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Antichrisis lyrics

Album: Cantara Anachoreta [1997]

 01  Prologue
 02  The Endless Dance
 03  Requiem Ex Sidhe
 04  Goodbye To Jane
 05  Baleias
 06  Her Orphaned Throne
 07  Descending Messiah
 08  Epilogue
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Vitae At Threscwald Anachoreta In Mortemback to top
The Endless Dance
Read in my book of lies
of atrocities, blood and sacrifice!
My temples erected in gold and bone
The stupid sheep turn their head to the blind!

And comes the winter of your life
The king of kings - left to your own device
The ones who thought to walk in light
will freeze to death in the endless night!

The Angels:
The Goddess Of The Night comes!
3 curses to the holy throne!
No regrets! It's too late!
The Goddess Of The Night comes!
Will ask for what have you done!
The father, holy ghost and son!
No remand...

The Witch:
The sisters murdered long ago
still sing their songs In my heart
The tunes, the pipes, the words, the rhymes
Still call me through the times!

YOU! senseless prayers I never hear
The sign of the cross in praise of your tear!
Your little belief is just a crap
on the rotten body of your so-called "Christ"!

The blind, the crippled and the lame
still keep the faith in a god of disgrace
But a songless bird will never sing
to the dying glory of a bogous king!

The Angels:
The Goddess Of The Night comes...

The Witch:
The sisters murdered long ago
still sing their songs in my heart
The tunes, the pipes, the words, the rhymes
Still call me through the times!

"You cut me down and I'll leap high
I am the Life that never dies
So dance where ever you may be
The ruler of the dance Is she!"

The Fool:
And my eider sister takes me by the hand
And we spiral sideways to a far away land
In the Tempest she sings with the Ocean's roar
Glowing In the Storm that the Mermaid bore!
Them witches calling Up from the shore
They walk behind me through the door!
Oh, my youngest sister, oh where have you been?
Behind the moon on the other side of dream?
Oh, she guides me back as the raven cries
but we'll meet again for to dance In the skies!

I am the scum of this dark age
I'm the beginning and the end!
Oblivion takes my place
The frame holds just another face of death!

And who will count the slaughtered lifes?
The Burned? The Tortured? The Demised?
The Blood of the Innocent?
The Decline of the stolen Trinity?

The Angels:
The Goddess Of The Night comes...

The Witch:
The sisters murdered long ago...
The Endless Danceback to top
Requiem Ex Sidhe
And will the vows be heard
Of immortal desire
A breathtaking darkness
Into the abyss we dive
As you were mine
And as memories fade
Just tike trails of smoke
On a midwinter's night
You kept holding me tight
As you were mine
On came the nights
When stormclouds veiled the skies
All heavens stood still
And all the worlds did collide
"Forgive me - I failed!"
Lovelorn I will die
Nothing more than a dream
That you were mine
And when the time has come
Everything ends
But this love of ours
It leaves us behind
As you were mine
In my cold white hands
A lover's bequest
There were stars on our side
Oh Eva - just one last caress
For your were mine
"My friend: The most precious gift"
Said the tool,
"Is a love that follows no rule!
There's no use in turning away!
So why are you turning away?"back to top
Goodbye To Jane
See the girl on the floor
As she's watching the rain
Like sallow tracks of blood pouring down
Scattered over the floor
The sheets painted in black
Showing a fettered mouthless child
Her Mother's gone shopping and she prays
For her Daddy not to come home
But for Jane's prayers no god gives a
damn Her Daddy is back to play with Jane!
She closes her eyes to break away from the girl
Lying raped and abused on the ground
No use to commit herself to anyone
For who'd believe Jane
She feels hate for being treated this way
Is It her fault Daddy's playing these games?
She tries in vain to think of something
She might have done wrong
Goodbye to Jane Goodbye to Jane Goodbye to Jane
See the girl on the floor She can't bear it no more:
Lewdy hands defiling her skin!
A life like that means not much to Jane
The belt 'round her neck gently takes her away!
He's closing the door for she seems asleep:
Those sickening games won't be played any more!
No-one could explain what happened to Jane
She was only one In a million girls...
Goodbye to Janeback to top
By the river I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way:
All these trials to no avail!
Broken dreams was all I bloody gained!
Way down, Carry me down
To the River of Life! Vindicate!
Remember well when I was a child
They promised me a paradise
But promises turned Into lies
All they left us was a world demise!
Way down, Carry me down
To the River of Life! Anyhow!
Hold me in your arms
Drown me is sweet moisture
Lascivious fiery breath covering
Your fangs softly penetrate:
The pleasure & the pain!
Dissolving I discern I'm not dead!
I asked for love, got a golden cage
Plastic emotions In a plastic age
The pain I felt they told me wasn't real "The Earth!",
I cried - my last appeal!
Way down, Carry me down
To the River of Life! Come to light!
Now it's my turn to realize
To change the road, to change the side
The past has gone:
May it rest
In peace
A new dawn fades as
She sows the seed!
Way down,
Carry me down
To the River of Life
Hold me in your arms
Drown me is sweet moisture
Lascivious fiery breath overflow
Your fangs softly penetrate.
The pleasure & the pain!
Dissolving I discern I'm still alive!
A midnight's dream disclosure
Saw momentous desire
My life layed In your hands,
My confidence!
The background of reality
Just one step away
Am I to cross the frontier?
Am I to dare?
In dreams I died a thousand times
But then one dream: A golden shrine
Her whispered words did soothe my grief
She is candour in this world of thieves!
Way down, Carry me down
To the River of Life! Indicate!
I hear the call of the roaring sea
There's still a fire burning inside of me
The wind shall take me to another shore
The earth I am for evermore!
Way down, Carry me down
To the River of Life Eternity!
And as I try to stand the trial
Dreams & Memories of You
Come haunting me like demons!
But I won't fail this time
Because my Love had been asleep for much too long!
Oh Eva,
Your Love so precious & pure!
May the Goddess grant me a second miracle
So I may lie in Your arms again!
For You are the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to me!
You are the only one I desire from the depths of my heart!
Desperate I walk the blackness of the Maze
Trying to follow the footsteps
of an unforgetable Love
that's bring me back again
to You, Eva, my Beloved!back to top
Her Orphaned Throne
Destiny turned the page to another side in my book of life:
"He who once was artless like a child had to face the blackest night!"
While I was unaware, She must have silently faded away:
"Whereas his shadow walks The Earth in restless search for The Queen!"
As the cold begins to bite, in Nightmare's realm I lie awake:
"Fading voices calling back the years into time's deadly embrace!"
Behind these delusive hills where gales ensnare a paralyzed sun:
"In sombre distress he's entering the hall just to find Her Orphaned Throne!"
Broken and desperate before Her Orphaned Throne
Holding a dying sparrow in his hands
His eyes full of tears had seen the wasted land
Will She ever come again? Ever come again?

