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Antichrisis lyrics

Album: Legacy Of Love [1998]

 01  Proem
 02  Sid
 03  Nightswan
 04  Trying Not To Breathe
 05  Baleias Bailando
 06  Dancing In The Midnight Sun
 07  Planet Kyrah
 08  The Sea
 09  Our Last Snow
 10  Forever I Ride
 11  The Farewell
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And as I walked through the garden of love.
I passed the gates of paradise and the gates of perdition:
Maybe the saddest experience of all is
that even the most wonderful and precious moments
don't last forever and appear like a dream
that faded much too soon when looking back.
But both darkness and light are given to us
to make us prospect and grow:
like every living being needs the interplay
of daylight's sweet kiss and night's gentle embrace.
And as darkness falls while I'm drifting away on the river of sadness,
the remembrance of love's golden sunlight is my only supply of logs
for the cold and lonely winter of the soul.
This album is a tribute to a love that was so beautiful
as long as it lasted and so bitter when it ended:
hence both love's heavenly bliss as well as bereavement's
abysmal despair are to be found amongst these 10 songs;
songs that are like sears to me no w...
But still the dream remains,
and yet my love has not withered nor have my songs faded away:
Though Moonshadow died in the devastation of declining Planet Kyrah.
Sid survived - but for how much longer?
Goodnight - and may the Goddess bless you all!back to top
"When I'm dead, my Dearest, sing no sad songs for me,
plant thou no roses at my head, nor shady cypress tree:
Be the green grass above me with showers and dewdrops wet;
and if thou wilt, remember, and if thou wilt, forget".
Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)back to top
Linger on, oh waning moon
This midnight hour has come much too soon
By the crystal lake we stand with our names in the sand
Believe me, my Love; I will wait for you
And I will return if you still want me, too
With the song of the nightswan And I'll be in heaven!
The lark heralds the break of day
No longer by my side can you stay
In shrouded mists you disappear like a ghost bayadere
Where are you my Love? I'm calling your name
This spell can be broke: Love's ignited the flame
Like the song of the nightswan And I'll be in heaven!
Oh, believe me. my Love, I will stand laying siege to this fortress of time
With the glory of you in my heart charge before the sun touches the rime
The Beltane fires upon the hill
Your hand in mine by the old water-mill Fairies
sing our wedding song, now the moon lingers on.
Stay with me. my Love. my Angel, my Life
We walked this dark maze so now we will fly
On the wings of the nightswan And we'll be in heavenback to top
Trying Not To Breathe
Oh, this void inside tears my soul apart
Why did you lie? I lost my faith in you!
Once there was purity but now only perfidy and pain
because you've been untrue!
You broke all promises and now our love
Is bound to die and so am I - I die!
Lost forever within the debris of my dreams
I put my trust in you!
How could you leave me in a lurch
after all that I've gone through
What the hell did you do?
Down on my knees I pray:
Save me, save me, save me, please!
but no hope anymore - I die!
I'm trying not to breathe!
I can't stand this anymore therefore I'll leave
I'm trying not to breathe!
And so I'll leave this world behind
broken by faithlessness of the killing kind
I'm trying not to breathe!
Remember when you called my name?
I've been always there for you!
To me it's more than just a game
I loved you too much, and still I do!
Now your body so close to mine
I kiss your lips goodbye
To lie In your arms for a last time before I die!
And he dreams of days gone by floating down to the other side
A thousand Angels cry firing squad against the walls of light
Not again another day
Now his love has lost the last stand
Oh Angels, hear him pray
As he's passing away into her hands!
I'm trying not to breathe!
I can't stand your loss, your lies: therefore I'll leave
I'm trying not to breathe!
And so I try leave the pain behind
of treason that became the killing kind
I'm trying not to breathe!
But you swore you'd love me forever
and it was only yesterday
What have I done to deserve this
Am I destiny's fool?
And I hate you,
and I love you for what you've done to me
Oh shit, why did you leave me in such despair?
I'm trying not to breathe
though I try so hard to reach the other
I'm trying not to breathe
No more songs for me to sing because you leave
Now I think I see the light: Goodbye, my love!
Oh, I'm trying not to breatheback to top
Baleias Bailando
By the ocean I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way
All those trials to no avail
Broken dreams was all I bloody gained
Remember well when I was a child
They promised me a paradise
But promises turned into lies Leaving us a world demise!
Hold me In your arms
Drown me in sweet moisture
Lascivious fiery breath covering overflow
Your fangs softly penetrate the pleasure and the pain
Dissolving I discern: I'm alive!
