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Agony lyrics

Album: L.I.F.E. [1999]

 01  Self-Butchery
 02  Perpetual Breeders
 03  Blood Addiction...
 04  Obsede
 05  Live In Fucking Emptiness
 06  After Death Evicerated pig
 07  Visions Cadaveriques
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Madness appears brutally,
Ready to practice on myself!

Slowly I'm loosing my senses,
Feeling this atrocious pain,
Powerful and so intense,
Taking the control of my brain!

As I practice my self-destruction,
I'm able to reach my paroxysm!
While I, Disembowel my chest,
My suicidal attemps has failed!

Eminent destruction of my body,
Is this the deliverance I was expecting?
Plunging my hands in my stomach...
Waiting for the final butchery!

Still continuing my pogrom on myself,
Such horrible thing to taste, I'll never reach the end!
Am I , blaming myself again!
Sinful actions, I'm falling in despair!!!

This terrible thing took my body and my soul!

Butchering my scarful corpse, and drinking my blood!
Now I open my torso, Insatisfied I eat my guts!
Questionning situation, why I'm still alive?
My soul won't leave me, what't the next step to mortality?

Body mutilation, wonded in my cranium,
There's no explanation I can't die!
Looking at my carcass putrified and maimed,
Crucified by my soul, my suicidal attempts have failed!

Slowly I retreive my senses,
The heinous pang is now gone...
Forced to see this desolating reality, my organs are all around my body!

WRY MINDED!!!back to top
Perpetual Breeders
I've been choosed for breeding.
'Cause my semen is good,
World repopulation...
I'm the next generation!
As I'm fucking her,
There's nothing I can feel!
Preparing all the spaw,
For another WORLD WAR!!!

I breed almost fifthy times a day,
My seed to conceive a better army!!!

Even if you're sick,
You must accomplish the work,
That themselves they can't do,
Or something will appen to you!!
When you're job is done.
They kill you and chop you!
For feeding the breeders,

I'll eat you raw!

Waiting in my room
For my next screw !
Near of my doom
Condemened to be stewed!back to top
Blood Addiction...
Feasting on human flesh is part of all my life...
I'm killing innoncents with no mercy to please myself!
Drinking their blood is the reason why I'm taking their lives!
Always ready to practice my barbarian demise on themselves!

Blood Addiction... Feasting on human components!

As I carve in your chest, I can feel your distress
The sweat smell of your flesh, is arising my madness!
Guts spilling on the wall, while I dissect your body!
Extracting the limbs, my lunch is almost ready!

Blood addiction, am I insane?
I'm feasting on human components!

Pulpifying your corpse, seeking for tender parts....
Blood is all I see, I'll guzzle all of your body
Lost in my insanity, my thirst of blood is appeased!
Returning to my senses,
Thinking of my next butchery!

Removing eyes from their sockets,
Is stopping my vicious headache!
I'm not feeling any regrets,
While I'm wresting your tasty brain!

You're my piece of meat,
I'll devour you entirely!
Keeping the remains,
For my submit children!

Part of my education.
My entire devotion!
Practicing cannibalism,
It's such a blasphemy???back to top
À la quête de ma prochaine victime,
Je ne suis plus maître de mes impulsions!
Cherchant un petit coin intime,
Pour mettre en pratique mon aliénation!

Écervelé par ma nécrophilie, cette psychose m'envahit
Quant il s'agit d'accomplir mes fantasmes les pires!

Prêt pour mon atroce mutilation,
J'arrache violemment tes tendons!
Avec ma machette aiguisée,
Brutalement tu es decapité!!!

Chaque coup de couteau infligé me rend,
De plus en plus excité!
Pulsation intense objet de ma folie,
De retour en transe, je recommence ma boucherie!

Mon obsession te démembrer de la tête au pieds....
Accomplir tous mes désirs, l'ultime sensation de plaisir!
Décapitation incontrôlée, j'amasse tes organes disséminés!
Mon addiction te voir mourir et te laisser pourir!

Ton sang sur mes mains me pousse encore plus loin!
Après avoir apaisé ma faim, mon carnage tire à ca fin!
Torturer et tuer pour rien, me fait jouir au plus haut point!!!

OBSEDEback to top
Live In Fucking Emptiness
Silver shiny blade is on my wrist,
All alone on a bed of tears!
I don't really want to pass away,
But you're in my mind, and you push on it!

How can I conceive, that you are really gone!
How can I forget that we were togetter one!
Will I survive for another time,
Will I forget you, or will I DIE!!!

Silver shiny blade is on my wrist,
All alone on a bed of tears!
I don't really want to pass away,
But you're in my mind and you push on it!back to top
After Death Evicerated pig
Entombed in earth you make yourself,
Can't see nothing around of you!
You raise your fist, you touch the wood,

Wants to exit from your cage,
It seems you'll never be able!
You try to scream, you start suffocating,
You shall, you shall never be born!back to top
Visions Cadaveriques
Après cette mort si douloureuse!
Châtie mon corps, l'enfer tu creuse,
Pour ma petite place au coeur du feu!
Massacre ma face , christ moé dans l'creux!

Obéi-moi esprit du mal,
Condamne-moi donc,
D'une sentence sale!
Oui j'peux en prendre d'un animal,
Comme toé mon sale j'ai mené le bal!
T'es obsedé de m'condamner,
Pour mon passé!

J'ai trops marché dans ces coins bas,
J'ai constaté et vu mon trépas!
Chez nous c'est moé qui es défoncé,
C'est pas ma porte qui l'a été!
J'ai bien pris soin d'la débarrer,
Parce qu'imminente fut ton arrivée!
Quel bonne surprise qui t'a pétée,
Drette que dans la face, t'as explosé!

Cadavérique fut ta vision!
Mais au moins, chu pas en prison!!back to top
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