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Asphyx lyrics

 1991 The Rack
 1992 Crush The Cenotaph
 1992 Last One On Earth
 1994 Asphyx
 1996 God Cries
 1999 On The Wings Of Inferno

· Abomination Echoes
· Asphyx (Forgotten War)
· Back Into Eternity
· Chaos In The Flesh
· Cut-throat Urges
· Depths Of Eternity
· Diabolic Existence
· Died Yesterday
· Emperors Of Salvation
· Evocation
· Evocation (Live)
· Fear My Greed
· Food For The Ignorant
· For They Ascend...
· Frozen Soul
· God Cries
· Incarcerated Chimaeras
· Indulge In Frenzy
· Initiation Into The Ossuary
· It Awaits
· Last One On Earth
· M.S.Bismarck
· Marching Towards The Styx
· My Beloved Enemy
· Ode To A Nameless Grave
· On The Wings Of Inferno
· Pages In Blood
· Prelude Of The Unhonoured Funeral
· Rite Of Shades
· Serenade In Lead
· Slaughtered In Sodom
· Streams Of Ancient Wisdom
· Summoning The Storm
· The Blood I Spilled
· The Incarnation Of Lust
· The Krusher
· The Rack
· The Scent Of Obscurity
· The Sickening Dwell
· Till Death Do Us Part
· Valleys In Oblivion
· Vermin
· Wasteland Of Terror
· Wasteland Of Terror (Live)
· Waves Of Fire

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