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Altar lyrics

 1994 Youth Against Christ
 1996 Ego Art
 1998 Provoke
 1999 In The Name Of The Father
 2000 Until Heaven Forbids

· 'Cross the Bridge of False Prophecies
· 2000 Years
· C.C.C.
· Cauterize The Church Council
· Cleaning Day
· Cross The Bridge Of False Prophecies/Dismantling The Gods
· Destructive Selection
· Divorced From God
· Ego Art
· Egoverment
· Eidolon
· Fast As A Shark
· Follow Me
· Forced Imprudence
· God Damn You
· God Damn You (Videoclip)
· Hate Scenario
· Holy Mask
· Hypochristianity
· I Am Your Provider
· I Spit Black Bile On You
· In Our Dominion
· In The Name of The Father
· Intro
· Jesus Is Dead!!!
· Judgementality
· Ode
· Pathetic Priest
· Pro Jagd
· Psycho Damn
· Route 666
· Silent Force
· Spunk
· Throne Of Fire
· Tonight This Country Will Die
· Truly Untrue
· W.E.B.
· Walhalla Express
· Wasted World
· Wrong Night

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