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Annihilator lyrics

Album: Waking the Fury [2003]

 01  Ultra-Motion
 02  Torn
 03  My Precious Lunatic Asylum
 04  Striker
 05  Ritual
 06  Prime-Time Killing
 07  The Blackest Day
 08  Nothing to Me
 09  Fire Power
 10  Cold Blooded
 11 Shallow Grave (live)
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pure speed in thermal overdrive
performance always set to the hilt
ignition, time to ignite
the ultimate machine ever built
high-octane adrenaline rush
nothing's gonna get in my way
time-bomb, hell-bent for destruction
there will be hell to pay

speed and aggression, a deadly obsession
joining together in ultra-motion
born out of fire, they melt into one
we all come together in ultra-motion

burn, electricity
ripping through the airways
the direction's not an issue
it is the energy that I crave
forces unnatural
conquering the speed of light
charging, invincible
I am the power and the might

hell racer
I gotta go, I got the speedback to top
the seeds of my life have been planted
buried deep within
my veins are like the deepest roots,
my darkest sins
all my thoughts are cast in stone,
a castle I have built
it's walls have just begun to crack,
I am full of guilt

over and over the nightmare never ends
I have been ripped, I have been torn
over and under, to hell and back again
the demon deep inside reborn

the time has come for me to conquer
everlasting rage
to free me from my suffering,
break me from my cage

I have searched deep within,
down in my soul
I have found myself, myself,
I have found

a restitution for my sins,
this castle I've rebuilt
the walls are now unshakable,
I am free of guiltback to top
My Precious Lunatic Asylum
take a trip inside
to my precious lunatic asylum
welcome, enter the house of hell
my precious lunatic asylum
you can get anything you need
at the precious lunatic asylum
hang on as we take the ride
into the precious lunatic asylum

prepare to descend
into my precious lunatic asylum
the ultimate insanity awaits below
in my precious lunatic asylum
look at all the tortured souls
in the precious lunatic asylum
here we are so let the fun begin
in my precious lunatic asylum

gone, your mind is gone
it now belongs to me
your mind is gone
I am insanityback to top
waking the fury, the power the beast
you challenge the best in the land
I'll show you no mercy, prepare for a fight
the ultimate force is at hand

slithering into position,
moving in for the attack
forging ahead with precision,
now there is no turning back
charging ahead with conviction,
let no one dare stand in my way
conquering all opposition,
the battle is mine once again


crushing opponents, I'll silence them all
with a hunger that's second to none
intimidation is my reputation
it's over before it is doneback to top
I'm your new religion, penetrate your mind

focus on your weakness, victimize your kind
you can call me father, and I can ease your pain
giving me your deadly sins and take my name in vein

it's a ritual

I can take you higher and we'll soar above the land
trust in me, I am the savior, take my hand
ruler of temptation, I'll satisfy your need
supply you with the poison, the hell on which you feed

I'm your new religion, penetrate your mind
focus on your weakness, victimize your kind
I can take you higher and we'll soar above the land
trust in me, I am the savior, take my handback to top
Prime-Time Killing
I rule the kingdom of the dead
die, I'll paint the sky a bloody red
you, I now command you at my feet
hail unto the one you can't defeat

the killing of the soul
losing all control

I'll take you and break you
destroy, annihilate you
prime-time killing
excite you, delight you
welcome, I do invite you
prime-time killing

I will now release you from your pain
ram, slam the needle in your vein
burn in this narcotic symphony
die, you all shall serve unto me

I am the ruler of the street
die until infection is complete
you lay there dying all alone
hail unto the one you can't dethroneback to top
The Blackest Day
in the break of the morning,
coming in with no warning,
striking from up high
like the size of a city,
comes this mountain of stone,
from a different sky
there was a torturous vision
of a deadly collision,
we watched in agony
an inconceivable terror,
a celestial invader,
innocent casualties

burning fire, screams of pain and fear
piercing higher, hell on earth is here
mankind is melting, life just drains away
darkness, death, this the blackest day

obliteration, disintegration,
it's all turning to dust
from the force of the impact,
humanity beginning to rust
the world begins to crumble,
it's all just a matter of time
this is the ultimate chaos,
this is the end of the line

in the break of the morning,
striking from up high
this is the ultimate chaos,
this is the endback to top
Nothing to Me
you've really got me screaming
you got alot of nerve
all the using and abusing
taking what you don't deserve

so tired of the commotion
you think it's all for free
I'm just going through the motions
but you mean nothing to me

you can't slide the shit by me
I've seen it all before
just try to push a little harder
I'll kick you right out the door

I'm getting tired of your emotions
you think the ride's for free
I'm just going through the motions
but you mean nothing to me

so you think you can ride my wind
and then disrespect me
well I can understand all the excitement
but get a grip on realityback to top
Fire Power
I am the war machine marching on your soul
command and conquer, I shall take control
there won't be prisoners, survivors of my wrath
infernal devastation. Prepare for the attack


armed and ready to roll, the target's now in sight
master precision, as you crush with all your might
scream in terror, as I breathe down your neck
run, run the masses but your destiny is set

a purebred arrogance, nature takes it's course
onslaught, invasion, unholy use of force
I pledge allegiance to rule you all
world domination is my never-ending callback to top
Cold Blooded
I am the one that has chosen to lead, the power that grows within me
a force that has come to inherit the earth, my calling
a time and a place for sadistic intent, I know for when you will bleed
saving your life is beyond your control, wait for my eternal greed

shortage of time, you are next, prepare to die
power grows in me, look to my supremacy
force fed in line, death-row, prepare to die
cold-blooded murderer, strengthened by the massacre

destroying the lives of the ones I forsake, scour the earth as I take
searching to quench thirst of my soul, it hungers
cauldrons of blood filling up to the rim, enemies die by my hand
feeding is done, nothing left but bones, left to rot and turn to sand

building up the walls of the kingdom
building up the walls of the king

stronger I grow as I suck out your life, pleading as I watch you kneel
abduction of strength, I am now I'm command, I rule
cities of flesh lay in my path, watch as the innocent die
my nation is built from the souls of the dead, born of like to terrifyback to top
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