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At The Drive-In lyrics

Album: El Gran Orgo [1997]

 01  Give It a Name
 02  Honest to a Fault
 03  Winter Month Novelty
 04  Fahrenheit
 05  Picket Fence Cartel
 06  Speechless
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Give It a Name
never thought this day would end
walked the tired steps of latter day friends
and all because
your stubbornnes was
smiling through your braces
never thought
this day would come
you threw the bricks
that built this wall
amantillado! at the top of your lungs
i can't hear you anymore

so take your diamond bland shaped tears
and maybe i'll see you in twenty years
and i will always wear your ring
you know the one
that turned my finger green

it's not you, it's me
you don't know what
you've got 'til it's gone
silver platter opportunity
never taught what you thought you know

meal tickets have been refused
you gave me a reason
to sing our last songback to top
Honest to a Fault
i can't take back all the things that
i've done with my anger
sonic sounds constantly traveling
in and out of my blue screened mind
two drops down and here i thought
that you'd never treat me like that
where's my saviour?
hallowed thoughts you won and lost
i'm chained to your mind

if i fall behind
it's 'cause I'm waiting for now
will you fall in love with my anger?back to top
Winter Month Novelty
bite the hand that feeds
biting off more than you can
are you sure you got the right hand skilled
and all because this left hand spit
have you been crying
over your spilled milk?

swallow your refills
the drink of drinks
we drank ourselves to sleep
on the mistletoe concrete
we blank this page with ink
two for flinching
when the paper cuts sink
we drank ourselves to sleep
cause the paper cuts hurt
(sure enough as)
i burned myself in the cigarette crossfire
sure enough as
my ears kissed the floor
just to hear a mouthful
sure enough as

you scratch the itch
on the tome of your dial
have you been crying over your...

more than you can choose
more than you can chewback to top
kid creole killed all of his own people
instigate the beat genuflecting
in the steeple
video killed what we
stood for
who we gonna look to now?

if these walls could speak
i wouldn't tell them anything
don't ask me, don't ask me

press eject, and give me the tape
if you know what's good for you

ghetto blasting on the basement floorback to top
Picket Fence Cartel
we all become
what we most dislike
in this picket fence cartel
tell? there's nothing left to tell

what have we become
cycle all over again
filled the shoes 'til i was ten
in front of the classroom
in front of my peers
that day will always be remembered
'cause it was etched in tears

daddy taught well
at the end of his belt

we all become
what we most dislike
the walk is too long and i'm tired
tell? there's nothing left to tell

what will i become
when it's my turn again
will it hurt me more than it hurts them
scotch tape the volume of my mouth
withold the expression
that i wasn't allowed

daddy taught well
at the end of his beltback to top
mother nature never smelled so good
can i taste the flower that you carry
brilliant minds with pretty faces never cry
pedastal is crumbling down
now you're on the ground
selfless days are way too many
lay back, spread your legs, and don't make a sound

hiding bruises he brings you roses
says "i'm sorry" now it's okay
no hard feelings, no deep meanings
you were once special
but just for a day

he hook and baits you
to break you in two
now no one is saying
that it'll be all right
promises when he says "i love you"
face first to the floor
now you just don't know

speak up!
because no one's listening

all those lonely nights
you stayed up and cried
sick to your stomach with butterflies
he says "come here and hold me close
you never really seem to smile when i touch you"
saccharine sweet flavored drinks
taste so old
this burning in your mind
makes you feel so cold

no recollection of affection
we're only safe from harm when nothing
matters only 20 years have passed
and you're already feeling old
bell jar is ringing
and no one understands the feeling of
kicking a dead cow
and hoping that i will come alive
when everything is wrong
you just say..
"i'm doing fine."

she's reaching for something rightback to top
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