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All Living Fear lyrics

Album: The Widow's Blame [1995]

 01  No One But You
 02  The Widows Blame
 03  Tres Desole
 04  Last Season
 05  Crimson
 06  Sorry
 07  Evidence
 08  Dark Out Here
 09  Prisoner Of The Silver Plane
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No One But You
no one but you by andy racher

sexual pleasures of the self,
toys to tempt and things to please me.
look around and help yourself,
but don't touch if you' e' gonna tease me.
emotionally snared by divine enchantmet.
encumbering burden twist my whole.
cunning seduction used to profit,
to let you take control.

look down, look around.
you can look where you like,
but you know it will never be found.
turned down.
I can't belive that you turned me down.

no one but you can bring me sunshine,
no one but you can make me smile.
no one but you inspires a good time.
hang around let it last for a while.

one to many times i've longed to touch,
to feel you near me.
took a chance, made my advance,
blew it big, it cost me dearly.
maybe I should bide my time,
think agian when a new sun rises.
think I came on, a little to strong. playback to top
The Widows Blame
sing your song with sweet caresses,
enchanted voice holds no surprise.
drawn up on the rocks and grounded,
flotsam on a ebbing tide.
tales are told by sailors smiten,
a child like-innocence fills their ears.
too late to turn, the tide it draws them.
they know the truth they learn by fear.

charm me, delight me.
siren of the deep you call my name.
seduce me, hypnotise me.
siren, you˛re the one the widow˛s blame.

you leave their souls to davey jones,
a tomb too deep to desecrate.
son and husband drowned together,
the widow dries her tear streaked face.
on the sand she sits in silence,
her loss is more than she can bear.
the waves come in, soon to engulf her.back to top
Tres Desole
you said, you know that I will always
be there for you.
you said, you˛d be a sympathetic ear,
any time I wanted to talk.

there˛s no disguising the truth
you˛ve been hiding, away for so long.
too long we˛ve apart now.

you said, but you lied,
glyycerine tears poured from your eyes.
deceiver, deceiver.

you said you˛d comfort me at times
when I was sad and low.
you said you˛d never ever leave,
you said you˛d never go.

there˛s no disguising the truth
you˛ve been hiding, away for so long.
too long we˛ve apart now.

you said I was the first,
well that˛s the lie that hurt the most.

you changed the rules any time that it suited.
never explained what you wanted me to do.
my love was like a hunger, an endless aching need.
yours like the razor, that left my soul to bleed.

there˛s no disguising the truth
you˛ve been hiding, away for so long.
too long we˛ve apart now.

je suis tres desole, the words I wait
to hear you say.

today, annivesary of my birth.
no word from you, is that all i˛m worth.
today, celebration of my life.
your name, my flesh, your name, my knife.

there˛s no disguising the truth
you˛ve been hiding, away for so long.
too long we˛ve apart now.

I never even spoke the words,
now to pass my lips unheard.back to top
Last Season
some guys are just so vain,
they think girls are all the same.
I know different, I know true.
see if you can and see if you do.

when you walked into the room,
I trembled like a child.
when you kissed him on the lips,
I looked the other way.
when I saw your back was turned,
I told him lies, your love he spurned.
now that you were mine to take,
I'd thrown it all away.

saw to it the picture was painted,
hung for all the world to see.
shame and guilt of an evil portrait,
wrapped in lies and misery.
I took yours away from you,
and you in turn took mine from me.
when you chose to leave me cold,
you left no chance of reconcile.

fate bestowed that we should meet again.
rememberd your face and the pain within.
even when all's said and done,
I still know your the only one.
my soul is sick, my heart is sore,
no means to an end as I thought before.
pity my lies forgive my sin,
wicked deception that should never have been.

taken all those chains that bind me,
released myself put them behind me.
pushed my luck just once to often.
the blows I dealt are not forgotten.
love of life has lost all reason,
bereft of hope, my final season.
winter's come no spring will follow.
no ease of wine or pill to swallow.back to top
runes of long forgotten language,
enchantment over broken bones.
sacred words of ancient wisdom,
carved in marble, carved in stone.
in a tomb his body lies,
away from light and prying eyes.
soon to come the waking hour,
blood lust, hunger, darkend sky.

