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All Living Fear lyrics

Album: Minimum Resistance [1996]

 01  Each And Every Way
 02  Someone Under Everyone
 03  Blue Sky
 04  Minimum Resistance
 05  Last Goodbye
 06  More Than A Woman
 07  Scream Me A Whisper
 08  Inside My Mind
 09  Natures Land
 10  Stranger To None
all All Living Fear lyrics

Each And Every Way
with rhythm and rhyme I speak my mind.
a means of communication.
i'd hesitatate but, you wouldn't wait.
so a song was the only soulition.
the consolation of verse, a musicain's curse.
just a heartfelt insperation.
I know these words maybe few,
but they're sincere and for you.
in the hope of reconciliation.

why did I take you for a fool.
I had the chance and broke therules,
I treated you bad when it should have been good.
took you for grated, didn't play by the book.
my trumps card's played, the jokers gone.
what can I do to right this wrong.
please belive these words I say.
I'm sorry in each and every way.

never showed concern, when the tables were turned.
you had to find your own soultion.
all the problems were yours,
never cared for the cause.
just resented them for their intrusion.
your mum and dad were the same,
their attitude never changed.
always saying how you could have done better.
all my mates were as bad,
saying I should just forget you.

i'd be pleased if you'd try.
to put the past aside,
so we could still at least be friends now.
just take the time to reflect,
let me earn your respect,
I promise to mae amends some how.
if you still fell the same,
then i'll concede, take the blame,
knowing that there's nothing left to try.
all in all it was me,
who was the fool, can't you see.
I've lost the lock but found the key.back to top
Someone Under Everyone
schizophrenic suicide, but who is due to die.
is it me or him, the one within,
the one who frowns or the one who grins.
there's someone under eveeryone,
no one is ever as they appear.
what the mirror reflectd, I chosse to reject.
I hide it inside, in myself I fear.

tell me? what do you see?
tell me? what do you see in me?

just a sheep in wolf's clothing.
filled with hate, filled with self loathing.
for no one seems to see me,
see me as I really am.
not a paragon, nor an adonis.
not a violent man I promise,
but affectionate and caring,
I'm an honest, loving man.

misery is a lonely state,
and one I know so well.
just an island of emotion,
in a self tormenting hell.
once again the bottle I try hard to cast,
a simple plea for some help from outside.
though I wait in hope I know it's all in vain,
for I never put the messageback to top
Blue Sky
jessica, did you think i'd go and not return.
you know i'd never leave you there on your own.
you mean more to me now, as a friend.
times were hard, things just seemed to get on top of me.
I couldn't even see my own point of view.
did I ask for too much, far too soon.

you were the one who gave me vision,
you put me right when indecision,
clouded my brain,
you cleared all the rain,
to leave blue sky.
the thunder that came,
you cleared away with the rain,
to leave blue sky

could it be we've spent to long now,
deciding what went wrong and how,
covering old ground,
no answers to be found, losing touch.
console in space and time,
and put our fruitless past behind.
look to a love in the future as friends,
the storm has now past let a new age beginback to top
Minimum Resistance
a hopeless situation, think before you state your views.
constraint on self expression, on freedom of speach,
and a right to the truth.
step into the future with laws from the past.
persecution and suppression on the publics right to life.
freedom of speach, yes, but for the biggoted minority.
the ones who think they're paragons,
dictators of authority.

minimum resistance,
but enough to make your point.
no need for violent outbreaks,
or to tear up all the joint.
actions may speak louder,
than the words you want to say.
all that children learn,
when buildings burn,
is violence doesn't pay.

people on the streets, trying so hard, just to get by.
their anger silhouetted ˝neath the glow of the evening sky.
a neighbourhood, too quik to fall,
with residential march.
as police infringe on the voter's rights,
the politicians laugh.

again, once more the actions of the few,
have cost the rest of us dear.
so now if we fight,
we have to scribe, black on white.
leaving our mark to defend.
a petitioned written word,
the only way to be heard.
the injustice of it all takes it's toll.
for those we put in power,
are found wanton come the hour,
the white papers take control.back to top
Last Goodbye
I want to go in a blaze of glory,
my picture in the psper,
with a small covering story.
on the next page a eulogy by my mum,
a little praise for her little boy,
the one that she called son.
so if that leaves you lonely,
well you brought it on yourself,
you never even trusted me,
when I said there was no one else.
no disrespect intended,
but the faewell won't be fond,
for the love it died,
each time you lied.
an ever weakening bond.

and now it's time to say goodbye to you,
and all the pain you put me through.
if you were a friend,
you'd be there when I needed you.
everything is closing in,
I try to talk but where to begin.
one final sigh, my last goodbye.
engulfing flames, I close my eyes.

I think of you as the heat consumes me,
as I lose you to another guy,
you lose me for eternity.
torment and tears from another wasted year,
conscious of the way I felt,
you blamed me for the cards you dealt.
never even told me,
what you claimed that i'd done wrong.
just made me feel unwelcome,
said we couldn't carry on.
you always got so caught up,
in your ideals of perfection,
never even realised,
you'd bought a misconception.

as the burns higher,
I look at my past.
what a shame to think you'll miss me,
that i'll get the last laugh.
why was it that I loved you,
when you treated me that way.
the question stays unanswered now,
on this my final day.
as I come to end my life now,
I look back with no regrets.
it wasn't me who was guilty,
of the friendship being wrecked.
you had no comprehension.
or you should have spoken up.
for your bitter words, I always heard.
louder than thoseback to top
More Than A Woman
self pity, shame and doubt,
feelings I can do without.
no one to hear me shout.
looking past my own reflection,
pure avarice and greed,
my own obsession.
when I wished apon a star,
she came to me, came from afar.
she took my hand, dried my tears,
eased my pain shook my fears.
made up for all the years
of explotation.

