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Aura Noir lyrics

Album: Dreams Like Deserts [1996]

 01  The Rape
 02  Forlorn Blessings To The Dreamking
 03  Dreams, Like Deserts
 04  Snake
 05  Mirage
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The Rape
Merry, you may be.
For I am the flesh in your tounge.
Create to yourself, images of these
glass-eyed figures,
and expose to me, your skin -
whorish as ever.
They speak to me, your pores, your veins,
in a rush of melancholy.
In a stream of misantrophy.

Remove the carpet, so I may be
united with the shades of these.

my eyes,
still I will see - presence, visuality.
I grant you
my pale hands,
still I will feel - shape, contoures.

Please leave.
In me you wont find any pity,
as the dog that howls for the light in my eyes -
the stench or your nakedness, no smell for a mourner like me.
So, please leave.
In here you wonĄt find any pity.
Tour kisses were as hell itself.

Be silent, for I am the flesh in your tounge.
Only I can wear
vast costumes of time, and still be
"So, hereby I rape thee."back to top
Forlorn Blessings To The Dreamking
Oh, how I faint when I call upon your
aid. Feeling the loss of burden and
hearing cries from flowers raped.
When you alone set kingdom on fire,
I admire the beauty of love lost and
hellish desire.

As your slave.
How can I ride upon hillsides
when the beasts that beares me is at war with
the sight of me?
Shall I tend to your desire?
- Let him feed on the sluts that spat on me...
...Let me.
My eyes and my heart is at war with
Let me, and I shall carry you and throw you
into waters that kept me and mine

Share the joy with me, fiery one.

My art given you life.
My tones makes you weep and moan.

- "Listen, the corpse blesses forlorn."

...Let me.back to top
Dreams, Like Deserts
Leave me with my tragedies,
those who stick to me like wet leaves
in the (dry) sunlight.
My face is frozen, byt my eyes
still see, for I am in your dreams and fantasies

Leave me with my misery,
the one who cover me with glory
and enter me like a slave in the dry sunlight.
That light that burned my face
to what you can see,
a tragedy... sculptured me...
For I am your dreams and fantasies.

Dreams, like deserts.
Dreams, like stone.
Dreams from flesh to bone.
Dreams, like deserts.
Dreams that moan,
for I am in your twilight-zone.

Leave me with my destiny,
the one who lick my scars.
The one who grants its flesh to me, and to my
marbled anxiety.
My soul is frozen, my flesh is weak, for I am dreams
and fantasies.

(Phrase by T. Warrior Ą85.)back to top
Sweet scent coloured these,
the realm of sweet snakes that
tortured me.
If everlasting burdens should enter
such, as the everlasting torment of

Sweet rape, honour these:
The souls of sweet snakes that
denoured me.
If glorious destruction would embalm
such, as the moments carresed by enlightened

"Even the earth canĄt grant us a common
grave."back to top
A parade of ghosts brought these
innocent feelings to where innocent itself
was brought to.
To view the rush of female tempests.

My Sculptured face
turns and twists by the sound of my own
(horrid) laughter.
Awoken by the sight?
Ha! False lies have taken place in me...
(Words of lust heard from vast buildings).

That is the mirage you longed for.

So, amuse me.
Amuse me with the bitter glance in your eyes.
As I forsake you
with my forlorn beauty.
...and expose to you,
the garden of gods in my

The glance turns to a gleam.

A parade of thoughts encircle my
throne and whisper to me,
words of beauty.
And i caress these.

..and open wound in the palm of my hand...
The sky is no longer clear.
That is
the mirage we longed for.back to top
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