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Artillery lyrics

Album: Fear Of Tomorrow [1985]

 01  Time Has Come
 02  The Almighty
 03  Show Your Hate
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Time Has Come
1. Bells you hear from everywhere
Fire is lightening through the air
Fear is driving you insane
Death - your life is in vain
CHORUS : He will tear your mind apart
Rip out your soul and heart
He will flame your eyes
He'll leave you no disguise
2. Bells exploding in your ears
Fire is burning up your tears
Fear - now for your life you cry
Death - you know you're gonna die
3. Time has come - incompetent you ruled
Time has come - with life and death you fooled
Time has come - a curse fell on your name
Time has come - you've got yourself to blame
REPEAT 2 + CHORUSback to top
The Almighty
I am the bringer of evil
I am the bringer of fright
I am the one with the power
Try me I'll show you I'm right
How can you say you're almighty
Just take a look at yourself
Where is your lovin' and kidness
It's hidden away on a shelf
CHORUS: I will make you burn
From Hell ther's no return
I will make you burn
So you will have to learn
You say you created the oceans
You say you created all land
Ans as an end to your workin'
You say you created the Man
How can you say you're almighty
Your creatures are livin' in shame
You did not create love and kidness
And you threw the blame on my name
" 1 & 2" + CHORUS out.back to top
Show Your Hate
Terror, horror and death - tonight your victim shall die
Pain, torture and fear - your knife is waiting for blood
1. Get out there and destroy - the ones that haunt your dreams
Get out there without mercy - cut them down to pieces
Steel, power and blood - tonight you're escaping from Hell
Evil, savage and wild - hate is controlling your mind
2. Feeling the bad times again - do not want it to last
Now you're revenging your pain - playing the master of Evil
CHORUS: Looser - let it out
Looser - it's time to kill
Looser - show your... HATE
Screams from your victim - He's suffering
Blood on your hands - you're a killer
3. What do you feel are you proud
Deliv'rin'your soul to the Evil
Now you've got what you want
There's peace in your mind for a while
4. How do you feel - released
At least for a couple of nightsback to top
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