I can't survive on my own,
I sit and wait by the phone,
and when her voice I can hear,
I feel her presence so near.
those three words that I say.
I tell her I love her.

from my mistakes I have learned,
I think the good times I've earned.
it's time the tables were turned.
I put my trust in her now,
think it's time to allow,
for celebration.
she means much more to me,
than I thought a woman could be.
she's so important you see.
she put a smile on my face,
took away the bitter taste,
of past rejection.

I know I cherish her more,
than all the girls from before.
I break my own unwritten law.
I now commit myself,
step down from the shelf,
pledge devotion.
my hands are tied I've no control,
I give my love, body and soul,
we consumate to make us whole.
more than awoman you see,
more than a woman to me.back to top
Scream Me A Whisper
perching on the brink of insanity.
frustration snapping like a dog at my heels.
no love is lost on humanity,
no love has come my way for many a year.
the verbal arrows they penetrate.
no sheild's defence as they burn deep into my heart.
to sting more than callous archer cares.
embedding barbs imbued, they rip my life apart.

scream me a whisper,
so I can speak the torment in my mind.
scream me a whisper,
pierce my ear with silken blade divine.
scream me a whisper,
no soft caress to ease the pain inside.
scream me a whisper,
no corner left within where I can hide.
scream me a whisper,
disencumbered soul inside unbind.
scream me a whisper.

mere mortal words with which I try to explain,
a redundant medium too weak to express.
believe the turmoil, it does exist,
behind veiled contours of excess flesh.
suffer the painstaking withdrawal
impotent reaction that masks the lions roar.
always carefully considerd.
the greater exspensebspared as knuckles reach the door.

the tightening coils of resented tension.
with random ricochet search hard through tear stained view.
to find a reason or just release,
the pressure still punching through.
vertigo amigo, essence is killed,
intestinal torture, ulcerated life.
the low too high to climb this time.
inflamed to the pit, wind up sweet wife.

searching for the key to unlock the maze.
of down ward spiralling corridors deep inside my mind.
exit signs they illuminate the way,
but are they still too far and wide to define.
extirpate this base temporal line.
should I take a shotgun and kiss myself away.
i'll take another apple from the cart,
now body wracked i'll wait to die some more anoter day.back to top
Inside My Mind
come on little honey, well you gotta' let me know,
when my mind says yes, your body's saying no.
come on little honey, let me know just how you feel,
I'm tired of always dreaming, let me try it once for real.
forget the loving and romance, lets give our lust a chance.
put aside the past and let the good time start.
no one will you tell, when you feel my passion swell,
just a moment of surprise as I slip into your life.

dreams are just for dreaming.
when you wake up ther's no revealing,
the thoughts you have behind closed eyes.
dreams are just for dreaming honey,
˝cos when I wake up ther's no way I'm revealing,
just what we've done inside my mind.

said it before, so i'll say it again,
I want you more now than I could have then.
lying in my bed I come to perceive,
though love was lost your worth to me.
no memories of joy insight,
just a dim recollection of one last fight.
because I'm a two time loser, physical self abuser.
the only one I ever satisfied was me.back to top
Natures Land
my mind is so entangled,
with thoughts of bitter days.
when everybody used me,
in oh so many ways.
I think I'm alone now,
in a world that doesn't care.
for me there is no reason,
with them my life to share.

a busy world keeps turning,
another year goes by.
I feel I'm growing weaker,
though not enough to die.
I stand to face your future,
having stood through all your past.
but no one here considers me,
assumed I'm built to last.

the time is fast approaching,
when all will soon be gone.
the ignorance of man's own hand,
can't right this awful wrong.
the years of evolution,
to create this green abode.
ruined in one century,
by motor cars and roads.

the last laugh is upon you,
though no one sane shall smile.
for you've destroyed your destiny,
your selves you have beguiled.
your chances you have taken,
your choices you have made.
an end to your existance,
will be the price you pay.

buildings you've erected,
on land taken for your own.
your cities and your suburbs,
spread all across my home.
unsure of my surroundings,
don't know quite where I am.
the birth of man's tecnology,
the death of nature's land.back to top
Stranger To None
far in the night, in the depths of your mind.
you dream of me and what might yet be.
where nameless things crawl with echoing screams,
from them, to me you flee my child.
a sinner I shall always be,
for death and corruption appeal to me.
vengeance ready and mercy gone,
so join me now let the dance go on.

welcome nice to see you.
for me, how kind, do come inside.
I'm sure you know everyone who's here.
if you don't i'll introduce you dear.
for no one is a stranger,
come on in and share the danger.
for I am the lore,
and the lore is me.
so dance then where ever you may be.

dance with me now till the break of dawn,
your oaths are pledged, allegiance sworn.
absolution for your sins,
repent to me, and you're welcome in.
every knee to me shall bow,
fallen angel, your master now.
life eternal I shall pass to you,
don't take it in vain, for ˝tis given to few.

an offer I've made that you can't resit,
a touch of ice from a crimson kiss.
an ageless beauty with no control,
no more the reflection upon your soul.
transfusoion to a noble line,
to suffer no more the constraints of time.
a strength of mind, the giftt of flight,
so join me now let us dance tonight.back to top
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