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Amorphis lyrics

Album: My Kantele [1997]

 01  My Kantele
 02  The Brother-Slayer
 03  Levitation
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My Kantele
Truly they lie, they talk utter nonsense
Who say that music reckon that the kantele
Was fashioned by a god
Out of a great pike's shoulders
>From a water-dog's hooked bones:
It was made from the grief
Moulded from sorrow

Its belly out of hard days
Its soundboard from endless woes
Its strings gathered from torments
And its pegs from other ills

So it will not play, will not rejoice at all
Music will not play to please
Give off the right sort of joy
For it was fashioned from cares
Moulded from sorrow.back to top
The Brother-Slayer
Where have you been,where have you been
my son, my merry son?
On the seashore, on the seashore
mother, my darling one.

And what have you been doing there
my son, my merry son?
I have been watering my horse
mother, my darling one.

Why is there blood upon your feet
my son, my merry son?
My horse stamped with its iron shoe
mother, my darling one.

Why there is blood upon your sword
my son,my merry son?
I have stabbed my brother to death
mother, my darling one.

What now of you, where will you go
my son, my wretched son?
To other lands to foreign lands
my dame, my darling one.

When will you be returning home
my son, my wretched son?
When all the world to judgement comes
my dame, my darling one.back to top
In the darkness I will shine, cast no shadows, not define
I walk on water, float on air, there's no other to compare
I have this fascination, no cause for deviation
It's called levitation

There's no cause to start and scream, nor rub your eyes,
This is no dream

Although I sit upon this chair, I rise and float up in the air
I have this fascination, no cause for deviation
It's called levitation
Magnetic force, repel-attract, once it starts, there's no turning back
I offer you this chance to learn, take it now there's no return

And I Hear You Call

I must be out of my mind as I hear you call
My name is even though I can't see you anywhere

Surely this feeling must be coming from something
Someone gave me yesterday as I searched for you

And I hear you call
I hear you call my name
But when I turn around
There's nothing to be found

I must be dreaming a dream of a lunatic
My fingers taste like some strawberry ice-cream

I hear you call my name but I don't think it's
The same I heard you whisper in my earback to top
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