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Asphyx lyrics

Album: Crush The Cenotaph [1992]

 01  Rite Of Shades
 02  The Krusher
 03  Evocation (Live)
 04  Wasteland Of Terror (Live)
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Rite Of Shades
Searching for their after-life
Visions of mortality
The ever-written question
Of their own spirituality

Rite of Shades
Of the co-existence
In this new dimension

Joining the ranks of the dark
Burning curiosity
Feel the soul slipping away
Into the realm of eternity

Rite of Shades
Of the co-existence
In this new dimensionback to top
The Krusher
Perniciow existence corrupt and deprived
the webs of superiority an entire race enslaved
Observing from the spheres the witness of the shame
the verdict called extinction will end this flux of pain
Sick of your infantilism dignity unknown raise my hammer of justice
to krush the planet below through time came no progression
intelligence misused community of savages ignorant and confused
Laughable little world pile of defecation never found the harmony
choking in economy in fire began the chaos and flames will start the end
aversion brought the sentence celestial revenge
The final explosion life vapourized shreds of the earth the madness has diedback to top
Evocation (Live)
Deep in your mind in subconscious voice
Eager to call, he who's guarding the gates
Feast of evoking, he who comes from the depth
Circle of Seance, in a trance of decay
Mass for abyss, so it will be done
Die! Only a soul, is worth his affection
Giving your life, his only need
And at the gate the Master is waiting
Come, kneel and beg for his grace
One out of all has the priviledge of approval
The rest remains dwelling through
the crypts of knowledge
Fighting the powers of forgiveness, remain
an evil black soul
Only a soul, is worth his affection
Giving your life that's all he needs
Circle of seance, not one soul will awake
Eager to call, mass for abyss
And at the gate the Master was waiting
Only one of all had priviledge of power
The rest is there to die a thousand deathsback to top
Wasteland Of Terror (Live)
Beyond the horizon
A frightened nightmare begins
The ultimate agony
Dimension of sin
Gateway to Death
Realm of darkness
Empire of chaos
Engulfed madness
Wasteland of Terror
Blasphemous Land
Shadows in blood
The slumbering damned
Scream at the gallows
As raven pick out their eyes
Eternal torment
Suffer in this paradise
Absorbed in insanity
Souls dwell in depths of pain
Roaring with laughter
As the dead die rattling againback to top
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