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Ancient Ceremony lyrics

 1993 Where Serpents Reign
 1995 Cemetary Visions
 1997 Under Moonlight We Kiss
 1999 Fallen Angel's Symphony
 2000 Synagoga Diabolica

· Amidst Crimson Stars
· An Ode To The Moon
· Angel's Bloody Tears (...The Once Naked Flowers Dress)
· Babalon Ascends
· Black Roses On Her Grave (Desdemona's Secret)
· Bride's Ghostly Grace
· Cemetary Visions
· Choir Of Immortal Queens
· Creeping Death
· Crowned Child
· Death In Desire's Masquerade
· Deorum Contemptor
· Dulcet Seduction
· Eternal Goddess
· Exodus, 10; 28
· Forbidden Fruit Sapientia
· Her Ivory Slumber
· Journey Through The Gates
· Moonlight Ceremonies
· Pale Nocturnal Majesty
· Secrets Under Blackened Sky
· Shadows Of The Undead
· Soul Darwinism
· Symphoni Satani
· The Devil's Paradise
· The God And The Idol
· The Tragedy Of Forsaken Angels
· Thy Beauty In Candlelight
· Vampyresque Weddingnight (Moonlight Love)
· Veil Of Desire
· Where Serpents Reign

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