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Barathrum lyrics

 1997 Infernal
 1998 Saatana
 2002 Hailstorm/Eerie
 2003 Venomous

· Battlecry
· Beltane
· Black Goat
· Bleeding Sky
· Boundless Arts
· Countess Erszebeth Nadasdy
· Dagger, Seal, Vengeance
· Dark Sorceress 2 (Winter Siege)
· Deadmarch
· Death Is Saviour
· Deep from the Depths
· Deliver A Battle
· Demon Est Deus Inversus
· Eerie
· Ethereal Guest
· Gate to Jetblack Desires
· Helluva Agitator
· Highest Beast
· Immortal Warrior
· In Darkness I Fly
· Introitus: Satanick Alert
· Justice of the Shining Steel
· Leaving The World Of Mortals
· Lord of South and Fire
· Lusifer
· Marks on My Skin
· Melancholy, Infinity, Agony
· Moon Calls
· Nocturnal Dance
· Pure Flame Crown
· Ravens
· Regent Of Damnation
· Saatana
· Sacrilegium
· Spears of Sodom
· The Blasphemer
· The Night Of The Demon Lord
· The Twilight
· Vampire
· Victory Feast
· Wanderer in the Night
· Warmetal
· Winter of the Black Snow
· Witchmaster
· Would You Sleep With the Demon

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