I asked for love, got a golden cage
Plastic emotions in a plastic age
The pain I felt they told me wasn't real "The Earth!",
I cried: My last appeal!
Now it's my turn to realize
To change the road, to change the side
The past has gone, may it rest in peace
A new dawn fades as She sows the seed
Hold me in your arms...
A midnight's dream disclosure saw momentous desire
My life layed in your hands, My confidence...
The background of reality just one step away
Am I to cross the frontier? Am I to dare?
In dreams I died a thousand times
But then one dream: A golden shrine
Her whispered words did soothe my grief
What a candour in this world of thieves
I hear the call of the roaring sea
Still a fire's burning Inside of me
The wind shall take me to another shore
The Earth I am, for evermore!
Way down, carry me down to the ocean of love!
Alone again I stand amongst the debris of a dream
having to face once more the madness of love
But I know that the Goddess will hear my yearning call
and her enchanting song will make my heart danceback to top
Dancing In The Midnight Sun
Farewell, pretty one: It's all over now you've gone
After all that we went through,
you left me when I needed you by my side
The times we shared, the good and bad,
were the best I've ever had, the best years of my life...
For we were dancing In the midnight sun
our love became too wild
I loved you like a child
The fire went out, went out before dawn
and I broke down and cried
and I drowned and died
Farewell, pretty one: I've put all my faith in you
and I can't understand: Did you lie on that night
you said you'd never let me go?
Oh, I believed each word you've said
I believed until the end
It's so hard to realize you never wanted me
that close by your side
And the snow falls back In time
down the hillside on our sledge we'd ride
We were laughing In the january sun
And for a moment time stood still
as we rode on and on and on...
Still the snow falls on Yule-tide
falls forever on that dreary mountainside
And the ghost of our love stands right above:
A monument of your smile
And our laughter that died
so long ago lingers on and on and on...
Never will I forget our last winter
Never will I forget the last winter of our love
Goodby, pretty one: You broke my heart twice, now I'm done!
You left me like a dream at the break of dawn and I almost died
And even of you're lying now In someone else's arms
I'm still with you in a dream, in dreams of days
gone by the best days of my life
Goodnight, my love, goodnight.back to top
Planet Kyrah
Oh, you changed everything
Nothing's the same anymore
I see colours I've never seen before
I hear songs that make my heart sing with joy
You set my heart on fire like It never burned before
And I'm sure that up there In the sky
shine some new-born stars
that were not known until tonight
Can you hear me ground-control?
I think I'm lost in space
Do you hear me ground-control?
An unknown planet appears on my screen,,.
Never thought I'd be an astronaut
Never thought I'd leave the earth
Never thought I'd fly so high
Break through the sky while you hold me in your embrace
And as the air starts getting thin
Your lips on mine; exchanging love's oxygen
And the last call they receive:
Our capsule vanishing somewhere behind Andromeda...
We can't hear you ground-control!
I think we're lost in space!
We can't hear you anymore!
An unknown planet appears on our screen...
I'll meet you tonight on Planet Kyrah!
I'll kiss you tonight on Planet Kyrah!back to top
The Sea
Down In the gutter of broken hearts
I lie in 8 months time died the love of my life
Wounds cut so deep: Will I ever forget
that you crept away like a thief in the night
And I'm standing on top of a mountain
Crying bereavement to the stars
Will I make my way without you?
Will I ever get over you?
Oh, this room It seems so strange now
'cause your laughter still echoes inside
Withered roses will never bloom again
Carry my weight: Those memories of you!
Once t felt that you loved me
These days are over, now we're through
Our secret garden lost forever
I never thought you could be that cruel
In cold blood you walked away!
Take me down to the sea
Take me to my last resort d'Amour
Take me down to the sea
Down there my lover's waiting
She has come for our last rendez-vous
Singing, dancing, dreaming
Drowning in the waves of tears that never dry
Drowning in the waves of love that never dies
I saw a shadow on the shadow of her smile
Dream-like strains wake me up at night
The memory of her presence faded long ago
like a vanished trail of smoke
I try In vain to recollect the time
of a love that we once shared
Fragments of her voice come haunting me at nigh
How I wished I could turn back time
Her name once written down In my diary now frozen between the lines
Gone like last winter's frostwork on the window - Will I ever understand?
Still there's a shadow on the shadow of her smile
Gates of time can never be crossed twice
The frostwork of our love melted all away
but when we die our songs remain!
