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Babylon Whores lyrics

Album: Cold Heaven

 01  Deviltry
 02  Omega Therion
 03  Beyond The Sun
 04  Metatron
 05  Enchiridion For A Common Man
 06  In Arcadia Ego
 07  Babylon Astronaut
 08  Flesh Of A Swine
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"Oh rose, thou art sick
The invisible worm that flies in the night
In the howling storm
Has found out thy bed of crimson joy
And his dark secret love
Doth life destroy"
(Wm. Blake)

Oh fallen star of wormwood grace
Grant me the smile of Janus face
Give me a twin identity
A false integrity

To my city set upon the hill
With a godlike view at my own will
Give me the cure for the world's pain
Give me the god of Cain

For damned in forbearance I have crawled
Half awake Iive gotten old
I got the gum card of every sin
Sent for the Christ to win

Some simple deviltry
Black deviltry
The vice of kings and knaves
The king of kings and knaves
Bunch of slaves

For I got no promises to keep
Wouldn't bother to sow even less to reap
And I know there's sense in being sane
There's reality to blame

But I still got something resembling pride
So one more time give me a ride
Crush in my nasal bone and ride
Rattle my spineback to top
Omega Therion
For want of an angel
For all the lead that you thought you turned gold
There is something you still want to know

Il Penseroso led you astray
To the woods and the wild
The pathless way
And you followed the trail that Shelley fared
Gazed on dead kings with your sullen despair

Even the Dome of the Rock in Blake's city
Bore no trace of St. Augustine

And you studied Plotinus
Thrice great Trismegistos
Knew the reign of Hister and Niebelung
Nietzsche, Vril und Gotterdammerung

Do you want an angel
Heaven clad as the stars fell
Do you want an angel
Poison of god to make it well

For want of an angel
For all the blood that you turned into ink
You found yourself still searching

A heosphoros for a golden dawn
A scarlet sunrise for Babalon
Someone to stop all the watches now
Someone to bring this shithouse down
All things must have an end
All things to all men

Forget the tuesday baby
Let it be a doomsday baby
Come on and suck a megaton
Omega Therion

Oh it is time
Unbind the lines of horizon
Omega Therion
Take you awayback to top
Beyond The Sun
If a tree falls down
Does it make a sound
If there's no one to see
And If I'm all alone
Everybody's gone
Then it's the real me

And if you found yourself
To be like no one else
Who would that no one be
And if you blew your cool
With life as an april's fool
The truth could be seen

Ain't no world in a grain of sand
No flowers to hold in our hands
Didn't got no million in prizes
The shoe didn't fit in none of the sizes

Pull down the shade on your window
Go paint it a smiling face
Lose yourself in the shadows like days

And everything is new and bright
Like vomit kisses on summer nights
A tooth for an eye an eye for tooth
A truth for an eye a lie for a tooth
They say

If there is a Beast
And your soul's diseased
Would you take its hand
If God don't love you
Just be a man
And be God damned

Oh won't you let it come
Say hi, the enemy of sun
Oh it's there just look deep within
Growing bigger with your feeble sins

Pull out your heart through the rib cage
Go paint it a smiling face
Leave a scarab in its place

Would you believe that the earth is hollow
And our path is the straight and narrow
Tooth fairies and Santa Claus
There's troll's blood in all of us

Would you believe that there's nothing more for us
No more hate
No more love
No fight and fuss
When everything is said, denied and done
Beyond the sunback to top
Given to crescent moon
Chaldean echoes of spectral gloom
Like a pen pal of the gods
No horns no reply

Flowers of sorcery
Like pearls before the swine
Defying space and time
Sez the pineal gland of mine

Given to dreaming witches' lie
It's sweet to close your weary eyes
Given to pentacles and more
Drunk with the blood of the whore

Gimme some Metatron
Damn my immortal soul
But show me something that I don't know
Gimme some Metatron

Given to waning moon
Septuagint whispers of impending doom
Cautes and Cautopates
A shit load of bad ass deities

Wore out my shovel
Burying monsters where they popped up
And it's OK
Doesn't matter anyway

For Babalon above
For Babalon below

Gimme some Metatronback to top
Enchiridion For A Common Man
Need me a bar on an alleyway
Death on a pale horse to ride away
Disease bacteria culture dip plate
Bagged take away

