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Ancient Ceremony lyrics

Album: Where Serpents Reign [1993]

 01  Journey Through The Gates
 02  Where Serpents Reign
 03  Moonlight Ceremonies
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Journey Through The Gates
I will rise my Spirit to reach for the Stars
get my Soul freed through Ancient Spells
Journey through the Gates
Stalking here on this dark Path
Forests reflects a gloomy Mood
Starfilled Sky is watching me
dominated by bright Fullmoon
I will climb dark-grey Mountain
to get one with the Gods
Seven Gods of Stars
Seven Seals there are
Seven Gates to be passed
For all those who will pass these Gates
there awaits endless Wisdom
I rose my Spirit got one with the Stars
now my Soul is free
I myself am God, Iback to top
Where Serpents Reign
Falling into Emptiness, caught by Pits of Despair
can't find out sense of this Fuck
why am I sentenced for Life?
Evocation of Lord Death
Ritualistic Suicide
Falling into Pits again, these ones made of Light
Travelling through Cromlech now
Life here's satisfied
Aiwaz - dictated Rules, a Realm of glorious Being
Entering Death's Temple now, made of
unknown Brightness
Vulgar Sculptures in its Halls
Ancient Scripts enshrined
Bowing down to your Throne
shining Star of Sacred Souls
offering you a Sacrifice
Acceptance is my Praise
Immolate to receive the key
Ceremony is finished
Shrine is open-wided, taking out the Script

"Lord of Death, grant me Immortality
and give me Power to rise again,
to show Man that there's no Truth
except for Do what thou wilt.
Then Earth will be solved by the Ancient Ones,
it will become a Reich
Where Serpents reign!"back to top
Moonlight Ceremonies
Nocturnal Hour has come and Moon has risen
entering desecrated Ground to practice a Ceremony

Black Blood
Sign of Goat
Ancient Gods now arise!

To evoke Gods of Beyond
Building a Circle Formation
Unholy Sign in Centre
As the Dagger of Blasphemy
gets the Blood floated out of the sacrificed Sheep
Ecstacy has been reached
The smell of strange drugs and Arabian Prayers,
now create your own Belial to rise yourself
godlike by calling the Gates!

Utux xul ia ardata! Kutulu ia atalakla!
Azagthoth ia kalla! Ia anu!
Ia Enlil! Ia Nugi! Sabaoth!back to top
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