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Arch Enemy lyrics

Album: Burning Bridges [1999]

 01  The Immortal
 02  Dead Inside
 03  Pilgrim
 04  Silverwing
 05  Demonic Science
 06  Seed Of Hate
 07  Angelclaw
 08  Burning Bridges
 09  Bonus tracks:
 10  Hydra
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The Immortal
This liquid vision of euphoria
Living a life on borrowed time
Paying the price of immortality
Desperately avoiding our fate
Lead me through the halls of tortured souls
Alone, forlorn...human dignity dethroned
Forevermore - A life never ending
Time stands still as the immortals keep on breeding

The future is locked within us
All we need is the key
Crying at the fountain of youth
Eternal life is killing me
(Lead melody - Cristopher)

Thriumphant in chariots they ride
On this arena of the undead
Anoher lap of honour for the...
Vacant galleries
Lead me through the halls of tortured souls
Alone, forlorn...human dignity dethroned
Forevermore - A life never ending
Time stands still as the immortals keep on breeding

1st Lead - Christopher
2nd Lead - Michaelback to top
Dead Inside
Lead - Christopher

Spiritual Isolation - The ultimate frustration
Scratch the surface, tuurn another page
The ugly truth or another pretty lie
You deceived me, I believed you
Why did everything go...

So wrong...
For so long...
So the truth comes out at last

I'm dead inside
(I'm burning up)
A hollow shell
(My private hell)
In my own misery
You leave me to dwell
(Lead melody - Cristopher)

Then we were young and strong
Now everything is wrong
Did you want me, did you need me
Could you not say you believed me?
Everything we had is gone...
Like an old forgotten song
The deceiver and believer
Now everything is...

1st Lead - Christopher
2nd Lead - Michael

So wrong...for so long.back to top
Lead - Christopher

>From the womb, to the tomb
An eternal struggle for the holy truth
We are not the first, nor shall we be the last
We shall be followed by thousands more
Study the scriptures - Intensify the faith
The works of men much greater than you or I
>From the cradle to the grave
Thousands of immortal souls just waiting to be saved!

Pilgrim man - What are you searching for?
Believe the tales when everything else fails
Pilgrim man - Deep in your heart you know
Your faith is already bought and sold
(Lead melody - Michael)

Lead - Christopher

All my life I served the cross
Always believing my God was a just one
I maimed for you - I killed for you
But looking back at my life
I just don't know anymore...

Lead - Michaelback to top
Fly with me on a starlit sky
I'll set you free... Yes, it can be
A dream unchased is a life at waste
Never let them conquer your pride
Our love is warm here
Like the image of a distant sun
This star will always shine
And never, ever fade away

Fly on...Silverwing
Fly with me...Stay free...Silverwing
(Lead melody - Michael)

Seeking truths in spirit skies
Which one of you will guide me tonight?
The milky way tastes sour,
Has heaven lost its power?
So let us set sail on this sea of dreams
The moon gets lost in the morning sun
Just let the spinning wheel spin
And let your life begin

1st Lead - Michael
2nd Lead - Christopherback to top
Demonic Science
The human blood is far too thin
The life in it much too fragile
DNA code twisted into form
An ancient dream will now be reborn

Demonic! Science!
A high price for a passion so intense
Demonic! Science!
This world no longer makes any sense

Lead noise - Michael

Save the best - strip away the rest
Every weakness, every bleakness will be erased
New flesh for a new world!
Men in white clothes performing the ultimate test

This is the era - this is the time
A new dawn arrives...
(Lead melody - Michael)

1st Lead - Christopher
2nd Lead - Michael
3rd Lead melody and outro licks - Christopherback to top
Seed Of Hate
The shape of all my doubts... My fear
Come closer... Trust me

Here I stand in the falling rain
There is no joy inside these tears
I see the world through a twisted and bitter stare
To be where I have see what I have seen

Is it a dream?
Or can I believe...
The memories will haunt me for evermore
(Lead melodies - Michael)

The shape of all my doubts... My fear
Come closer... I trusted you

I am not the man you used to know
I am different... Everything is different now
When you left me, you planted a seed of hate in me
Nothing is stronger... Stronger than this

1st Lead - Michael
2nd Lead - Christopherback to top
Angelclaw - A queen of the night
She reigns from her throne of stone
Bringer of evil, a destroyer of souls
Do what thou wilt, lust is her excuse

She'll use you up, suck you dry
This beautiful creature makes you high
Try to break the spell that is cast
Bu she knows you all to well


Effigy of a God long forgotten
A sickening ritual
She raises the chalice of blood
The hunt starts again...

1st Lead - Michael
2nd Lead - Christopher

Outro Lead - Michaelback to top
Burning Bridges
So now the bridges are burnt
A lesson learned?
Promises broken
Tender lies softly spoken
Changes in you
Changes in me
Maybe it was never meant to be

It wasn't you
It wasn't me
We were far too close to seeback to top
Bonus tracks:
Divine queen of evil
Sowing her seeds of hate
Mistress of pain
Diva satanica - Master of temptation

Medusa...abuser...both beast and beauty
Seducer...she'll use you...bring you to your knees

Blinded by her infinite beauty
you are lured into the temple
The smell of incense burning
this carnal pleasure yearning
Bride of satan
Transgress the rules of this world
Too late you realize
this love is ripping you apart

Medusa...abuser...both beast and beauty
Seducer...she'll use fodder for her dreams

Drinking the blood
Eating the flesh
She's getting high on you
Watching you die gives her a thrill
...There is always more blood to spill...

1st Lead - Michael
2nd Lead - Christopherback to top
(instrumental)back to top
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