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Attacker lyrics

Album: The Second Coming

 01  Lords Of Thunder
 02  Zero Hour
 03  Captives Of Babylon
 04  Octagon
 05  The Madness
 06  Desecration
 07  Emanon
 08  Revelations Of Evil
 09 Lords Of Thunder (Demo)
 10 Zero Hour (Demo)
 11 Emanon (Demo)
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Lords Of Thunder
Nothing you do can prevent them
They're the keepers of the land
Nothing we do can even fight them
They can crush us with a hand

They're turning your head
Make you look at the dead in their eyes

Nothing you see is reality
You can feel it in your soul
No one you touch will even pity you
Be prepared to pay the toll
Nothing you hear will be total truth
When you're in a darkened hole

They're the lords of thunder
They've come up from under the ground
Nothing you say will make them listen
They're the only ones who are heard
Nothing you dream will be make believe
It can fool you with its word
Nothing you plead will have mercy
They're the hell rats who love war
Nothing you hope will ever happen
They're the key and they've locked the door

They're the lords of thunder
Their thunder has destroyed the worldback to top
Zero Hour
The kings that rule visions
Their visions entangle your minds
Sound of footsteps behind you
Makes sanity so hard to find

Minutes seem like days
While you wait in fear
Hours seem like years
Knowing destiny's here

The queens that launch soldiers
Launch soldiers that cut like a knife
And the peddler of fortune
Tries to make deals to barter your life

Minutes seem like days
While you wait in fear
Hours seem like years
Knowing destiny's here

Well the bride of misfortune
Tries to make you look and believe
With her body of beauty
And her heart that can only deceive
While the souls of the perished
Make you listen and look at the light
Try to give you the courage
To stand up and go for the fight

Minutes seem like days
While you wait in fear
Hours seem like years
Knowing destiny's hereback to top
Captives Of Babylon
Over raging seas
Crossing desert sands
Armies conquer the land

Captives cry for freedom
Chained without reason
Enslaving of man

Pagan feasts they rage in glory
Worship idols without worry
They live for the gold

People die with their families
Because they pray to their god
They treasure their soul

Gods of power rage like thunder
Gods of wealth wage war
Kings of fury rule the power
Chains of babylon's soldiers roar

Slaves of hope await salvation
Swarmed in masses the time has come
Wicked ruler falls from power
Life's righteousness will be doneback to top
Instrumentalback to top
The Madness
Nightmares of terror
Keeper of sin
An unspoken evil
That traps him within

Madness is building inside of him
Terror os taking control
Wickedness rules beside him
His terror will only console

Led by sickness
That takes away lives
If you're dreaming alone
You might meet his knives

Few people said much about him
No one has lived to be sure
When sudden darkness surrounds you
Be sure to lock all your doors

Allies of darkness
Streets with no light
His arena of madness
Where you stand for your fight

No one has ever defeated him
No one has stared in his eyes
No one has moved fast and quickly
Those who move slowly will dieback to top
Who is the one
Who has put out the sun
Mother earth filled with fire
From the w0rds of a l1ar
Stands the men with no minds
Who are the leaders of the blind
As the one plants the seed
Who can make all of us bleed

Please hear the cry
Of the ones who will die
As he raises wis hand
Forclng fire through the land
Now the plague starts to spread
To the brave ones who have fled
But comes a man wlth no fear
Of the tyrant who is here
Smashing downward his blade
Forcing vengeance he has made

All is gone, nothing at all is heard
Because it has all been done before
But no one ever has learned

He has come to conquer the one
Destroy the man who has put out the sun

Crushing words of a liar
His vengeance has come to put out the fire

He has come to conquer the one
Destroy the man who has come to put out the sun
Condemn the one who has come up from hellback to top
All nations are summoned
Prepare for destruction
They're coming for judgment
Pray for their salvation

Scream out with sorrow
There's no tomorrow

Man wonders who's coming
The savior or beast
Life withers, oceans roar
Will we starve or feast

Scream out with sorrow
There's no tomorrow

Through the smoke, in the skies
I can see emanon fall
As they come sorting out like numbers
The good from the bad

Now all of my allies
Have fallen to the ground
All evil has conquered
He's risen to the skyback to top
Revelations Of Evil
Fallen ruins of a race no more
Winds howl with silence as they roar
Masses fight the crown we defend
Waiting for their savior to descend
They look for their salvation
Escape their own damnation
To the end
An island of sacrifice was once filled with violence
An island of sacrifice and rituals untold
The presence of evil is disguised as tranquil
A disguise when looked at is folling us all

Spirits of the restlessness
Drinking wine of the dead

Revealing the evil is part of the terror
A terror which cuts down all in its way
The haunting of demons are trying to pillage
A haunting that shivers you right through
Your soul

Spirits of the restlessness
Drinking of the dead

As we sit and wonder of it all
All the untold secrets of beforeback to top
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