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Ancient Rebirth lyrics

Album: Drain The Portal Of Blood [1996]

 01  Oceans Of Blood Over Paradise
 02  Haunt To Guard
 03  I Blod Skall Syndaren Vakna
 04  Reformation Divine
 05  Den Svarta Gudomligheten (Outro / Reformation Divine)
 06  Laughter Of The Funeral
 07  Murker Och Hat..
 08  As He Rides The Nocturnal Skies
 09  Velvet Chains
 10  The Ancient Rebirth
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Oceans Of Blood Over Paradise
Once the sun was shining over his kingdom
The god from the cast - the bringer of love
People there lived happy the people lived in peace
The birds were singing a song and the sun shined in the fields

Till that day when the wizard arrived
The wizard from the woods
The wizard he was evil
Evil damned and mean
And he cast his spell
Upon this godly kingdom
Black clouds filled the sky
And blood was falling downwards

Blasphemed the heavenly scene
The kingdom was caught in damnation
The wizard so evil and mean
Destroyed this once heavenly kingdom

Once the sun was shining over his kingdom
The god from the cast - the bringer of love
The sun drowned in clouds and the kingdom was burned to ashes
The god was impaled and his love turned to lustback to top
Haunt To Guard
In a long lost forgotten place in the forest
The trace of his castle is rised like a monument
An ancient building of stone points to the sky
The remnant of the northern tower of withcraft

In which he used to spend the darken fullmoon nights
Committing bloody rites to serve the mighty master
But a great infernal storm the moisty ground
With water from the sky the rain seemed eternal

The mighty castle sank with him - the blackest wizard
Down into the jaws of an unknown destiny
Centuries have passed since the tragedy
But demons haunt the place to guard their servants home

The long lost forgotten place in the forest
A trace of ancient evil
A trace from the pastback to top
I Blod Skall Syndaren Vakna
I syns skall jag m"ta min d"d
I synd skall jag uppsta i blod
Ett liv utav m"rker mig v„ntar
F„rgat av helvetets gl"d

Jag vistas i dimmornas skog
Besatt av demoner jag plagas
Sn"n lyser vit i natten
M„starens meviga natt

Vargar ylar i m"rkret
N„r jag sakta fryser till d"ds
En dj„vulsk resa mig v„nter
Genom gangar av m"rker och jord
Under den nordiska himmel
Som sett mig f"das och d"

D"den har slukat min kropp
Den dj„vulska resan „r gjord
F"rblindad jag skriker i m"rkret
F"rblindad av ondska och hat
I synd jag m"tte mitt liv
Och i synd skall jag m"ta min d"d

jag vilar i dimmornas skog...back to top
Reformation Divine
Wrath of evil is mighty
Wrath of evil is strong
All evil shall crush (god) the almighty
Blood shall cover his throne
At last our forces are faced
To crush the weak by hate

We are the bringers of evil
We are the bringers of war
We are the children of darkness
And darkness was here before god

1000's of demons are howling
Waiting for sign to break free
Face the swords of immortals
Face the hate in their eyes
There's no return for jehovah
There's no return from this night

... The human soul is a beast
Fed on hatred and lust
So serve your infernal soul
Follow all urges from hellback to top
Den Svarta Gudomligheten (Outro / Reformation Divine)
Münniskosjölen ör ett odjur fätt pa lusta och hat
Sa tjüna ditt djüvulska hjürta och föli dess onda begär...back to top
Laughter Of The Funeral
The sound of cries in agony
Awakes my sleeping demon
The mood of grief excites me
The mood invert my grief to joy

The demon makes me laugh a demonic silent laughter
My tears are filled with joy cause I enjoy the death

Laughter of the funeral...

This ceremony is boring
Have no understanding
May my feelings are gone
And may my soul is cold

The hymns are raping the souls
Of the ones which I hate
I feel their anger against me
I feel their anger against me
But I laugh a their fault cause I'm stronger

Laughter of the funeral...back to top
Murker Och Hat..
Tusen svarta sj„lar vilar i vredens borg
Tusen f"d"mda br"der begravda i ondska och sorg
Till sist skall ondska segra och krosso allt som „r gott
Lyss till vishetens list och frukta de starkas hat

Vi har kommit ifr„n graven
Vi har kommit ifr„n graven
Upp genom marken och vi dansar som en virvelvind
Himlen k„nner oss inte inte heller var v„g

Tusen m"rka gestalter skall vakna och aldrig mer d"
Tusen svarta demoner skall h"ja vapnen mot skyn
Godhet skall malas till stoft och sopas ned i sin grav
Allt ska f"rrintas f"r gott
Ty märker och hat ör var dygd

Vi har kommit ifrön graven...back to top
As He Rides The Nocturnal Skies
I rode to see the twilight to welcome the dark
Awaiting the sky to reflect the colour of my inner

The night is breeding harmony of evil
Confirms the existence of 'the horned one'
The night is breeding power to my soul
What other people fear is my virtue

Then so subconscious he finally arrived
Destroyer of the light
The master of the night

As he rides the nocturnal skies
The angels hide in fear
Cause of his evil (ness)

In my eyes the night became his mantle
The one breeding harmony of evil
The one breeding power to my soul
The one that almighty of the nightback to top
Velvet Chains
Watch the ravens in the sky prepare for my return
Greet my arrival with knowledge
And on the wings of the storm
I come riding in the dark
On the back of my great black horse
Followed by wolves and entities
All of the darkest breed

Come to me so that we through magic can unite
Unite and haunt as one
Together reach the highest level tear down and break the stones
Come to me you whos blood run in my veins
Who in fire the flame
Come caress me with your velvet chains

So in the morning mist we hide
As lovers we embrace earch other fiercely
Generating powers and so my pale enchantress dance for me
Dance with blasphemous grace - snare my flesh

Drain the portal in blood
Snatch the treasures of eden
Shred them crush them
Render their bones to dust

In our unity we'll abolish the denial and the sin
Tear down and break the stones
Come to me you whos blood runs in my veins
Who is fire the flame
Come caress me with your velvet clawsback to top
The Ancient Rebirth
Shadows of the twilight
Suffocate the light of day
Fog rise in the forest
The breath of lucifer
The moon shines on the holes
Of evil entities
Soon they will awake
Hail to their return

100's of years asleep
Suddenly they're here
Killing all of light
They will bring us to the dark
Evil rides the earth
The ancients are reborn

Lucifer we greet you now
We'll serve you as your slaves
No one can stop thy unknown hordes
In this mess of obscurity
We'll join you in the evening
As the twilight rapes the day
We've been waiting for you
Ancient ones
To avenge your destiny

We'll evoke the darken centuries and kill the holy light
We'll stay here for all eternities to crush the name of delight
We'll turn into demonic shapes and take away some lives
Rape the mortal humanrace the eternal sacrificeback to top
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