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Assassin lyrics

Album: Interstellar Experience [1988]

 01  Abstract war
 02  A.G.D.
 03  A message to survive
 04  Pipeline
 05  Resolution 588
 06  Junk food
 07  Interstellar experience
 08  Baka
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Abstract war
Sitting for two years in a single trench
We are not allowed to think of what we did today
Listen to the orders of the general
How long will it take 'til we get out of here

Running down the hill of the human race
no stop in sight
We are caught in a hopeless situation
Do you understand?
A whole city has just been bombed to dust
Soldiers were advancing to the cemetary
Should we get out and try to fight back
Is revenge a supportable answer?

Abstract war, the ultimate
Lets go, that's what you wanted
Do you have your satisfaction?
Of course no more need to say
Abstract war we take their lives
Lets go, we are drinking only blood
And the resolution in that we fight a full scale war
We had just begun another heavy battle
Toxic gas is the only thing we breathe
The platoon is slowly dying a way
Can't get any air and I know its time to die

When I woke up I knew that I wasn't alone
I saw millions of souls around myself everywhere
I didn't know where I really was
But I knew that I belonged there

Pre-chorus/Chorusback to top
It is a cool rainy in fall and you feel a cold breeze
Of wind around, there is no one out at this time, it's perfect for the
You hear whispering behind the big wall, you see
Shadows out everywhere in this world, a well-known
Eye is watching you step by step, it is the time of the A.G.D.

There's not chance to run away, neither there is an
escape, they will follow you everywhere, it's tough
but you're caught in their trap
The D.G.D. tries to hide very well, there is fucking no
Chance to find their great agents, suddenly the A.G.D.
Caught Tommy spy, it's a point for the A.G.D.
Who was that person behind the strange bus chief 666
Did now investigate the situation. Mille was caught
With a pretty big stick and for the A.G.D.
that's not a trick

Pre-chorus/First chorus:
Artistics great destruction that what the A.G.D.
does stand for real
Alcoholic game dead that what the A.G.D.
stand for real

A real strange person was on the phone, a lot of weird
Stories are being told, but schmier believed that very
Strange guy, 'cause it was A.G.D.'s anti spy
XY07 gave the orders of attacking, the code word was clock.
Section 4 was in danger, section 10 locked
safer, platoon 8 up to the front

Second chorus:
A graceful decay that's what the A.G.D. does stand for real
Anti grub devil that's what the A.G.D. does stand for realback to top
A message to survive
Hey you listen to me, I have to tell you
that life will change, if you really want it.
The world will not survive if you wait for a Messiah.
You have to show a spirit and have to believe it.

You will die if you don't change,
Come on and show your will.
Peace will come soom if we love our children
Much harder than a flag or a nation.

Iron curtain has to break, Berlin wall has to fall.
The world was made as one creation.
If we don't act, forget the future

Pre-chorus/Chorusback to top
(instrumental)back to top
Resolution 588
A war is going on between Iran and Iraq
is everybody aware of this fruitless misery
Countless lives have been waisted
Money keeps the machine guns running well

The cease fire is demanted,
Release of prisoners is urged,
New trust is requested,
Peace and freedom is wanted
A resolution has passed the security council
New hope is given to new freedom
The goal is to ban the bloody useless war
We have to stop the war, come on let's do it!

Fight for: Resolution 588
Get through Resolution 588
No choice Resolution 588
Let's go and go for it

The UN's demanding an immediate ceasefire
Will Iran stop bumbing Basra?
Will Iraq quit the air raids in Teheran and Hamadan?
Will the superpowers be very careful?


Stop the bloody war now, lets go for it
Everybody is involved yeah,
Support the Resolution 588

Resolution 588 testifies that good will is there
Lets try to change the will to reality
So far the war had no chance to stop for any
length of time
Will the little resolution be the chance?

Pre-chorus/Chorusback to top
Junk food
Hey man I gotta tell you a story
listen man what I go to say
It took place here in a sunny afternoon
and there was nothing to do
We were all very hungry and had nothing to eat
so we started to search for food
some time later we found a deli-store
but this wasn't what we wanted
Junk Food is the only exception
Junk Food is the rule over everything
Junk Food and some chocolate ice-cream
Junk Food is that what we want
We skated downhill on the sidewalks of mainstreet
And finally we found the right store
As we came very close to the great holy place
We begun to see our faves
Oreo - the chocolate sandwich
Chocomel - number one drink of Holland
Kit Kat - the British waffelsnack
Bazooka - the best chewing gum

If you're hungry and have no idea what to eat
The only answer is: Junk Food that is what we want

In the store were five cute looking girlies
And we asked them for the best teeth killer
They were not interested in answering our questions
'cause sex was on their minds
We were thinking now if we should take off with them
We said no to this great offer
The girls were surprised and asked for an explanation
I said Junk Food is what we want
M&M's - the chocolate candies
Raider - the double snack
31 - the USA ice - cream


At five o'clock after the great delicious meal
We met at the rehearsal room
Suddenly the door went open
And the five girls came with more stuff
Oreos - for Mr.Cash
M&M's for Psycho II ant Mr.T
Chocomel for Mr.Hoo P
Milky Way for Mr.Space Man

Chorusback to top
Interstellar experience
(instrumental)back to top
Panic fucking Bachmann just arrived all nations
should get ready to defend their people's lives
The future is threatened
his breath does destroy the progress is stopped
The moral of the story
shows importance as unimportant
Power of money believe in religion, it's the last time
the sun shines down on us
Rampant polution advanced technology turns the day
into dark night
Histeria, we lost our sense of humor,
total chaos rules the streets tonight
The ministry of defense gives the orders to be happy,
but not a single a single laugh can be heard on earth
Bakaback to top
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