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Alexisonfire lyrics

Album: Alexisonfire [2003]

 01  .44 Caliber Love Letter
 02  Counterparts and Number Them
 03  Adelleda
 04  A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles
 05  Polaroids of Polar Bears
 06  Waterwings (And the Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas)
 07  Where No One Knows
 08  The Kennedy Curse
 09  Jubella
 10  Little Girls Pointing and Laughing
 11  Pulmonary Archery
all Alexisonfire lyrics

.44 Caliber Love Letter
Alexisonfire - 44. Caliber Love Letter

sifting through weathered photo albums looking for gloriously aged polaroids
of places you have never been. A place to accept that you don't really
exist. "Smile for the camera sweet heart, I really want to immortalize this
moment" but just remember the first step in forgetting is destroying all the
evidence. with friends like you who needs subtext. THIS IS A 44. CALIBER
my heart (deal with it)back to top
Counterparts and Number Them
jennifer, they lied to you when they said you couldn't breath underwater. I
lied to when I said I was hard, because im softer than a thrift store
sweater and twice as worn in. I was cast away once but I will be found
again. this I promise you.back to top
this is really only all we have: day time, twilight, pitch black, night
light. You had the coldest eyes and the softest touch: day time, twilight,
pitch black, night light. These typed letters, beneath me. Fuck with these
buttons and knobs long enough and maybe things will turn out fine. Hide
behind your crystal screen and blow kisses at me. Remember what we said
wouldn't happen? Write your name on my chest in kerosene. Spark a match and
you will never be cold again. this is really only all we have: day time,
twilight, pitch black, night light. You had the coldest eyes and the softest
touch: day time, twilight, pitch black, night light. Gag and destroy me
bay-bee. I have a large collection of thunder that I stole from your window
sill.back to top
A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles
Plaid skirts that hide scars walk in single file. Ties that restrict blood
to the brain. Passing notes in math class, (freedom ware your scars of
desire), it's a coming of age story, (freedom ware your scars of desire),
conflicting impulses, (freedom wear your scars of desire) cuts seem to bend
the sky. I've read this book before. Anxious eyes stare out of warped glass
waiting for the 3 o'clock bell. I'm trying hard to forget that cold october
day, when love challenged freedom to a fist fight, freedom looked victorious
but No one was prepared for what would happen on that baseball diamond when
love reached beneath her plaid jumper, pulled out a switch blade and drove
it...directly through the heart of st angelis. Any notion of self government
was left bleeding on the pitchers mound.back to top
Polaroids of Polar Bears
raped by my child hood? What the hell do I know about rape any way? Well I
guess its fun to pretend, sorry. Just a thought that occurred when I wasnt
quite awake enough to dismiss it. Its so easy to cheapen an event by
pretending it happen. Boring cliched self destruction...I think I should
start doing arobics. And the rest: boxes of cats, people with taz tattoos,
explosive personalities, self centered, protractors, brand new geometry
sets, inability to do math, geography, polaroids of polar bears.back to top
Waterwings (And the Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas)
Alexisonfire - Water Wings

you always had the blondest hair. Chlorine has stripped the pigment from
your skin. The cash was worth the fucking change. At the pool from open to
close. Rake the bottom for loose change. A job that got him his luxurious
house and cars but it probably lead to his divorce. Its probably the reason
why his son hates him. Now your blood is so toxic with chlorine that you
only have 3 months to live. Was the change worth it? Was the divorce worth
it? You will never see your son again.back to top
Where No One Knows
my Name

side stepped land mines and working class attitudes. This is a love with it. Things I dont understand are always the most interesting.
Like zero and eraserhead. But some times its just about feeling good like
john Kusac and pop punk.back to top
The Kennedy Curse
take this blood from my veins and paint me a masterpiece that tells the
story of a parade. Kill their leader and watch his family die. The last man
standing is a joke in spite of the glorious head shots and 8x10's. the name
does not live on. (thats all you get fuckers)back to top
you had such grace in the end. I wish I could remember what colour your eyes
were but every time I looked at you my mind went blank. You had the best
damn Sunday dress at the end of the world. The wall of flames that consumed
you and everything that was good, "not with a band but a whimper." What
would you do? arms spread welcoming the impending nothing.back to top
Little Girls Pointing and Laughing
I still can remember what you did. Your eyes full of discomfort, bare foot
in a public washroom. Spill on me your nostalgia like warm water and
cataracts that that fell behind self conscious eyes. Hurt so good through
ivory rain and cut throat soap box derby racers. I want you to ruin me.back to top
Pulmonary Archery
the KILLEREST song

Its never too late to be early or to try and maintain some crap
of integrity and certainty... I guess. But I wont apologize
and 1977 was a long time ago. I don't care how things were I won't
apologize FUCK YOU. The alamo has been penetrated and there is little
hope for the white man so hop on your rainbow and ride it into oblivion
For all I care you can be early of late. what everback to top
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