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Attacker lyrics

Album: Battle at Helm's Deep [1985]

 01  The Hermit
 02  The Wrath Of Nevermore
 03  Disciple
 04  Downfall
 05  Slayer's Blade
 06  Battle At Helm's Deep
 07  Kick Your Face
 08  Dance Of The Crazies
 09  (Call On) The Attacker
 10 Trapped (unreleased)
 11 (Call On) The Attacker (demo)
 12 Slayer's Blade (demo)
 13 Disciple (demo)
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The Hermit
On a cold wintery mountain
He draws the final curtaln
The hermit cries
As his inner soul dies

Golden sand
Crimson land
He's alone tn his world
Hear his plea
For can't you see
His llfe has been hurled

Hermit, hermit alone on a hill
Let them laugh, say what they will
Hermit, hermit, your time has come...

Looking down at the life that was his own
With no love in his heart he is aloneback to top
The Wrath Of Nevermore
Behind the door, no one knows
Crimson liquid overflows
Witness the wrath of nevermore
Life is nearing the raging shore
Phantoms as white as the sheet i scribe
Haunting, taunting as they bribe
Red skies turning black
As the wrath reaches black

Tormenting battles within our hearts
Women and children walk through parts
A hopeful glow reaches my face
As the wrath is taking place

Faceless kinsmen look around
For they know not what they found
Darkness fills the raging shore
Witness the wrath of nevermore...
Once more!back to top
Down, down in the valleys below
Children stare, but they don't know
Magic sparks fill the air
A maiden of beauty oh so fair
Oh oh so fair
Oh she's oh so fair
Oh oh so fair!

Bewildered you are
But do not fear
Bewildered you are
Peace will soon be here
Children once stared but now they know
The secrets that lie in valleys below
Disciple come forth
Eternal life is just up north
Oh it's just up north
Oh, oh up north
Oh it's just up northback to top
Long ago in a fabled land
In dwelling caverns strangely dim
They seek the ruler's helping hand
Unknowing the evil side of him

Sorrowful demons now invade
Hearts of the innocent
Empty coffins, hand made
Send to the victims descent

"as my village dies," he cries
There lie before my eyesback to top
Slayer's Blade
I turn around, it's so unreal,
Dreadful sight, bloodstained steel
Reality begins to fade
All i see is slayer's blade
A warrior who feats on doom
Gathers darkness provokes gloom
Hang 'em high on gallow's pole
Slayer's blade will take your soul

Somehow i feel i don't belong
Hauntingly he chants his song
Dead soldiers in the field
Slayer's blade will not yield

A warrior who feats on doom
Gathers darkness provokes gloom
Hang 'em high on gallow's pole
Slayer's blade will take your soulback to top
Battle At Helm's Deep
Vandalizing the countryside
Goblins march in fearless pride
Through destruction they forge virtue
Hell rats are out to get you
Gandalf carries the magic staff
Divides the armies in half
In the deeps of helm's they engage in battle
So insane it'll make you rattle

Thunder roars wind howls
Demons sporting crimson cowls
Hobbits fight in desperation
The bloody war had no inspirationback to top
Kick Your Face
Crank the marshalls, double klck
Leather chains, time for show
C'mon people get up and go

Flashwg lights show begins
We all kwow metal wins
Beer drinkers, hell raisers and
Headbangers wanna cheer

Stand for rights one and all
No one matters let 'em fall
Ballsy power just can't settle
Blast away that heavy metal

Wall to wall scattered noise
Headbangin' with the boys
I say wall to wall scattered noise
Headbagning with the boys

Kick your face
Kick your face
Kick your face

(repeat verse chorus)

Show's over, time to go
Don't push, shove, take it slow
See you again on this stage
Scream and shout in heavy rageback to top
Dance Of The Crazies
Hey you trapped in fear
Jester shed your tear
White room, no view
Snowblind nothing new

Madmen cringe in pain
Ghastly sight, rain, rain
Pulling hair from the root
As we trample underfoot

Dance of the crazies
Bloody insane...
Dance of the crazies
Deep fried brain...back to top
(Call On) The Attacker
Higher, higher the dragon soars
People fear his majestic roars
Louder, louder the storm brews
Killing the ship's almighty crew
No, no more despair

Slay the monster if you dare
No, no more despair
Call on the attacker
Call on the attacker

In the wind the children cry
All their loves had to die
Dark and wild waves the sea
No weapons left for me

In the wind the children cry
All their loves had to die
Attacker fights for your glory
Blood and guts all so gory
What now!back to top
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