And it's all right
Just let it ride

A fleet of dragon barges at berth
To sail off the edge of the earth
Setting sail for some bad luck
Could fuck some mean shit up

And it's all right
Just let it ride

If I should lose my very soul
In some distant port of call
I would still find my way home

If I took pride and I would fall
My wings could not be shorn
My heaven would just be cold

Saw life as a girl from the avenue
Daddy's sunshine with eyes of blue
Been more content with a cross eyed witch
Back in an alley ditch

And it's all right
Just let it ride

For all the things I've said and known
I guess some reason could be shown
Life can be easy
Life can be kind
Plain sodomy in the behind

Show me a bar on the alleyway
A cross eyed witch to steal my soul away
For I could die on an alleyway
With a smile on my lips
For all the yesterdays
Give me a bar on an alleywayback to top
In Arcadia Ego
In Arcadia ego
Twisted the rose did grow
Sucked up the sap of this world
Blood red the petals pearled
With some wisdom absurd

And outside these walls
The night took the rose
Bound it with moonlight
And cut it up with the morning star

In Arcadia ego
A rose to drown in snow
A sepulchre by the sea
Marble to slumber beneath
Lulled by a mountain stream

And outside these walls
The night knows us all
In dark woods wandering
Detached of our soul

"Pour wine and dance if manhood still have pride
Bring roses if the rose be yet in bloom
All wisdom shut into his onyx eyes
Our Father Rosicross sleeps in his tomb"
(W.B.Yeats, Frater D.E.D.I.)

In Arcadia ego
How fast the years did go
And how bitter is the wind
Blowing from shores of Arcady

Outside these walls
The night knows us all
In dark woods the roses grow
In hardship the soulback to top
Babylon Astronaut
Two feet have I
Pillars of putrid meat
Standing so tall among my
Icons of filth
With gargoyle eyes
I see
The Christ he's smiling at me
His phosphorous grin
An absolution for all my sins

And in this room
The walls covered with flies
I'm seen through their myriad eyes
The alien eyes
I'm seen somewhere else
Seen through the windows of Hell

Few million light years from home
I am searching for a different kind of
The Babylon astronaut

Could you leave it all behind'

(There is no evil)

I see the stars painted on the window's glass
Seven planets supporting the nothingness
And I am happy
Nothing more nothing less

(There is no evil)

Something came to my room
As flies on the ceiling
Coming down on me
One by one
And their hairy limbs
Crawling on my naked skin
The motherfuckers screwing on me
Insect sex

I won't move
As my ears are laden with eggs
Close my eyes
And dream of being back in the womb

"Under the juniper trees
Talking cats and silver boots filled with

Could you leave it all behind'

Under another sun I'll grow saturnine
Lay siege to heaven in fever dreams
And I smash my head
Into the window's glass
And see the stars coming down at lastback to top
Flesh Of A Swine
Shiny like marble kissed by sea
Some Castaneda dreams
By William Burroughs means

Feeding the devil with a spoon
It is the length
Not the skill nor stealth or strength

Do you got what it takes to know yourself
To kill the universe
You try to twist into a curse'

True flesh of a swine fattened on her brood
Will bark at the sun howl the moon
Go grasp the meaning of universe
Or kill thyself

No four and nine is a twelve
No ten and three is a twelve

The new born moon did burn you blind
A Horus of plucked out eye
Trying to map the sky
To find a place to go when he dies

Bride wealth of the sun for the wife you wed -
A templars' Baphomet
Crown that fits no head
Pork jelly fed

No suckling to sodomy and sin
Cheap wine pissed in the wind
Gonna get it right

For true flesh of a swine fattened on her brood
Will bark at the sun howl the moon
Go grasp the meaning of universe
Or kill thyself

Seasons they change
Winter did come
Washed down with blood
Gulped down your sun

And ogre brood souls
Gnaw cheese from the moon
Dream of wells by the road
In darkened bedrooms

But no coffin lid nails
No n demon names
Create no interest in hell
You got nothing to sell

For no nine and four's twelve
No ten and three's twelve
No such thing as yourself
Kill the universe

Get it rightback to top
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