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Anti-Flag lyrics

 1996 Die for the Government
 1998 Their System Doesn't Work for You
 1999 A New Kind of Army
 2001 Underground Network
 2002 Mobilize
 2003 Terror State

· 20 Years of Hell
· 911 for Peace
· A New Kind of Army
· A New Kind of Army (live)
· A Start
· Anatomy of Your Enemy
· Angry, Young and Poor
· Anti-Violent
· Betty Sue Is Dead
· Born to Die
· Bring Out Your Dead
· Captain Anarchy
· Confused Youth
· Culture Revolution
· Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene
· Death of a Nation
· Drink Drank Punk
· Free Nation (live)
· Free Nation?
· Fuck Police Brutality
· Got the Numbers
· I Can't Stand Being With You
· I Don't Believe
· I Don't Want to Be Like You
· I'm Being Watched by the CIA
· I'm Having a Good Day
· Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!
· Kill the Rich
· Mind the G.A.T.T.
· Mumia's Song
· No Apology
· No Difference
· No More Dead
· One People, One Struggle
· Outbreak
· Police Story
· Poliece State in the U.S.A.
· Post-War Breakout
· Power to the Peaceful
· Punk by the Book
· Rank-N-File
· Red White and Brainwashed
· Right On
· Right to Choose
· Rotten Future
· Safe Tonight
· She's My Little Go Go Dancer
· Sold as Freedom
· Spaz's House Destruction Party
· Spaz's House Destruction Party (live)
· Stars and Stripes
· Summer Squatter Go Home
· Tearing Down the Borders
· Tearing Everyone Down
· That's Youth
· The Consumer's Song
· The Panama Deception
· The Truth
· Their System Doesn't Work for You
· This Is Not a Crass Song
· This Machine Kills Fascists
· Turncoat
· Underground Network
· Until It Happens to You
· Wake Up!
· Watch the Right
· We Don't Need It!
· We Want to Be Free
· We've Got His Gun
· What You Don't Know
· What's the Difference?
· When You Don't Control Your Government People Want to Kill You
· You'd Do the Same
· You'll Scream Tonight
· You've Got to Die for the Government
· Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead

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