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Album: ...Memoriam Draconis [1996]

 01 ...Memoriam Draconis (Intro)
 02  Mists of Evil (To Elysian)
 03  A Most Excellent Charm in Solemn Endurance
 04  The Eternal Nothingness
 05  Seduced By Necromancy
 06  Emperors of The Night
 07  Sands of Sheol
 08  Hymn To The Ancient Ones
 09  Star Castle
 10 The Mines Of Moria (Outro)
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Mists of Evil (To Elysian)
Sadly , I depart
To a land too profound
To be discouvered
By mankind

Engendered out of images
Fed by broken hope
I fly... my wings carried
By the breath of ages...

The decay of your love
Was the key to my voyage
To settle in your dreams...

Encouraged by your fear
For them who were wrong
and were predistined
To stay this way

Like a whirlwind
You pass by
Clothed in your mantle of innocence
The passing of the fluxes
Forever put down!

Undecieved , loathesome whore
You take me to Innaya
The paths are burning
With the greenish fire of repressed sadness

Enveil me with your velvet eyes
Forelorn goddess of the lie
My broken heart will be erased
Tenderly walk by... disgraced

Take My Grief... To the Gods
The one I loved... Oh

Releaved...back to top
A Most Excellent Charm in Solemn Endurance
By the works of Darkness... My
By the works of Hatred... Eyes
By the rites of the Waste... Meet
By the words of Pain... Yours

And our eyes meet the flames!

Zi dingir Cutha, Kampa!
Zi dingir Absu, Kampa!
Zi dingir Cutha, Kampa!
Zi dingir Absu, Kampa!!!

No spice shall ever silence my hunger
No wine shall ever silence my thirst.
No delight shall ever satisfy my senses
No woman shall ever satisfy my lust.
My eyes meet yours
And I turn my face away

Zi dingir Cutha, Kampa!
Zi dingir Absu, Kampa!
Zi dingir Cutha, Kampa!
Zi dingir Absu, Kampa!!!back to top
The Eternal Nothingness
With the pride of the silent Storm
Came the Hordes of the Dark conqueror
For Thousands of ages crossing the land of Stars
Carrying a crown of thunders

Under a sky of a million of moons
Mortals watch the coming end
A prophecy made long time ago
By the eternal nothingness...

Chaos returned under the mastery of Ancient Lords
The night feels like eternity again
Everything... the ancient Kingdom
Like written in the neverending Books

Darkness rises eternally before the dawn
The stars know their meaning in the
Endlessness of Time
So let it be, eternally...

Under a sky of a million of moon.
Mortals watch the coming end
A prophecy made longtime ago
By the eternal nothingness...back to top
Seduced By Necromancy
In the wind of the mind rises the Turbulence called I
It breaks down, showers the barren thought
All life is shocked, this desert is the abyss
Wherein is the Universe
The stars are but thistles in that waste
yet this desert is but one spot accursed in the world of bliss
Now and again travellers cross the desert
They come from the Great Sea, and to the Great Sea they Go
One by one they walked into the Land beyond the Stars,
Following the secret Pathways into Creation unknown
Guided by the forbidden Grimoires of Necromancy
They heard the Call of Cthulthu, loudly roaming in the Sky,
nonesome trembling from below
Spectres arose before them,
terrible Offsprings looked at them with their darksome eyes of Death
Only the pure shall pass...
May He who Tresspasses the void within
and masters the Spellcraft of the Necronomicon

descend into the Netherworld in all his Glory...back to top
Emperors of The Night
The light has killed my deepest emotions
My thoughts are as snowed winterfields
I am one with the pit , enemy of the Sun
Immortal is what I will become
I fear the day , Live by the Shadows of Mephistopheles
We became the Emperors Of the Night,
The destroyers of the crucifix
On lonely nights I dance with the Wintershadows
And satisfy my deepest Desires
Evil powers Bestow upon me and feast with me,
The powers of the Thorned Moon Nanna is with us
Emperors of the Night
I open my arms , cold winds blow through my Soul
My eyes look into the Black mirror
Now I see it clear , eternal Darkness shines
Through the gate , I will Follow...
Hate lives by my side , vengeance is my Desire
I drink your Blood From the Chalice of Abaddon
I howl as a Wolf of Fenriz
I belong to the eternal Shadows
Emperors Of The Night (x4)back to top
Sands of Sheol
With fire and sword , with water and dagger
With the assistance of thunder and rain
With the open sky above I concieve
With the Blood and with pride I unchain ...

Into spirals coiled His Wisdom
Venture forth the Maskim Ways
Under the Sign of the Foremost Lord
Tread the Sands of the Farthest Shore!
... the Farthest Shore!

His Will penetrating the essence of my being
His Dream of Dark Majesty I share
... I Share! ... I Share!
Chanting... Chanting... Forevermore!

Like a Tree , chained to the earth
But always reaching for the Stars
Through the sands of Sheol bleeding I crawl
And I know that I'll reach the Sea...
And His breath raving , tearing at me
Pulling me down it compels me to kneel

Cold Steel embrace , shivering Kiss of God
Stripped naked I lie feeling old , So old
From beginning to end I witness
The Names of the Dead
Enter me...

A morning breeze blows through my hair
I face the day but in my Heart I see
The Sands take their rise to bury and Darken
The land of RA! The land of RA!back to top
Hymn To The Ancient Ones
Calling upon the Ancient Ones
Lords of a Time before memory
Calling upon Ninnghizhidda, serpent of the deep
The time of the entering of the Gods has begun!
The time of breaking through the gates has begun!

The Sign of the elder Gods has failed
Let the earth turn black, Oh mighty queen of Death Ereshkigal
With the glance of the death, they will Kill and Reward
Iak Sakkak, Ishmiggarah, Kutulu
No spell will keep them out

Ia Ia Ia Io Io Io
They are the Lords of Darkness , masters of Magicians
They are before creation, they are the Ancient Ones

Chaos , dreams of Tiamat will become reality
Dog-faced demons will live between the fog of eternity
The time of the entering of the Gods has begun!
The time of breaking through the gates has begun!

Ia Ia Ia Io Io Io
The are the Lords of Darkness masters of Magician
They are before Creation , they are the Ancient Onesback to top
Star Castle
Domes cover underground Chambers
raising a (Mighty) tower tall to the Sky
Where the Lords of the West gather
Once again to explore the Crystal Night
Instruments of Oak and Brass at hand
Before the Gateway to the Stars
they Stand
Circular joined in concentration
Persistence, anticipation
The window Opens

Respire the flow, the scolding stream!
Threefold the current of Zephyrous
While infringing the doors of
the alluring sky
Mesmerized by the Astral constellations

Lost Souls shelter in churning seas
Primordial shapes on Solar Winds
Masters of Space, time and Infinity
No barrier they do not Overpass!!!

Domes cover underground Chambers
Noble Lords stand tall to the Sky
Whilst they Carry Draconis to the
Black clouds gather on Western Winds
Shiver , burn and Atomize
Galaxies of perennial marvel
Unforsaken Oceans enshrined
In a Matrix of Worship and Devotionback to top
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