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Agnostic Front lyrics

Album: United Blood

 01  No One Rules
 02  Final War
 03  Last Warning
 04  Traitor
 05  Friend Or Foe
 06  United Blood
 07  Discriminate Me
 08  In Control
 09  Crucial Changes
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No One Rules
You have no right to tell us what to do
You have no balls to tell us what to do

You got no right to tell us what to do
You got not balls to tell us what to do
There ain't no joke and there's no fuckin' breakback to top
Final War
Better look out
You've gotta move quick
They're coming to get you
Uncle Sam this is it
This is the Final War!
This is the Final War (x4)
... and there will be no one leftback to top
Last Warning
When I try to the right
You always put me down
You're always on my back
Why do you hang around?
You can't see beyond your nose
What's making you so blind
The rules you make, those you break
This is your last warning
It isn't just a threat
Choose to disregard it
Wind up with regretback to top
When you're with me
You're my best friend
Then when you leave
You're a fucking hypocrite
Traitor (x4)
You're a fucking two faced
Traitor (x4)back to top
Friend Or Foe
Hang out with me then you come and stab my back
Are you friend or foe?
See me on the streets you walk right by me
Are you friend or foe?
Then you tell me on the phone I'm a fucking clone
Are you friend or foe?
When you need help you come back to me
Are you friend or foe?
Are you friend or foe?back to top
United Blood
Talk about unity
Talk abour conformity
You don't want to support the scene
Why don't you get the fuck away from me
I'm a skin, you're a skin
Who's gonna suffer
Live in sin, where you been
You're all gonna go under
I'm a skin, you're a skin
You're gonna suffer
Push around and stab each other
Fight around and kill each other
Fight Fight Fight Riot Riot
Beat him hard, beat him dead
Beat him harder, beat him down
Break their legs
We're gonna break their legs. Let's go.back to top
Discriminate Me
Freedom of my life, give it back to me
I wanna live can't you see
Discriminat me, call me a bum
But I'll survive, it's your fault
Freedom of my life, why make it a mess?
Give me a job, I've got to survive
Discriminate me, why can't you help?
Everybody thinks I'm a scum
Freedom of my life, give it back to me!back to top
In Control
See that girl now, turn your head now
Eat it right here or go now
In control, in control
Are you really in control?
Sex over there
Sleep over there
Fight over there
Pressure builds up
In my head
Don't see how
In control
In control
Don't see how
People wanna know
I wanna know
are you really in control?back to top
Crucial Changes
Now is the time to show what to do
Crucial change, it all starts with you
You're not here to make this a better place
You're not happy I see it in your faceback to top
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