crimson, pablum, fare.
ambrosia of life, mere mortals beware.
crimson, necter and wine.
the body its vat the veins to refine.

whispers on the wind, the moon has risen.
no solace givin to the startled prey.
soul inlistilled, sedated craving,
life force ebbing, fade to grey.
splinter of wood to tear so deep,
innocent thorn an endless sleep.
swirl of mist soon to disperse,.
approaching dawn, eternal curse.

passage denied by unbidden entry.
hallowed ground prevents his way.
sleepless child too naive to fear him,
wakes up to her final day.
cunning seducer, prince of desire,
no looking glass could hold his eye.
tales of evil with folklore written,
avowals given condemend to die.back to top
the car wasn't locked, it was tempeting fate.
my friends and me, we'd stopped out late.
nothing to do, nowhere to go,
put the car into gear, hit the open road.
karl at the wheel, driving too fast.
we told him slow down, but he didn't hear.
saw you to late, no time to stop.
nowhere to turn, I knew you were hurt.

no, nobody said it would be easy, I know.
no, nobody said it would be easy.
I can't forgive myslef and no one else,
for what we've done to you.
please, will you ever belive me.
I'm sorry more than words can say,
wish it didn't have to be this way.

outside the theatre, no one was there.
the doctors had finished, where were you now.
they said it was bad, had to see for myself.
no one to stop me, no nurses about.
you looked so pale, I felt so scared.
you were hardly breathing, the monitor said.
your pulse to slow, your blood pressure high.
I prayed to god that you wouldn't die.

the time it went by, the pain you still felt.
the doctors weren't hopeful if you'd ever walk.
the law came down heavy, though it wasn't enough.
karl just got a ban, while you got a crutch.
I vist you often, you say that were friends.
I still can't help feeling our love will not mend.
emotional scars that you try hard to hide.
my own sister crippled, a careless joyrideback to top
the evidence is clear,
a new day approaches.
they're ot there, on the streets.
plying their evil trade.
the money that they're making,
will destroy peoples lives.
for this the day of corruption,
power and lies.

so die if you want to,
but I won't be with you.
it's your decision,
you can take what you want.
but when your in the gutter,
you won't have the strength to utter.
I'm so sorry, I won't do it again.

your mind becomes controlled,
by the torment in your soul.
just one fix is all it takes,
to destroy an innocent life.
from a trip to some speed,
it's all the same to me.
you're as good as dead,
a piece of meat,
lying in the mortuary.back to top
Dark Out Here
when I see you, walking, dreaming.
visions of clouds disappear.
the moon is cold in the darkness,
I can't see any light, shining here.

it's dark out here.
and I'm getting cold.
it's dark out here.
and my trusts been sold.

the shadow of you reflection,
shines through.
I could not foresee,
these things, happing to me.
our worlds are drifting apart.
but I'm still wondering,
just who and why.

it's dark out here.
and I'm getting cold.
it's dark out here.
and my trusts been sold.
it's dark out here.
nobody cares for meback to top
Prisoner Of The Silver Plane
she only hurts you,
when she knows you can't defend.
so wrapped up in deception,
a reflection is her only friend.
not everyone is taken in,
by the image you portray.
if your mind and soul,
can't get control,
you'll use your body in any way.

prisoner of the silver plane,
it's just a false veneer.
underneath you're just the same,
the same as everybody here.
your lipstick lies and your poison kisses.
burning fire in your thighs.
sweet taste of sin in everthing,
no vision of beauty just a poor disguise.

life's not like a fairytale.
not everyone is nice.
she uses you, abuses you,
but makes you sacrifice...
not an innocent child,
as she'll have you all belive,
but a graduate in carnal lust,
sexual depravity.

with her flesh she'll compromise,
she'll take you for a ride.
she's always there the univited,
but still she gets inside.
not eveything revolves round you.
though you carry on that way.
you use your hips like roulette chips,
layed on the table in the games you play.back to top
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