Suam sanctam ad sedem lice at me vobis sequi
Si sanum me facere voiueritis
Suam sanctam ad sedem, ad marim
Si enim hoc loco versatus sim, periturus est
Suam sanctam ad sedem liceat me vobis sequi
Nam hoc solo loco me Dea expectat
Passion turned out to be a slip of the pen amongst the lines of fate:
"AII that was left in the end: Forgotten echoes in a dream!"
For only a fool's solemnity might ignite the driftwood of my heart:
"Still Mv Light shines on every move you make:
Just call My Name and l'll be there!"
So cranky and blind I did not see, rashness made me lose my own way:
"Fragments of glass cutting through his veins:
I shall save him from this pain!"
Destiny turned the page to the final chapter In my book of life:
"Awake see him lie in Marah's warm embrace
- I'm returning on My Throne!" Broken and desperate...back to top
Descending Messiah
Down In the valley on a midwinter's night walks
The Crone, unseen by human kind
Her weary heart longing for rest
Her eyes saw too much of sorrow and grief
There was a time when
She was adored and the valley full of bliss and joy
until the day the gaunt one appeared
He never smiled nor shed any tear!
And he raised his voice "Behold I'm Messiah!"
It was then She knew the time had come!

A dream? A dream? It's only a dream!
A dream? A dream? She lives in my dreams

The man, he spoke of commandments and sin
of wicked wifes, of chaste and virtious men
He'd sown the seed of mischief in their hearts:
Those once proud, now a submissive crowd!
And he raised his voice: "Behold I'm Messiah!
I'm the son of god! I come in fire!
My kingdom come! My will be done!"
It was then She knew her time had come!

A dream? A dream? It's only a dream!
A dream? A dream? She lives in my dreams...

Now the blind are leading the blind!
Independence and wisdom exchanged for ignorance and minority
Seizure and oppression amongst the once born free!
But still no one dared to raise a hand against The Crone
They were aware - despite his sermons -
that She still held The Strength and The Power
And as She miakes her way through centuries and decades
She waits for human kind to awake to shake off the chains of Messiah!
In patience She walks the world in search for those
who uphold the memento of the Golden Age!
While in his church, in fitful sleep,
tormented by nightmares lies Messiah In fright of the dark!
The demons he raised to strike the blind with fear were not |ust a mirage:
They've become alive - to haunt Messiah!
To end creation's devastation, the senseless sacrifice She.
The Weaver, weaves The Veil of Damnation!
And out of the dark, Valkyries and Erinyes rising
Avenging Angels of doom!
Called by The Crone the wandering ones seek for vengeance
Awaiting The Last Stand!
The Earth awakes in fire, thunderstorm and lightning
Night calls into being decline!
And up In the skies: The Crone in the midst of silence
Armagideon has now begun!
And out of his dreams Messiah pleas:
"Goddess, have mercy upon me!!!"
"Misguided prophet see My Scythe descending over you!!!"
Down in the valley neath the river of time
sits The Crone remembering human kind
Now winter's gone and springtime has come
And all the ashes are washed away...
and he raised his voice...back to top
Arcanum in Anchorageback to top
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