And comes the winter of our lives
we're trying to keep us warm
with the ashes of our fading memories
Once frostwork's fallen on the ground
You can never bring it back
It's melting without bound
Nights are so cold and empty without you
Still your scent lingers on in my room
Trying to set sails for a new horizon
Trying to keep the candle alight!
Still I'm standing on top of the mountain
with my soul floating to the stars
Songs of love and loss while the night
of this new moon does conceal my bleeding heart!
No regrets - I won't look back in anger
Even If it's so hard to forget
Will I survive yet another dark winter
til snow will melt and rivers do flow?
And our time did not last forever
Though our love It seemed so pure
While I face the light of a new day
Hope these memories fade away
How I wished they'd fade away!back to top
Our Last Snow
And the rear lights of your car behind the trees they fade away
walking inside somnambular there goes a lovelorn castaway
Does It always have to be like this? I'll never know...
Was it something that I said? You said: "I gotta go..."
While leaving me back here with my memories and my tears
You won't reappear!
Staring at the telephone
Wondering if I'd try?
I never knew that nights could be that long
And still I hear your last good-bye
Strange people on the screen, they try to make me laugh
But everywhere I see your face
and the photograph on the wall says that you're gone
And I'm waiting for the sun keep dreaming on...
No fire in the lighthouse to guide me tonight
Don't know it our planet's razed
torn apart by love's meteorite
I know I will lose you
How can I face another daylight?
And I know this could ring down the curtain to our last show
No second chance for Juliet and her Romeo
No applause, no ovations, no bravissimo
Please don't go.back to top
Forever I Ride
As the autumn wind blows hard in crawling devastation
I was not prepared to find fate in a state of rage
Love once seemed so strong to me, promising salvation
another Tragedie d'amour appearing on life's stage
And again he hears the raven's cry...
I'm strucked down without warning
with your words like cyanide
She left me In the morning but forever I will ride
And forever ride...
Suddenly I'm lost inside tremendous aberration
Songs that used to make me glad now make me wanna cry
Restlessly I'm walking empty streets up to the station
Standing there in silence as the trains keep passing by
And he turns his face towards the sky...
The stars fade in the dawning.
But the door's still opened wide
And still I am adorning, but forever I will ride
And forever I ride...
In love from the first time that I saw you and the fire in your eyes
Take me to your sea of flowers Hold me as the wind shakes the rye
Lady of the Lake: I long to be with you
Burning streams like ours cannot disband
The mist it spreads your name in early morning dew
Forever shall you be Queen of the Land
Incense leaving trails of smoke
A vision of us fasting our hands
Angels laying siege to my heart
and I shall not longer withstand
Lady of the Lake: I long to be with you
This love of ours will never ever end
May the silver moon make alt our dreams come true
Forever shall you be Queen of the Land
Hear the song of the waves
Storm's calling up thunder and light
A premature grave overgrown by black lillles of night
Hekate arise!
Bring back the love of my life!
Rain falls down, it soaks my cloak on this cold grey morning
I missed the last train that could have me taken back to you!
There's no use in staying here waiting for the dawning
The fool Just saddles up again as if he always knew
and again he hears the raven's cryback to top
The Farewell
I wanted to five on top of a mountain
but it's cold and forsaken there without you now
I wanted to dive into the ocean of love
but I got shipwrecked on the shores of broken dreams
For you I sang songs of the nightswan
and each line I wrote was a beat of my heart
Forever burning on love's funeral pyre:
Stop beating now, my bleeding heart!
For this knife did cut too deep
so for the last time I'm trying not to breathe
Once there was a fire in the lighthouse of my heart:
I gave you so much more than just my love
and you broke so much more than just a promise
Our planet vanished so devastatingly amongst the mists of time
There was no treasure to be found
at Rainbow's End somewhere behind Andromeda
I've been waiting till the end of december
but no more will I ride for the winter solstice's child
will pass away silently on a midsummer's night
So may you come now, my Dead Romantic Angel
serenade Kyrahnean Hymns to me
Hold me in your arms cover me with elder flowers
and lake me down to my beloved sea
I'm so tired, so tremendously tired
Please wait for me under the midnight sun
where I will sing and dance again
and my laughter will be heard echoing down the hillside again...
Oh, how I tried to believe, how I loved,
How I tried to hold on to my dream.
How I wanted to live - but now I'm going home
to a place where love is more than just a four-letter word
and as I kiss the memory of yours goodnight
I'm beginning to see the light...back to top
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