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Agony lyrics

Album: Eve Of Destruction [1994]

 01  Eve of Destruction
 02  Megatonic
 03  Mortuary Oppulent
 04  Homicide
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Eve of Destruction
Extinction of evolution, In front of your eyes
No god can save us, From our disgrace
No god can save us, From this destruction

People running everywhere, Insanity beneath their souls
Primitive life will reborn!

Instinct will grow in you , Only the strong survive
Hidding themselves in the dark

Fighting, to survive!
Everywhere anarchy will reign, on every body!
Murder in the middle of the street,
You hear agonizing scream!

Rotting bodies in the street,
In cities, another every second!
Human waste consume by everyone!
And it will be that kind od life at the END!back to top
Feel the pressure, From this discharge
Feel the pressure, From this aire BURST!
In a fraction, world will change.
In a fraction, world will DIE!

As I try to escape, from this world.
As I try to escape, from this BURST!
As I try to escape, from this world.
As I try to escape, from this BURST!


Hot wind touches your skin, to burn you alive!
Even if you hide somewhere people can reach for you!
Even if you live you die by catching diseases trapped in the air!

As I try to escape, from this world!
As I try to escape, from this BURST!back to top
Mortuary Oppulent
A wind of hate, as killed this world!
Lifeless corpses of the last RACE!

The living look dead and death is so beautiful,
As you live with those disease!
Man as create these insanities,
With cash in their brain , the power to destroyt!

Preach all their lives for peace and hapiness.
The lies they tell you! Will kill you TODAY!

Seems like your bowels will get out of your chest.
Nausea, vomiting, headache will last all day!
Your life will turn to nightmare as the disease grow in you,
Extinction of the human race!

Madness! Takes our lives away
Madness! Invention of ours!

Brain in search of power, The power to erase
All the peoples who live their life not caring about cash!

Madness! Takes our lives away!
Madness! Time to DIE!back to top
"En ce 10 mai 1992,
la mort fit sont chemin jusqu'a lui.
D'un elan de folie il le tua par jalousie.
Cet hymne a la mort,
Nous l'avons composee pour toi Remy.


Jour de fete, fete des mere,
Ont s'en christ, nous autres ont jam!
Y manque quelqu'un,
Que c'est qui fait?
Y manque Remy ou c'est qui est?

TV, radio, journaux
sont tout excites.
Y s'grouille le cul d'annoncer la nouvelle en premier!
Il se font un devoir
de vous montrer cette boucherie!
Car il n'a que 14 ans le responsable d'la tragedie!

Toe mon tabarnak,
On n'est pas pret de t'oublier!
Pour qui tu t'prend mon sacrament!
Pour decider d'faire gicler le sang!

T'es parents te haIssais,
C'est pour notre chum qu'on comprendra jamais!
T'es parents te ha&luml;ssais
C'est pour Remy qu'on t'pardonnera jamais!!back to top
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