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Agony lyrics

Album: Apocalyptic Dawning [1995]

 01  Cyberpsychosis
 02  Post-Cataclysm... Suffering Days
 03  Apocalyptic Dawning
 04 An Instrumental Agony
 05  Orbital Hide-Out
 06  Silence
 07  Vociferation
 08  Homicide
 09  After Death / Evicerated Pig
 10  Visions Cadaveriques
 11  Death by Suffocation in a Vagina
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A synthetic human race is born,
The new generation!
Human values are digitized,
Our pathetic future is now arrived!
Cyberpspace to replace human perception,
Reflex boost with speed potion!

Need a delay fix to stay alive
Human clones are functional!

Clonning everything that lives,
Try to overcome our natural,
Chemical madness we built a,
Abnegation of the primitives,

A screen to see!
A transistor to think!

A synthetic human race is born,
Another kind of revolution!
At the age of the nanosecond!

Misfunction of the creation,
I never expect to live this way!

Welcome on earth,
Where the second millenium as begun,
They thought they could do that,
Make machine thinks!back to top
Post-Cataclysm... Suffering Days
Devastated Surroundings,
Distressed environment,
What happened to humanity,

Sickness is omnipresent,
In this world, and must go throught pain!

But alas we just thwril,
Some days of sadness,
For our requiem,
Dissapointment and shame till the end!

Unknown comers of the mind,
Unconquered spiritual way behind,
Afraid of things we cannot see,
Ignorance will draw us easily!

Atrocious Starvation!

Nature's revenge of our strange behaviours,
A life on this planet earth, are you sure???
After these centuries of pure destruction,
A life on this toilet earth are your sure???

Tornadoes, typhons, tidalwaves,
Cyclones, earthquake from chaos to the grave!
Scenery of mortuary plains,
We forgot the everlasting pain!

Fiendish for fulfill fail in the flood,
Deepest damnation dawn in the death!
Shuffled skuldggery, sky seems like blood!
Borishness of bones back in the death!

Will to die!
To fly so high!
Pass through the gate of misery
To hide our lost soul!back to top
Apocalyptic Dawning
Sooner or later will happen,
Total destruction of creation!
Radiation in the atmosphere,
Human's total revocation!

Someone heard the end is near,
All the mass will disappear!
First Impression of corruption!
Till the world falls into darkness!

" Ils erent dans les rues de la ville
Nourris par les radiations!
Les especes mutantes si viles,
De rats en constante expansion!"

Devastated scenery!
Emeciated landscape!

Someone heard the end is near!
All the mass will disappear!
First impression of corruption!
Till the world falls into... darkness!back to top
Orbital Hide-Out
Homicide, I'm gonna die!
In a cage of a laboratory!
I am stuck here,
I must return!
The panic grows,
Cause' life is chaos!

Breeze of death,
Life's going shorter!
The mortal try,
A certain death as come!

Orbital Hide-Out!
Orbital Hide-Out!!
Medical lies,
Surgical chaos, DIE!back to top
Des milliers d'ames sont tourmentee,
Prisonnieres de leurs destinee!
Dans le silence cachent leur enfance!
Dans le silence cachent leurs souffrances!

Recepteur de violence,
Instrument de fantasme!
Ils ont tue l'innocence,
Pour atteindre l'orgasme!

Dans le silence cachent leurs souffrances,
Leurs souvenirs obsedants marquee au fer blanc!
Dans la souffrance meurt l'innoncence!
Dans la souffrance nait leur violence!

Pedophilie tu viol leur corps!
Pedofolie tu viol leur ames!

C'est un mal de societee,
Un cercle vicieux qu'il faut briser!
Generations en generations
Ce transmettent les aggressions!
La victime devient l'agresseur,
Le cercle vicieux regne par la peur!
Certains secret sont lourds a porter,
Cesse la souffrance, Brise le silence!back to top
Agents of brutality,
See them come infinitely!
To inflict their reality,
To rot in Horror!

HORROR! See the bloody gore spill!
From bodies, of the last race!

Spirits from the other side,
They watch our sorcery,
Hiding guts horribly,
That fixed you!

AAHHH! Forces come to me... MODERN!!!
Way to suprematy!

Corpses fill my mindscape,
As I try to escape!
From this insanities,
I'm walking in horror!


When you fall into madness,
All your rage give it to me!
This form of brutality,
Easier to access!

Trash in the pits that attracts you,
Nothing could keep you from!
To fucking vociferate,

Spirits from the other side,
They watch our sorcery!
Hidding guts horribly!
That fixes you!back to top
"En ce 10 mai 1992,
la mort fit sont chemin jusqu'a lui.
D'un elan de folie il le tua par jalousie.
Cet hymne a la mort,
Nous l'avons composee pour toi Remy.


Jour de fete, fete des mere,
Ont s'en christ, nous autres ont jam!
Y manque quelqu'un,
Que c'est qui fait?
Y manque Remy ou c'est qui est?

TV, radio, journaux
sont tout excites.
Y s'grouille le cul d'annoncer la nouvelle en premier!
Il se font un devoir
de vous montrer cette boucherie!
Car il n'a que 14 ans le responsable d'la tragedie!

Toe mon tabarnak,
On n'est pas pret de t'oublier!
Pour qui tu t'prend mon sacrament!
Pour decider d'faire gicler le sang!

T'es parents te haIssais,
C'est pour notre chum qu'on comprendra jamais!
T'es parents te ha&luml;ssais
C'est pour Remy qu'on t'pardonnera jamais!!back to top
After Death / Evicerated Pig
Entombed in earth you make yourself,
Can't see nothing around of you!
You raise your fist, you touch the wood,

Wants to exit from your cage,
It seems you'll never be able!
You try to scream, you start suffocating,
You shall, you shall never be born!back to top
Visions Cadaveriques
Apres cette mort si douloureuse!
Chatie mon corps, l'enfer tu creuse,
Pour ma petite place au coeur du feu!
Massacre ma face , christ moe dans l'creux!

Obei-moi esprit du mal,
Condamne-moi donc,
D'une sentence sale!
Oui j'peux en prendre d'un animal,
Comme toe mon sale j'ai mene le bal!
T'es obsede de m'condamner,
Pour mon passe!

J'ai trops marche dans ces coins bas,
J'ai constate et vu mon trepas!
Chez nous c'est moe qui es defonce,
C'est pas ma porte qui l'a ete!
J'ai bien pris soin d'la debarrer,
Parce qu'imminente fut ton arrivee!
Quel bonne surprise qui t'a petee,
Drette que dans la face, t'as explose!

Cadaverique fut ta vision!
Mais au moins, chu pas en prison!!back to top
Death by Suffocation in a Vagina
Here I stand in front on my nightmare,
I can't stand this Agony!
What my mother did to me,
For all my life I'll resent here!
Born and die inside of her,
She thinks it was good for me!
A punition of this seventy,
Choosing for me my destiny!

Mother, what have I done to you?
Don't ask me,

When you bring me into this room,
Fear and pain inside of you!
Want to show me what was true,
Violating my soul to please you!

Spreading your legs in front of me,
Licking and sucking your insanity!
Pushing my head through your spasm,
Until I lead you to an orgasm!

Dead from your love,
You think it was good to me!
How as I die you cry for me!back to top
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