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Arcane Sun lyrics

Album: Eden Eclipse [1996]

 01  I Was Alive Then...
 02  Your Name
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I Was Alive Then...
In the breast of the sky,
I saw them gathered in flight,
casting down their enveloping aura,
as leaves would fall,
it touched my every pore.
The kindest words of echonian tongue
no longer fell on deaf ears
and I could feel their joy
as it carried me into the clouds.
And for six days and six nights,
I was as they were...
I too spoke in echonian tongue
and sang the songs of Byzantium.
As Midas had with touch,
I was granted with a vision,
as a gold world embraced me and
kissed my soul.
I was alive then.back to top
Your Name
Though I've called your name a thousand times,
my words are blown back into my face.
The wind makes my skin harder still.
The clouds race by over-head
and I fight to remain standing,
the signs of endless journeys shows in my weakened stance.
I wish for the ground to open.
I have been around the world and back,
I have re-lived every memory,
re-dreamt every dream and felt every touch (again).
Still the clouds will race,
the wind will cut and soon I will fall.
The dust will form a mound that shall be my tomb,
never to be whetted by the tears of mourning,
because I was lost long ago in a colder world and lost you forever.back to top
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