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Arch Enemy lyrics

Album: Dead Eyes See No Future [2004]

 01  Dead Eyes See No Future
 02  Burning Angel
 03  We Will Rise
 04  Heart of Darkness
 05 Symphony of Destruction
 06 Kill With Power
 07 Incarnated Solvent Abuse
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Dead Eyes See No Future
arch enemy/dead eyes see no future

giving our blood
to the doomsday machine
fighting for ravaged land
a worthless gain
marching on a dead end road

a violent new disorder
feeding off mistrust
forgot what we were fighting for
a worthless aim
a victory stinking of dispair

dead eyes
see no future
falling from grace
we are coming home

battalions of hate
seeking shelter in hell
bloodstained memories
will we ever be forgiven
our twisted fate
time will tellback to top
Burning Angel
dark shadows from above
ravens fly, obliterate the sun
it's a sign of the devil
he will come for his servant tonight

these are dark times
suspicious minds breed like rats
guardians of corrupt morality
spread their filthy lies

am i to burn
i have not sinned!
burnt at the stake
innocent blood that can never be wished clean
the flames of ignorance
grow higher and higher
licking my flesh- burning my soul
the raven laughing in the moonback to top
We Will Rise
tear down the walls
wake up the world
ignorance is not bliss
so fed up with the second best
our time is here and now

i am the enemy
i am the antidote
watch me closely
i will stand up - now

we will rise
rise above

stereotupe fools
playing the game
mothing unique
they all look the same
in the sea of mediocrity
i can be anything
anything i want to be

we will riseback to top
Heart of Darkness
You can't kill me. I am living inside you.
I am a part of your existence
Twisted thoughts in a twisted mind
Provoking you

Black is my heart - dark is my soul
My hatred I can not control
Evil seed growing stronger
Your freewill... Dying!

Inside you - heart of darkness
A part of you - heart of darkness

To deny me, is to deny yourself.
The illusion is dissolved
You are no longer in control
The facade crumbles - the transition is complete

...The transition is complete

I come to you in the night
I am your dark subconscience
I keep you awake, knowing
I am the heart of darknessback to top
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