone.
I can't close my eyes and wish they were gone.
There's nothing I can change, the facts will still remain.
It isn't fair of you to stay I'm to blame
Can you remember me ?
I guess I was wrong, to believe you're my friend,
Backstabbing isn't cool, so this is the end.
Things done in the past, can't be undone.
I won't close my eyes, 'cause they won't be gone.
Can you remember me ?back to top
Cheers Mankind Cheers
I feel so good among the human race,
I feel so good in this white place
I feel so good among the human race
They're so kind to my mental case
Cheers humanity - I'm happy as can be
Cheers humanity - if someone's crying it won't be me
Cheers humanity - I'm happy as can be
Cheers humanity - I'm the last one to complainback to top
of emotions
cold and empty
Why can't I feel free ?back to top
Pollution and chemical breath,
please smell the stench of death
that's spreading in the atmosphere,
without knowing we're dying here.
All these choking gasses suffocate,
unknown horrible diseases penetrate,
cancers are controlling our lifes,
without protest, all the sooner we'll die.back to top
No Use...Hatred
No use to fucking smile - hatred
No use to fucking cry - hatred
Let your head filled with hatred.back to top
My Reason
Why does everything good - always comes too late ?
Is it to justify my - reason to hate ?
Abolishment of all respect, it's only give or take !
This all strengthens my - reason to hate
Silence yourself, words are trivial.
Without a meaning they're forgetable.
Your detachment shows this to me.
I'll never forget, all my reasons !back to top
No One's Right
Ever got the feeling that you're being controlled
not by the state but by friends you claim to know
being controlled is a common thing
but just act real and fucking win
I drink you don't, what a big deal
we still get a long and our friendship is real
being controlled is a common thing
but just act real and fucking win
you're not right and the same goes for me
we're just two friends with each our own ideas.
being controlled is a common thing
but just act real and fucking winback to top
Sheer Neglect
Misanthrope - no more hope
Only apathy - lives in me
Conformism - so addictive
Sheer neglect - man's complexity
Permanent ignorance - collective stupidity
Faceless - identities
Decrease - possibilities
Conformism - so addictive
Sheer neglect - man's complexity.back to top
Is There a Place ?
Is there place ?
where I can be
the only one I wanna be
no free will
but in my grave
Is there a place ?
where I can feel
the only things
I wanna feel
no free will
but in my graveback to top
Go Fucking Nihilist
Go fucking nihilist
Smash all your values and get pissed
Go fucking nihilist
it's the only way to resist
Dignity, sympathy, morality - up your arse.back to top
Progress or Stupidity ?
A bald treeis what I see
not cause of fall
but poison-clouds
Rain drops are falling down
from a poisoned sky
Apocalypse has begun
first the trees will die
Human actions
without reflections
progress or stupidity
the end is what will be.back to top
Try !
You and me unite - NOW
We're not gonna fight - NO
Stick together right - NOW
Cooperate and unite - NOWback to top
He Cared
Sentenced to
Fourteen years
For animal rights
For which he cared
When a murderer or rapist gets less years
the animal - liberator is punished more severe
Keith Mann
got put away
Because he cared
cause he fucking cared
When a murderer or rapist gets less years
the animal - liberator is punished more severeback to top
Mankind's not Kind
Chickens abused in factories
Eggs produced for vital needs ?
Cow are injected to get fat
The poor animals, they just go mad.
Oh yeah, our mankind's not so kind
maybe it's the meat which made'em go wild
the results of all the anomals tests
Are of no use for the human quest
to live healthy and never die
They just don't hear the animals cry.back to top
Reduced to an Object
Why those fucking lyrics
Based upon pornography
Degrading women
To inferirity
Do you see women
As objects to be used
Inferior, feeble creatures
Your male-ego'stool
Another fucked up value
Sets foot in our fragile scene
Females reduced to an object
To please males'superiority
Let's face it's fucking immoral
To rob someone dignity
The ones with a dick and balls
are no better than those called sheback to top
Avidity is dominant
Voracity is permanent
Seizure means supremacy
A congenital malignancyback to top
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